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DIY Wotz-On Guide to the LONG weekend 2-5 Oct

By 3 October, 2009

[ 2 October, 2009 to 5 October, 2009. ] [First filed: Oct 1, 2009 @ 9:41]

Ok folks, its a LONG weekend coming up so I suspect a lot of you will be travelling interstate. If so travel safe and don’t forget it’ll likely be double demerit points all weekend.

So besides the cops being out on the roads and tie-less (end of winter uniform so [...]

Nick Cave at the Library

By 8 September, 2009

[ 15 August, 2009 9:00 am to 29 November, 2009 5:00 pm. ] “A winter day suddenly came your way
And you ran into your mind”

Take a walk through the mind of Nick Cave. The journey is a bit weird, a bit voyeuristic, and still leaves a fair chunk of mystery. On show at the National Library is an enormous collection of ephemera from a creative life.

From photos of [...]


By 23 August, 2009

[ 2 October, 2009 to 5 October, 2009. ] 2-5 October 2009
St Johns Church Hall, Constitution Ave, Reid, Canberra ACT

Nothing says Victorian Dance like the charm and spectacle of a Victorian Era Dance Festival – dozens of dancers in elaborate costumes swirling gracefully to the music of another era. You can be part of it! Learn the dances, join a costuming workshop, enter [...]

McCubbin’s Last Impressions at the National Gallery

By 13 August, 2009

[ 14 August, 2009 to 1 November, 2009. ]

While we wait for the European masters at the end of the year the National Gallery is offering us Australia’s greatest impressionist, Frederick McCubbin, and his work between 1907 and 1917.

From the blurb:

Discover McCubbin’s free and expressive style, and the varying effects of light conveyed through striking colour in landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes, portraits and interiors.

Not [...]

Wanted: Walking Class Heroes

By 5 August, 2009

[ 2 October, 2009; ]

On Friday 2 October, the Pedestrian Council of Australia is calling on all workers to leave their cars at home and walk to work for better health and cleaner air.

Walking is a great way to increase energy and fitness and get your brain and body working for the day ahead. Strapping on your sneakers for [...]

Get with the times, Austen nerds, go Victorian!

By 13 July, 2009

[ 2 October, 2009 to 5 October, 2009. ] It seems the fascination with the past marches on with Canberra’s St John’s Church in Reid to play host to a “Festival of Victorian Era Dance, Music & Costume” this October.

Promised activities include:

- Beginner Dance Workshops
- Advanced Dance Workshops
- Dance Ettiquette
- Leading & following in the dance
- Basic steps in couples dancing – waltz, polka, [...]


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