A constellation comes to ANU

By 16 November 2009 7

Some nerd pr0n for you all.

The ANU has announced they’ve got a shiny new Sun supercomputer:

The new facility is part of a joint procurement by ANU and the Bureau of Meteorology to provide two state-of-the-art systems capable of modelling the dynamics of climate change and extreme weather events. The computer is a Sun Constellation and has the equivalent processing speed of 6,000 PCs.

The facility is operated by National Computational Infrastructure (NCI), an initiative jointly funded by the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science, and Research through its NCRIS Program, and through the co-investment of a number of partner organisations, including ANU and CSIRO.

Are we satisfied with scraping into the world’s top 40?

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7 Responses to
A constellation comes to ANU
LlamaFrog 7:02 pm
16 Nov 09

so computers can be used for something other then porn?

Thoroughly Smashed 9:58 pm
16 Nov 09

But can it play Crysis?

Mr Evil 11:07 pm
16 Nov 09

LlamaFrog said :

so computers can be used for something other then porn?

Yes, researching porn and its impact on tertiary studies.

KidKenosha 3:01 am
17 Nov 09

I wonder if you realise quite how competitive the Top 500 listing for supercomputers is?

But I agree: we should have a faster supercomputer. Then I could play with it. :)

Cletus 2 1:45 pm
17 Nov 09

… and it runs Linux. No surprise there :)

astrojax 1:56 pm
17 Nov 09

can i have their old one?

caf 4:00 pm
17 Nov 09

I doubt you’d find the electricity bill to be much fun.

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