AFP to get greater police powers to stop torch violence

By 17 April 2008 36

Many, many years ago, in a kingdom we’ll call Straylia, there existed a terrible tyrant who ruled over the land. Many small, self interest groups, and greenies pledged to leave the country and move overseas due to the tyrants supposed erosion of civil liberties.

Then, suddenly, all was happiness and light as the terrible tyrant was deposed and quickly replaced by the infinite good of a new leader, one who spoke softly about working families, education revolutions and new leadership.

And the people rejoiced. And the media drooled. And the civil liberties groups were moist with anticipation.

Then one day some evil people from another kingdom far away to the north decided that they wanted to parade their magic sceptre through the capital of Straylia because they were on friendly terms with the leader of the country who spoketh their language. And so the evil sceptre bearers planned their journey, in cahoots with the elected leader of the capital of Straylia, who was secretly in love with Straylias leader, as well as with the evil kingdoms apparently peaceful, fun loving ideology.

And the day came to pass whence the magic sceptre was to be paraded, suddenly the trolls and faeries, and elves, and goblins that lived in the the capital rose up in anger and stated very loudly, ‘We thinketh that this is not a good idea and thus we the people will turn our backs on this so called magical sceptre’.

Both the leader of Straylia and the the leader of the capital were very worried. Afterall, the evil men from the north were their soul mates and they could not let it be seen that their subjects were against their wishes.

And so, in accordance with the Sydney Morning Heraldry, they plotted to increase the powers of the capitals constabulary and foot soldiers so that they could control the trolls and faeries, and elves, and goblins.

And surprisingly, the many small, self interest groups, and greenies that previously pledged to leave the kingdom and move overseas due to the previous tyrants supposed erosion of civil liberties didn’t even bat an eyelid. And yet, this itself was a dangerous erosion of those civil liberties that they once did decry.

And to make matters even worse, both leaders declared boldly than none of the evil countries knights would be allowed to ride within the kingdom. And yet as the day drew nearer and nearer, the both leaders distanced themselves from these proclaimations.

And there was much wailing from some about this, but little criticism of the leader of the Kingdom, who had somehow cast a magic spell over the court chroniclers so that they could only see lightness and roses.

(Anyway, enough of that rubbish, who thinks that giving the AFP more powers is a cop out and the whole torch relay should simply be cancelled? Especially considering the cost of it all, and the potential damage it could do to canberra, and or protestors, torch carriers, etc)

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36 Responses to
AFP to get greater police powers to stop torch violence
BenMac 10:03 am
17 Apr 08

Keep the torch relay, get rid of the Chinese “flame attendants”. Yes we all are angry at what the China is doing to Tibet, but the torch isn’t about that.

And if the protesters can’t have a peaceful protest, then the Police should have the powers to act and be more proactive. Something that we need the AFP to be every day.

smokey4 10:07 am
17 Apr 08

You are right on the money as usual thumper.

We should all remember the first torch relay and give the appriopriate Nazi salute.

Sich Heil!

EtFb 10:18 am
17 Apr 08

Chairman Kevin and his team of superheroes have done a few things that rankle, but he’s also stacking up huge piles of karma elsewhere, so he gets to coast a little. Sure the newstissues are all confused and inconsistent about it, but come on – who but an idiot gets all their information from one single source? If you’re fussing about what the papers say, and not weighing the other news sources, then you’re making up things to whinge about.

Thumper 10:19 am
17 Apr 08

I still think Stanhope can save face and pull out. If he were to simply state that the costs are to high, and that there is a potential for violence in which people may get hurt, then no-one could be critical of his decision.

I sincerely hope all the protests are peaceful and no idiot rent a crowd mob turns up.

S4anta 10:25 am
17 Apr 08

Thumper said :

I sincerely hope all the protests are peaceful and no idiot rent a crowd mob turns up.

The Socialist Alliance and every other marginal tin pot fringe group will be there. I think the Canberra leg of torch relay will resemble a party at Mr Korechs’ house at Waco minus the SWAT.

neanderthalsis 10:28 am
17 Apr 08

’tis getting far beyond the mere ludicrous when one leader says “No Chinese minders for the burning stick”, then another says “a couple of minders for the burning stick”, then the first says “ok, they can ride behind in the bus”, then later, “ok they can run with the burning stick and stop the proles from extinguishing the aforementioned burning stick using non-confrontational, non-violent means whilst running outside the local constabulary cordon around said burning stick”. Maybe they are trying to dazzle the peasants with their gold plated shiney bullsh*t.

And, as thumper alluded to, not a peep from the latte sipping civil libertarian pinkos (they have been strangely quiet on the proposal for employers to monitor emails too). They’re all still moist in the fork from the very thought of having Mao Tse Kev as our esteemed leader.

Thumper 10:29 am
17 Apr 08

The Socialist Alliance and every other marginal tin pot fringe group will be there

Sadly, yes, you’re probably right…

caf 10:55 am
17 Apr 08

As someone who’s long been concerned about the jackbooting (thanks bonfire!) laws being enacted in the name of “anti terrorism”, I was under no illusions that the new Government would be much different in this regard from the old. And I remember quite a few articles in the lead-up to the election pointing out much the same thing – laws curtailing individual privacy and freedoms are attractive to governments of all stripes.

As for “not a peep from…”, you only had to look as far as yesterday’s Crikey for this attack on those email-monitoring laws by well-known latte-sipper Greg Barns, finishing with “Stephen Coleman’s analysis highlights just how intellectually vacuous and dishonest is the proposal now being considered by the Rudd government.”

Sorry, you’ll have to look harder for evidence of the Greg Leftist Conspiracy.

wishuwell 11:18 am
17 Apr 08

With the increased police powers I think I will be too frightened to wear my ‘what have you done with Harold, we want him back’ T shirt. Hang on no I wont “no copper bastards’ taking me alive.

tap 11:38 am
17 Apr 08

Uh, not batting eyelids? People aren’t happy about this. We aren’t saying ‘Howard would have saved us’ because that is quite doubtful too, but where are people saying ‘If Rudd says its alright to give police extra powers then its alright.’ Ill give you that we leftist scum aren’t exactly wishing for the days of Howard back, but thats very different from not holding our current leader to account.

Im also pissed at labors plan to let my boss read my emails…

Thumper 11:51 am
17 Apr 08

I doubt Howard would have done any differently.

I just find it interesting that Rudd rode to power on Howard’s so called erosion of rights, fascism, etc, and then has proceeded to do exactly the same.

I think caf nailed it when he said he ‘was under no illusions that the new Government would be much different in this regard from the old.’

tap 12:30 pm
17 Apr 08

All we can do is vote for the least worst candidate Thumper, and for me, Rudd has already done more things i agree with than howard did in 10 years. He has also done less things that i disagree with (…so far, i really hope policy gets changed about people reading my emails…), and i disagree with them to a lesser extent too. Whether or not the Chinese guards are running with the torch, in a bus, there to help or just watch, is a bit of fluff really, it seems to be showing australia getting put back in our box on an international stage more than anything else.

tap 12:31 pm
17 Apr 08

And the more powers… well… what can i say? least worse doesn’t mean good.

stray 12:57 pm
17 Apr 08

i also dont want people reading tap’s emails…

Headbonius 5:29 pm
17 Apr 08

Why don’t all you left wing loonies kill yourselves? It would have to be preferable to a life wpent whinging about meaningless topics.

caf 6:10 pm
17 Apr 08

Clearly whinging about others whinging about meaningless topics is much more fulfilling?

Deadmandrinking 7:29 pm
17 Apr 08

Well said caf.

Honestly, I hope there is no violence. Perhaps we, the protesters can show a little more humanity than what has been shown by Chinese military forces in Tibet.

The problem with all this hysteria about violent protests is that it will lead to the police becoming more on edge than they really should be. We all remember some of the shocking behavior exhibited by the police at APEC – and the Chaser proved that approach was hardly effective.

Special G 7:39 pm
17 Apr 08

Crazy business. Can’t we all just get along.

shiny flu 10:33 pm
17 Apr 08

I wonder if the anarchists will turn up and provide some nice tv-news footage for us all>

RuffnReady 11:03 pm
17 Apr 08

Okay follow me for a moment here.

The other day there was a big pro-China protest in Sydney, mostly Chinese students studying here, claiming Western media bias, and running the line that the Tibetans should be grateful to have been “democratised”, granted Chinese “liberation” and culture. Am I wrong in wanting to protest against these deluded Chinese students?

They are trying to tell me that it’s okay to repress an entire country (not to mention what China is doing with child labour in Africa, to Falun Gong, etc.), so why shouldn’t we repress these students in the same way? I’m very tempted to go and tell them that, since they happen to be in Australia, they should be thankful for our “democracy” and “liberation”, forget their culture and behave as if they are Australians, and if they don’t I can then rightfully beat them with sticks, arrest, torture and repress them… isn’t that what their government is doing to the Tibetans?

I’m all for a free and multicultural society, and quite frankly this disingenuous line about “the Tibetans should be grateful for being taken over” makes me want to repress these people in the same way that they support repression of the Tibetans. Am I going mad?

Proud Local 12:10 am
18 Apr 08

“The problem with all this hysteria about violent protests is that it will lead to the police becoming more on edge than they really should be. We all remember some of the shocking behavior exhibited by the police at APEC – and the Chaser proved that approach was hardly effective.”

Yeah I don’t see any bias attached to that statement. And the protesters were all peaceful little angels were they? What about their DISGUSTING behavior in Melbourne before that?

APEC was a massive success compared to similar events world wide. Australia should be proud of the way it was handled by Police and the security arrangements in general regardless of the Chaser incident. Most other countries are far less lenient on protesters. Although the protesters were mostly well behaved which endeared them to the public for the first time in years. Violent protests just leave a sour taste in the mouth of everyone despite the organsiers repeatably condemning it but who secretly endorse it anyway. Left wing hippies have it way too good here and still complain about the most inane issues and seize upon any media beat up they can to promote their causes.

minime2 12:39 am
18 Apr 08

Are torch bearers allowed to run through orange traffic lights?

Deadmandrinking 3:04 am
18 Apr 08

Proud Local…

How can grabbing a female reporter by the neck and slamming her to the ground be considered ‘having it too good’? How can an officer clearly punching a protester whilst restraining him be considered a ‘media beat up’? Sure, in some countries they beat the living f-k out of protesters and shoot at them (Tibet?), but you cannot possibly use that as a justification for police brutality.

I don’t like the violent idiots at protests, but I equally hate violent cops.

Thumper 8:10 am
18 Apr 08

It appears that Mssrs Rudd and Stanhope have now completely forgotten what they previously pledged and the Chinese goons will no longer follow in a bus, but will run along with the torch.

I hope not.

Mr Evil 9:20 am
18 Apr 08

My biggest concern is the impact the torch relay will have on working families.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 9:33 am
18 Apr 08

I plan to nick the torch and use it to light a big fart, all on national TV.

GnT 9:36 am
18 Apr 08

My biggest hope is that Canberra can be seen by the rest of the worl as a way to have successful non-violent pretests. Wouldn’t it be great if the torch relay went ahead as planned, on the same route, without the torch bearers getting mobbed or anything, but with lots of noise made about it.

ant 10:20 am
18 Apr 08

I might turn up to watch the Tibetans stoushing with the Chinese. Free entertainment. I think I’ll barrack for the Tibetans.

tap 10:47 am
18 Apr 08

Yeah! Lefties complain too much! All they do, complain, complain complain. It doesn’t stop I tell you! They just go on and on and on. Complaining and whingeing and gripeing. Stop you’re winging lefties, do like the right! We never complain…


There have been a few non violent protests so far, heres hoping the same happens in Canberra. I do ask though, if one or two people misbehave, that everyone does not label the entire protest and all protesters as violent thugs. Fair enough?

Mælinar 1:31 pm
18 Apr 08

I would rather nobody showed up at all. It’d be f’n hilarious on the world stage, given the amount of media that will show up to film the tumbleweeds.

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