Amanda Bresnan figures out the health debate

By 1 April 2011 1

The Greens’ Amanda Bresnan has finally had enough of the divergent realities of Pollyanna Gallagher and Cassandra Hanson:

“It’s getting increasingly frustrating to watch the two old parties claiming such radically different interpretations of the state of the ACT health system, when both know very well that the truth is in between,” Ms Bresnan

“It’s predictable that a Minister selects the good news stories, and glosses over problems in her portfolio. It’s also unsurprising that an Opposition will attempt to exaggerate issues and claim the whole health system is in chaos.

“But the constant, endless and increasingly farcical claims and counter-claims are distracting from real issues in healthcare.“How are we preparing for an ageing population? What are we doing to address the unmet need in mental health? Can we move to a preventative health model?

“Instead of asking these questions, the Assembly spends hours debating ‘gotcha’ quotes and tired old spin.

It’s been a long time since I cared what either of them said.

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One Response to
Amanda Bresnan figures out the health debate
nobody 9:08 am
15 Apr 11

Yes, I want more honest sensible debate in the assembly on the issues of aged care and mental health, and less of the polarised positions and childish comments that we often get on important issues.

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