An unusual way to get a date

By 17 November 2008 49

A reader has sent this one in, as seen in the window of Guess in the Canberra Centre.

Ladies, does this appeal to any of you?

Are you ready to “apply in store”?

Got a local image you want to share with the world? Email it to

If you’re having trouble reading the notice the text reads:


    Try GUESS Employee


    – Great body
    – Cracks jokes (occasionally good ones)
    – Gets along with (most) parents
    – Romantic phases
    – Pays for dinner
    – Excellent dress sense
    – Can be sweet and shy or loud and obnoxious, whichever you like
    – Likes all types of women (ALL)
    – Great cliches
    – Can write love songs and poems
    – Is an excellent dancer (hip hop and ballroom)

    Apply in store

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49 Responses to
An unusual way to get a date
Granny 9:25 am
17 Nov 08

Er … no.

: )

dexi 9:34 am
17 Nov 08

Don’t worry girls, Robbie has got to be Gay.

futto 9:34 am
17 Nov 08

Isn’t this how the sitcom Will and Grace started?

p1 9:35 am
17 Nov 08

– Romantic phases

How can you go past that?

Granny 9:37 am
17 Nov 08

Well, he certainly has initiative.

jakez 9:40 am
17 Nov 08

Bah, Tucker Max did that years ago with a web page, and his jokes (real life stories of debauchery) are always funny.

Skidbladnir 9:40 am
17 Nov 08

Well, it says Robbie likes -all- kinds of women, but doesn’t say “only ladies need apply in store”.
So men, go hit on Robbie. This looks like the action of a desperate man, so he might be up for it.

Granny 9:49 am
17 Nov 08

If he is desperate I will take him dancing, but only if he’s gay.


Skidbladnir 10:00 am
17 Nov 08

IS Robbie even male, or have we all just assumed?
What if Robbie is bi, open-minded, or curious?
Also, did Robbie even write this, or was it done for him (and so has no idea why everyone is coming into the store to talk to him)?

Granny 10:06 am
17 Nov 08

We have just assumed obviously ….

Do you want me to go and find out?


Skidbladnir 10:35 am
17 Nov 08

Go on, and see if we can get a photo.

He’s already attracted internet gossip, maybe we can hype him into this season’s “must-have” arm-candy…

Granny 10:37 am
17 Nov 08

Ok, I will try and get into the Canberra Centre on Wednesday. Gosh! I feel a bit intrepid now.


I wonder if he will want me to pay him!

Granny 10:40 am
17 Nov 08

Knowing my luck he will be some mass murderer serial killer stalker type, and this is how he lures his victims. Better take my umbrella.

Skidd Marx 11:15 am
17 Nov 08

I’m guessing there’s a reason he didn’t say anything about the head.

Granny 11:18 am
17 Nov 08

Head?! Gracious! I don’t think so ….

*hyuk hyuk*

Granny 11:22 am
17 Nov 08

A nice waltz was more what I had in mind!

Davo111 11:23 am
17 Nov 08

as far as i can tell, it doesn’t advertise for ladies… maybe he is looking for guys???

Go on johnboy, time for an date… i mean interview ;)

Roadrage77 11:35 am
17 Nov 08

Skidd Marx said :

I’m guessing there’s a reason he didn’t say anything about the head.

You don’t look at the mantlepiece while you’re stoking the fire.

p1 12:00 pm
17 Nov 08

Knowing my luck he will be some mass murderer serial killer stalker type, and this is how he lures his victims. Better take my umbrella.

Wow, Granny has a serial killer proof umbrella.

ant 12:19 pm
17 Nov 08

come on, surely someone works in Civic? Take one of those fancy mobile phones that takes pictures… of course, this might be a modern version of a “kick me” sign.

Granny 1:25 pm
17 Nov 08

Everybody knows that a granny with an umbrella is a lethal combination!

robbi64 4:02 pm
17 Nov 08

NO, it’s not me. ;)

imho, it has to be a bloke, as women are very sensitive about advertising that they have not been able to score recently, unless they are well and truly over themselves – and those ladies get taken up with quickly. i hope granny agrees with that observation?

i think, as a female robbi, since he apparently likes ALL women, that this robbie doesn’t know what he wants and is thus likely to be very difficult to please. unless you don’t have any clothing on, and happen to be female … and this may indeed be the reason he has to put up signs in shop windows.

his conversation skills may need improvement?

bubzie 4:32 pm
17 Nov 08

i’m so going in there tomorrow, for the lulz.

Granny 4:47 pm
17 Nov 08

Robbi64, I would know about that how exactly? Should I be offended?


However I do think ‘Robbie’ is male although not necessarily a bloke, and I also think he’d have to be an escort surely? Otherwise, why would he ask you to ‘apply’?

I think it’s kind of nice that he claims to like ALL women, even if that is a bit desperate, but I think I speak for myself when I say I look much better with my clothing on these days and he should pay me not to take them off!

Skidbladnir 4:59 pm
17 Nov 08

If we can teach Robbie a lesson from this, its that being eager or desperate is fine, but looking too eager or too desperate is viewed as a negative.

And there ain’t nothing specifically wrong with a woman taking her clothes off, especially if she thinks she looks good that way. Its frankly her choice, and only she knows if she’s confident enough to pull it off with the aplomb and tact the situation may require.
But sometimes its just not socially appropriate, (such as a day at the races, or the Canberra Centre food court at lunchtime, for example)…

Granny 5:07 pm
17 Nov 08

You’ve noticed that too?


poptop 5:15 pm
17 Nov 08

I think Robbie is the victim in all this.

His life has been ruined for the momentary amusment of his work colleagues and us.

Granny 5:17 pm
17 Nov 08

Frankly, poptop, we are not amused! In fact, I may ask him to take me dancing if it doesn’t cost too much. He says he’s not ageist or shapeist.

Granny 5:19 pm
17 Nov 08

At least his work colleagues do ….


Pandy 6:02 pm
17 Nov 08

Known fact ballroom dancers have small if no balls.

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