Are Meredith and Amanda worth anpther $50,000?

Greens MLA Meredith Hunter says that her request for a $50,000 pay rise three months after being elected was an attempt to address the ”inequity” of the ACT’s two-party system.


If I knew how to add a poll I would…

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20 Responses to
Are Meredith and Amanda worth anpther $50,000?
bd84 9:20 pm
13 Jan 10

I’m sure their labor chums would gladly donate some of their pay to her cause??

The worst throw away line from katy on the news the other day in regards to the issues, when she said the Greens were a better “opposition” than the Libs. I suppose she would think that given that the Greens just agree with them on the majority of issues.

astrojax 9:25 pm
13 Jan 10

did she not consider that the inequity might be better addressed by reducing other MLA’s salaries by fifty kay?? no creative thinking these people, that’s their problem. s’why we have the staid and bog ordinaire government we have…

Primal 12:51 am
14 Jan 10

Wow… $51k extra for the Deputy Oppo leader? That sure as hell ain’t value.

Ian 1:37 am
14 Jan 10

Wow, Zed’s really putting in the big effort for his extra $81k. And who is this deputy opposition leader that gets $51k extra? (I can’t remember who’s having their turn at it now)

DarkLadyWolfMother 8:03 am
14 Jan 10

She could have, you know, released something to the media pointing out the inequity. Just to see how that goes.

Of course, I’m sure if she was offered the extra, she’d reject it on principle.


harley 8:09 am
14 Jan 10

There is ONE opposition leader and deputy leader.

There is ONE Government leader and deputy leader.

irrespective of what you think of the Gov/Op performances, until the Greens take a side, they’re on the cross-benches and deserve nothing extra, including respect.

Thumper 8:29 am
14 Jan 10

Address inequity?

How about ‘greedy’ and full of self importance.

wishuwell 8:49 am
14 Jan 10

Just going through this in my head. Party has four members one is the leader one is the speaker just what does the Greens whip have to do.

housebound 10:12 am
14 Jan 10

#8 “… just what does the Greens whip have to do.”

But then, why do ALP and Libs need a whip either? How hard can it be for six or seven people to get together?

Is this the sort of ‘reform’ the Greens promised us all at the last election?

54-11 10:42 am
14 Jan 10

What happens in the Federal arena? I’m pretty sure that when the Democrats were the 3rd party, they had some additional funding. Perhaps the federal Greens do as well, now.

If so, then the case by Meredith Hunter has some merit. However, there needs to be some rules around it, and $50k is over the top. However, some recognition where a minor party has several seats, and are fully participating in the legislative process, is justified.

Pandanus77 11:56 am
14 Jan 10

snorts, laughs, spills coffee, what the!

Oh please, just goes to show that the greens are no different to the rest of them…….

Thumper 11:57 am
14 Jan 10

If the greens want to be the opposition then they need more seats. Simple as that.

Until then, suck it up.

caf 12:17 pm
14 Jan 10

It does seem a bit rich that the 6 member parliamentary liberal party get an extra $130k to pay for both a leader and a deputy leader, whereas the 4 member parliamentary greens get neither.

Maybe the 4 leader/deputy leader spots should be allocated the way senate seats are, using a 3.4 member (17 divided by 4 + 1) quota. In the current assembly that would allocate them like this:

ALP has 7 quotas, so it gets 1 leader position, leaving 3.6 quotas remaining.
LP has 6 quotas, so it gets 1 leader position, leaving 2.6 quotas remaining.
GRN has 4 members, so it gets 1 deputy position, leaving 0.6 quotas remaining.
ALP has 3.6 quotas, so it gets the last deputy position.

If the Greens lost a seat to the Liberals (7-7-3), then they’d also lose their paid deputy position.

This would seem to be pretty fair.

Wraith 4:01 pm
15 Jan 10

50k? Worth it? No.

I-filed 6:15 pm
15 Jan 10

Shouldn’t the Greens be setting an example and leading minimal carbon footprint, minimal consumption lives? After all, most of the ACT Government’s income – which generates their income – would be “dirty money” in some sense for the Greens surely …

damien haas 6:42 pm
15 Jan 10

the greens have chosen to be a coalition partner. that is not ‘opposition’. this is very odd.

miz 10:03 pm
15 Jan 10

Thumper’s post – 100 per cent agreed.

annoyedcan 6:01 pm
20 Jan 10

The greens got the same amount of votes as all the other inderpendents and we dont see any of them in the assembly. How about explain how they got a high number of people in with low votes.

imhotep 8:27 pm
20 Jan 10

I-filed said :

Shouldn’t the Greens be setting an example and leading minimal carbon footprint, minimal consumption lives?

You wish! They may start out as dreamy ideologues, but they end up being as greedy and self-important as the rest.

The Greens were given a chance in this Assembly to show the cynics that they stood for something. What are they going to say come the next election?

Their constituents may as well just vote Labor and avoid all their bullshit.

zephyr9673 3:05 pm
09 Aug 10

If the greens gave the public something good, like opening the public galleries to questions without notice from the public to government.

I would say they deserve a pay rise, while they aim for the balance of power they are only half a party in my opinion. If they have a minister or a member who is actually seeing one of their projects through, sure, thats worth a raise.

If they really want a raise, they should take government :-)

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