Ascot townhouses in Harrison

By 24 December, 2013 2

I’m thinking of buying a 2 br townhouse at the Ascot development in Harrison on the Flemington rd side to live in with my wife and small child.

I am wondering if anyone has any advice? In particular, how are they during winter?

The weatherboard part at the back seem to lack insulation and you can hear the wind in that room, while the front part material used to clad the insulation seems weak and flimsy.

Despite all this, it’s a good location and while materials leave a lot to desire, the design is good with 2 toilets upstairs and one down, and lots of storage places.

The downstairs portion looks more solid.

Grateful for any thoughts, was very good to read the posts on the kianga development a few years back.

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2 Responses to Ascot townhouses in Harrison
arescarti4211:10 am, 24 Dec 13

I found them to be pretty good during winter, I think they’re fairly airtight and well insulated.

If you want to contact me at arescarti at gmail dot com, i’m happy to give some more info.

MMR10:19 pm, 25 Dec 13

Keep in mind also that Flemington Rd is VERY noisy!


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