Attention Nervous Nellies of Canberra Roads

By 1 March 2012 89

Hello all,

Time for a rant. This time it’s about dangerously nervous drivers on our roads when it’s raining. Why is it that whenever it rains people seem to drop to 10 – 15kmph under the limit in the right hand lane? This has to stop. Any of you numpties reading this – next time it’s raining, stay in bed.

It’s fair enough to back off a little bit and leave a bit of extra stopping distance between you and the car in front, but it does not mean you have to drive dangerously slow (often in the right hand lane) causing ordinarily angry motorists such as myself to become extraordinarily angry!

It’s not covered with ice out there guys, there is no need to panic – just make sure your vehicle is roadworthy, leave a little more distance to allow you to stop if needed and if you ARE one of these nervous nelly numpty drivers and you refuse to do the rest of us a favour and stay home when it rains, at least move the F#CK over to the left lane.

Angry Motorist

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89 Responses to
Attention Nervous Nellies of Canberra Roads
winter 11:42 am
01 Mar 12

I really don’t think you should be driving…

nov865 11:46 am
01 Mar 12

Knobs like you are the most dangerous things on the road, wet or dry! Do us all a favour and get the bus.

Jim Jones 11:46 am
01 Mar 12

“why is everyone driving slowly when it’s raining”

You, sir, are a complete f%^cking numpty.

It frightens me that I have to share the roads with someone as stupid as this.

Dilandach 11:51 am
01 Mar 12

I’d rather be late 10 minutes than have an accident or even be dead.

Anyone that tailgates me or shows aggresive and potentially dangerous driving gets a slow down. There is no need to be aggressive or ‘angry’. Unless you’ve got sirens on your roof, what’s 5 – 10 minutes?

fnaah 12:01 pm
01 Mar 12

Can’t tell if you’re trolling, or just retarded…

buzz819 12:02 pm
01 Mar 12

Angrymotorist, it appears you have gotten your pills mixed up this morning,

remember, when you wake up, take your chill pills, not your f$ckwit pills.

I’m guessing that cars going a little bit slower, in the long run, takes a lot less time then a collision.

Have a think about it, if your the only one going at the speed limit, doesn’t that mean that you are in the wrong? It is a limit, not a minimum.

Erg0 12:03 pm
01 Mar 12

Now I know why they’ve felt the need to put an electronic sign on Adelaide Ave that essentially says “It’s raining, so don’t drive like a tool”.

VYBerlinaV8_is_back 12:04 pm
01 Mar 12

We should all drive very slowly in the rain. After all, it IS really, really scary.

timeeh 12:07 pm
01 Mar 12

Better yet, WTF slow down (sit between 5-10 Km/h) to view the crash on the other side of the parkway… 1hr 20m to travel 35Km this morning all because everbody had to stop and gander at the crash on the other side of the road… And back too the stay in the left lane, all too true and been said many times b4.

borizuka 12:11 pm
01 Mar 12

chewy14 12:13 pm
01 Mar 12

Yeah, right on.

Driving to the conditions is for pussies.

When it’s raining we should all speed up so we get to our destinations faster.

neanderthalsis 12:17 pm
01 Mar 12

Wet weather seems to bring out the numpties. Idiots who don’t use their lights despite the early morning gloom or use driving lights with the intensity of 1000 suns; idiots who seem to aim for every patch of water on the road; idiots who weave in and out of traffic just to gain a few metres in crawling traffic.

Some twat honked me this morning because I let another car turn from a side street into a line of traffic that had moved about 10 metres in a minute.

neanderthalsis 12:18 pm
01 Mar 12

Thumper 12:19 pm
01 Mar 12

Time for a rant. This time it’s about dangerously nervous drivers on our roads when it’s raining. Why is it that whenever it rains people seem to drop to 10 – 15kmph under the limit in the right hand lane? This has to stop. Any of you numpties reading this – next time it’s raining, stay in bed.

I don’t see a problem.

Maybe you should stay in bed if you’re getting angry about this.

Auntyem 12:19 pm
01 Mar 12

Quote from Road Ready driving tips for anyone who may have forgotten this section when they were going for their licence:

“Driving on a wet road is very different to driving in dry conditions. You need to remember to drive slower! Visibility can be a real problem in the wet. Reflections in the water on the road and wet windows can make it very difficult for you to see others on the road – cars, trucks, motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians – and for them to see you.”

cross 12:32 pm
01 Mar 12

Being a gambling man I’d bet money money you drive a 4WD ute, tradie perhaps?

Ben_Dover 12:33 pm
01 Mar 12

I’m with the OP on this one. Some drivers are bad enough in the dry, letting them out in the wet is just asking for trouble.

This morning on William Hovell drive I had to undertake three cars, all driving in the right lane at 60 in a 90 zone, all without lights on, all driven by elderly women who looked absolutely f*ck*ng terrified to be there.

BallOfMonkey 12:35 pm
01 Mar 12

I look forward to your impending stress related heart attack.

Lex4evA 12:35 pm
01 Mar 12

So you’re one of the idiots that tail gated me this morning on the way to work….

A good driver knows that you drive 5-10km under the speed limit because it takes alot longer to break than in dry conditions.

missj 12:43 pm
01 Mar 12

Angry Motorist, if you happy to get in a car accident because you were going to fast to see that with all this rain several potholes have formed making the roads even more dangerous then go ahead, but i suggest maybe you leave for work a little bit earlier slow down or even catch the bus as nov865 suggested, because this rain isnt easing up any time soon and you are just going to have to deal with it.

arescarti42 12:53 pm
01 Mar 12

The only thing that surprises me about this post is that more brainless bogan retards, who should never have been given a licence, haven’t come out of the woodwork to support the OP.

Vegemite 1:06 pm
01 Mar 12

Angrymotorist1, were you the tool who tailgated me along Gungahlin Drive this morning in a silver passat and then proceeded to speed past at around 100km/h before cutting in front of other cars to get to the Ginninnderra Drive turn off?? If so, I hope you realised that despite your desperate efforts to get in front of everyone and drive dangerously, we all caught up to you at the lights at Ginninderra Drive. Next time just think perhaps how you might feel for the rest of your life if your actions like this morning were to cause an accident that killed an innocent person…..

Grail 1:08 pm
01 Mar 12

fnaah said :

Can’t tell if you’re trolling, or just retarded…

I would say that trolling The RiotACT is retarded.

In the meantime, all you cocksure drivers who think it’s safe to do whatever speed your car is capable of in the wet, might want to consider that last time we had heavy rain on the Parkway there was a sheet of water a few millimetres thick for a few minutes. That’s enough to get a car aquaplaning, and then there are the deeper puddles which help push the car off the straight line when you’re not aquaplaning.

So please, continue to drive like a dickhead in the rain and count on blind luck to get you to your destination without hitting a wall :)

LJ666 1:08 pm
01 Mar 12

*insert sarcastic note*
Dear ‘angrymotorist1′, I completely agree with you. Going slow in the right hand lane while it’s raining is pathetic. While we are at it I say we run down over every motorcycle rider and push bike rider who uses the ‘cars road’, juggle babies and chainsaws and try to catch them both in one hand, keep uranium and plutonium under our pillows as well as shave our nuts with a whipper snipper…
*end sarcastic note*

While I can appreciate people going slow in the right hand lane during perfectly dry, clear and nice driving conditions can irritate some, I honestly rank anyone who drives to the conditions a fantastic person and one who cares for others on the roads.
Leave more space, turn your lights on, slow down, that is all common sense and I applaud all people who do that.

You sir, (I use the term loosely) are a ‘Darwin Award’ in the making…

Zeital 1:11 pm
01 Mar 12

Normally I would agree at how twitchy people get on our roads under normal a rainy day but this is anything but normal, with the huge rain puddles, potholes and various other shit that is turning up on the roads this isn’t anything you should be complaining about now…

sumarai 1:16 pm
01 Mar 12

I break when people like u are behind me

Jethro 1:18 pm
01 Mar 12

The only thing I will agree with in the OP is people should keep left unless over-taking.

That being said, if some twit is sitting in the right lane when they shouldn’t be there the best way to deal with it is to just chill and accept you might be 26 seconds later to work. Tail-gating the crap out of them when in a heightened state of anger is just stupid.

Alderney 1:19 pm
01 Mar 12

I was going to comment. but having read the comments so far I think it has just about all been said.

Ben_Dover 1:19 pm
01 Mar 12

So the consensus is that it’s ok to drive badly, dangerously, and illegally, in the rain, as long as you do it slowly.

milkman 1:33 pm
01 Mar 12

Taking care in the wet is important.

It would also be wonderful if the retard who drives a grey Renault Koleos and doesn’t put their lights on could try overtaking where it’s two lanes each way, rather than waiting for the Form One Lane then deciding to try to catch up and drive around me in the single lane, then look at me with such shock as I beeped the horn to stop him running me off the road. This is the sort of thing that causes accidents, regardless of the weather.

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