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Rugby League Laughable

By 20 September 2014

The try that wasn’t, or was it? Well it looked like a try to me, but the clowns maskeraiding as referees found a knock-on that wasn’t there. But the Cowboys are getting used to these type of decisions by now, especially around finals time, seven tackles etc. Good luck to Easts, or Sydney if you [...]

St George hoodoo finally over

By 17 August 2014

Hoodoo finally ends for St George, good one Ricky! Now the wait to see who get’s the spoon, Raiders must be firming in the betting. Oh there is always next year! But on reflection, no, we will probably be worse off, no Milford etc.
But really does anyone care anymore?

Where now for the Raiders?

By 3 August 2014

It took 153 minutes before the Raiders Holden Cup team scored to make it Raiders 6 against New Zealand Warriors 108 in the 2 games that they have played this year. That unfortunately spells a bleak future for the Canberra Raiders. The Raiders can’t attract footballers with any sort of name to the club and [...]

Raiders buy or getout

By 9 June 2014

I have just sat through the most pathetic game of what is purported to be rugby league served up by Brisbane Broncos and the Canberra Raiders and Brisbane did nothing wrong, so work it out. 
Please buy some footballers Canberra or throw in the towel and get out of the NRL.
The Raiders are so slow [...]

Raider Rubbish

By 31 May 2014

Shame the National Rugby League (NRL) doesn’t have promotion and relegation.  That way it would at least force Canberra to put a decent team out there, or you would hope so. I have just suffered enough at 22 nil against Easts when I turned off. It appeared Easts were only going through the motions, it [...]

What price the wooden spoon?

By 11 May 2014

Looks like Ricky Stuart has bought the form that saw him get the flick from at least two NRL sides as he took them to oblivion. The Raiders will be lucky to avoid the dreaded wooden spoon like those other 2 sides. His departure has seen both sides benefit as both are currently above Canberra but [...]

Raiders Holden Cup Team:

By 28 September 2013

Looks like the Raiders Holden Cup team has caught the first grade disease (you know going through the motions not really trying to win) 18 nil against Penrith before I switched off, that was before half time.
Don’t think Ricky Stewart could do anything with that mob or the first grade crew given Rick’s credentials [...]

Embarrassed putting hand out!

By 26 August 2013

Raiders players must be embarrassed  putting their hands out for payment particularly over the last 3 weeks – if they are then they should be!
Against Manly I switched off as I usually do these day’s when it reached 24 nil .
Manly were keeping time with the clock the white flag had been raised [...]

Raiders Finished For Another Year

By 18 August 2013

Raiders V Canterbury
Canberra Raiders the perennial loosers  finished for another session – ah but we are getting used to it.
What with an administration that has sacked or let go of perhaps some of the best footballers currently playing what else can we expect.
Now joining Josh Dugan, Tod Carney it looks like Ferguson is [...]

Pathetic (Raiders)

Pathetic (Raiders)

Canberra Raiders are pathetic!
Not the players the coaching staff.
What was on display against South Sydney was simply school boys against men.
Canberra are a potentially good football team that that continues to be badly coached.
They lack any idea’s when it comes to attack. 
Take Blake Ferguson out of that side as is [...]

David Furner = bad coach. Cowboys 40, Raiders 18

David Furner = bad coach. Cowboys 40, Raiders 18

Half time Cowboys 30 Raiders 6 how embarrassing but not for David Furner he still thinks he is a coach but he is the only one who actually thinks that.
A left side defence that still leaks, that 34 tries now and he has no idea how to fix it!
Turning good  footballers into bad is what [...]

Canberra Raiders embarrassed yet again. Souths 36, Raiders 18

Canberra Raiders embarrassed yet again. Souths 36, Raiders 18

South Sydney waltzed through the pansy like Raiders defence yet again (yawn)
Get rid of all the Furner’s not just David or the embarrassment will continue.
Think of all those Toyota cup players walking out the door into other clubs, why stay and be continually embarrassed.
So much for the bulls*** that Furner was getting the flick!
Come on the Brumbies

‘Furner must go now’. Sharks 44, Raiders 22

'Furner must go now'. Sharks 44, Raiders 22

One thing good came out of the embarrassment at the hands of Cronulla it is now one game closer to “the joke masquerading as a coach David Furner” getting the flick.
It has been claimed he has four games left to get it right, oh how I wish that were true, as I somehow think [...]

A Monument Doing the Coaching at the Raiders?

A Monument Doing the Coaching at the Raiders?

Honestly what does it take to get rid of David Furner from the Canberra Raiders.
I long ago stopped wasting my money going to watch them play, now I just get angry and turn the TV off.  
Week after week watching brain dead footballers give away penalties or fritter away a lead to be beaten [...]

Deja Vu with the Canberra Raiders

By 27 August 2011

Thirty years on and we have been here before?
Don Furner amd David Furner both have the dubious honour of taking the Raiders to the wooden spoon Don with the first Canberra Raiders in the inaugural year 1982, however, he did not have what some might  argue is the high priced and overpaid livestock of [...]

Raiders Future Looks Bleak

By 21 August 2011

Currently watching the bottom of the table Toyota Cup Gold Coast Titans 24 towel-up the very disappointing Canberra Raiders Toyota Cup team 12 at the half time.
Same old problem as the Raiders NRL senior team, effeminate handbag defense. 
Running along-side directing traffic same as the senior team. 
I hope this is not a portent [...]

What Price the Raiders for the Wooden Spoon?

By 14 August 2011

Even money would be an excellent bet but it matters not as David Furner would need to go under a truck to lose his coaching role.
Why you ask! you work it out.

The suffering is over for us Raiders Fans

By 31 July 2011

Yes they beat St George but still came nowhere and may yet win the wooden spoon. Ah for  someone to blame?
Perhaps the coach! Fact is that’s been done all year and he is still there.
One looks at other teams  that sacked their coach’s all of them were doing better than this bloke, it [...]

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