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Ask RiotACT: Gluten-free Hot Cross Buns

Ask RiotACT: Gluten-free Hot Cross Buns

Okay, hive mind.  I know Easter fare such as hot cross buns have been on supermarket shelves since about Boxing Day, but can anyone shed light on where one might avail oneself of a supply of gluten free hot cross buns?  Preferably north side, but willing to travel to make a little astromonkey happy.
Fire away!

Ask RiotACT: Sourcing a pinata

By 8 October 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
Ask RiotACT: Sourcing a pinata

My dear hive mind of rioters,
My little astromonkey is having a birthday party this Sunday [11/10] and now desperately wants a pinata.  I’ve seen a few places do on-line sales but don’t want to risk non-delivery in time for this event. The party shop line rings out and other [insert search engine of choice] aren’t much [...]

August Fools – review

August Fools - review

Thanks to The-RiotACT, and the organisers of the Scandinavian film festival, I had a double pass to see a film of my choice and ended up plumbing for a Finnish film, ‘August Fools’.  While in some sense the title makes sense, I am still none the wiser why it ended up with that name; but [...]

Canberra goes to Brazil

By 4 April 2014

Canberra’s Ben Williams has been selected as Australia’s representative for officiating on field at the fifa world cup in Brazil in June this year.  Well done Ben!

BoM climate report – sheesh, it’s hot in here…

By 13 February 2014 FEATURED ARTICLE
BoM climate report - sheesh, it's hot in here...

The bureau of meteorology’s 2013 annual climate report [] is now out, and shows sunny canberra had a +2.2 degrees anomaly above average temperatures, during what was australia’s hottest year on record.  this was the greatest anomaly for any of our capital cities – canberra’s getting warmer more quickly.  and our rainfall was some 14% [...]

reliable handyperson – queanbeyan jobs

By 6 February 2014

well hello again, hive mind.
i have been asked to post here to inquire into your experiences – preferably the positive ones, but do tell the dirt! – and contacts for a reliable and inexpensive handyperson[/s], who would be tasked with repairing/replacing an internal door, repairing some door frames and door locks, and doing some internal [...]

regional excursions for dining

By 30 January 2014

i thought i’d trawl the riotous hive mind for some food for thought.  my family has a significant milestone this year and we are considering clumping together, a rare event, and go somewhere nice for a meal and perhaps an overnight stay (there’s the folks and three [proper old] kids, mebbe a partner or two [...]

Mental health policy dreams?

By 3 October 2013

mental health policy discussion – ideas for a utopian version?

Another driver [dis]courtesy story. Am I wrong?

By 18 June 2013

[no cyclists were harmed or even invoked in the development of this article]
so, what do rioters think?  i am approaching among other traffic at or just under the posted speed limit, on a major arterial road in the nearside (left) lane, a major thoroughfare (let’s call it ‘northbourne avenue’) when about two-three hundred metres ahead [...]

Bakeries at the local shops in Canberra?

By 18 March 2013

where are canberra’s bakery-produced pies and sausage rolls?

Canberra a [second] best city to raise kids

By 16 January 2013

The Age has an article today that cites a study listing Launceston as australia’s most ‘family-friendly’ city, with our own glorious national capital mooching in just behind.
Let’s try, in this centenary year, to boost our ranking ahead of that tasmanian interloper, eh?  how would we do this..?

What’s the go with the Federal Highway Henge?

By 10 January 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE
What's the go with the Federal Highway Henge?

Noticed this mini-Stonehenge off the federal highway, opposite turn for the tulip farm just before dipping down to yass river…
Anyone know its provenance?
UPDATE: Thanks to BenMac who sent in the aerial view:
View Larger Map

Examples of Canberra in prose, verse or song?

By 18 October 2012

With the centenary fast approaching, the hive mind might care to ruminate on the finest examples of this ruined sheep station as depicted in prose, verse or song.  What should be on the centenary committee’s bookshelves or playlists next year?
i’m not after works by canberrans, but about canberra.  anyone?
a contemporary song that pops into my [...]

Caught short in Civic? Where are the quality bogs?

By 12 February 2012

i was musing, as you do, as i wandered across civic the other day and, for no reason in particular, thoughts turned to the varying quality of public amenities in civic and it occurred to me that different people must have their particular convenience of choice and i thought i’d ask, where do rioters spend [...]

The chauvinist drives in Canberra?

By 8 January 2012

is it just me, or am i in the wrong spot at the right time..?  but collecting astress from her place of work (west civic precinct is all i’ll say) of late i have noticed a phenomenon that i thought society divested itself of two or three decades ago.  
car pulls up; she waits.  he [...]

Canny fingers – sports physio recommendation in Canberra

By 28 December 2011

need recommendation for magic fingers, a sports physio for a bodgy ankle…

blue topography lines?

By 10 December 2011

i have noticed the new blue perspex barriers over the road to yarralumla across adelaide avenue (or whatever it’s called by then) and understand their 800k cost was met by the nca – but does anyone know the significance of the design thereon? 
it looks like topography marks from a map [what are those lines [...]

Counting coins in Canberra?

By 4 April 2011

coins need counting, don’t want to establish a bank account – help.

Turn left if you’re brave…?

By 29 March 2011

after the response on the reason canberra drivers are apparently so awful thread, i also suspect some of the road rules and intricacies of canberra’s roads are somewhat to blame – the ‘turn left when you want’ signs (or whatever they actually say) at a number of intersections for one.  the others include being able [...]

Where to buy original art in canberra?

By 3 March 2011

where’s the best places (galleries?) to acquire reasonably priced art?

good brawn is hard to find in Canberra?

By 11 February 2011

i know some of the supermarkets’ deli sections have product they call brawn, but it is not brawn really, just a few scummy offcuts set in industrial strength gelatin.  gleurch!  and dson’t start me on this ‘presswurst’ thing…
does the hive mind know of anywhere in this fair land where one might purchase honest to goodness [...]

Canberrans in Qatar

By 11 January 2011

two locals in asian cup in qatar

Recommending a mortgage broker in Canberra?

By 30 November 2010

i know we’ve had advertising features from mortgage brokers recently, but i was wondering if the riotous hive mind can recommend a particular broker, noting why; or steer me clear of one, also telling me why (without, of course, being too slanderous…)
thanks hive mind – i always get the buzz you send…

footpaths not up to scratch to entice users, what!

By 10 August 2010
footpaths not up to scratch to entice users, what!

[Random inner north footpath after rain]
so, with all these new-fangled action routes and those new-fangled bike lanes to entice people to take buses or ride their bike rather than take their foul polluting evil satanic car, you might in a moment of quiet rumination imagine that the powers that be might also consider having [...]

childcare centres in canberra – opinions and advice?

By 8 August 2010

ok, astress is diving back into the world of work soon and so astro-monkey has soon to go to daycare a couple days a week…  we had a first look at the centre we got into [!] this week, taking him for a couple hours to see how it works, how he reacted.  he  didn’t [...]

nostalgia isn’t what it used to be; what was it again?

By 14 June 2010

astress has unearthed the final electric shadows poster from the end of 2006 and i realise that, while i knew it then but now can’t recall (though didn’t get to the screening for some reason now forgotten) can anyone recall the ‘surprise’ final film they showed..?
and so while i’m on topic, how do people rate [...]

these flies!

By 9 May 2010

sorry, is it just me, or is there a surfeit of flies around for this time of year?
we constantly seem to have some several in the house, which i try to smash – mostly unsuccessfully.  with a young’un in the midst, astress and i are loathe to use any spray.  then i was outside this [...]

Gold Coast United folding – implications for a Canberra A-league side?

By 9 April 2010

News today has robbie fowler heading to the champions next season, but the fury surviving; however the gold coast franchise looks dead after the owner has pulled his funding.  the ffa seem certain to retain a ten team competition with the new melbourne heart franchise simply replacing the big-talking gold coast…
so, the question is, what [...]

usurping the ‘no billboards’ rule for canberra?

By 8 April 2010

so, canberra is famous for not allowing bilboard advertising, right?
so why is there a large inflatable animal spruiking an entertainment event (shan’t give them the pleasure of naming and so advertising) erected in the yard of the house at the corner of limestone and chisholm, ainslie?
it is in someone’s private property, granted, but clearly is designed [...]

canberra’s best… caterers

By 19 March 2010

rioters, i have the task of arranging a couple day meeting with some international guests and this includes organising lunches and morning/arfternoon teas.
so, who is the best caterer in town to get the gig?  what do they do and why should i consider them?

chlorine in the water

By 1 February 2010

is it just me, or is there an increased level of chlorine in the tap water recently?  
i give my ‘matoes and zucchini a watering can full of water from the back tap most mornings, and have recently acquired a stand-alone evaporative cooler which i fill using a bucket from the kitchen tap – in [...]

go for the dough

By 30 December 2009

as the swiss will say: old bread is not hard; no bread is hard.
ok rioters, a quick look at the search function tells me we haven’t had a rant or boast about the very staple of life – bread – here any recent time…   so, where is the best loaf to be had in sunny canberra, [...]

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