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Fire exit locked… what can I do?


Greetings hivemind,
I work in a small commercial building where the front door is locked after 5.30pm every day.  This means the only way out if I stay back is via the back door.  I guestimate that the floor area of the building is about 1200 square metres, i.e. 600 ground floor and the same upstairs, and [...]

An unexpected death and an unexpectedly good response

By 23 October 2013

Hullo Rioters,
A few months ago one of my mum’s best friends and her husband were visiting from Queensland.  Mum and B had been mates since 1969, a pretty good innings.   B was a few years younger than mum, a very healthy 66.  In the morning her husband woke up, chatted to her, told her [...]

(Re)surfacing epic fail x 2

(Re)surfacing epic fail x 2

This morning’s commute took me past two examples of terrible resurfacing; one on the bike path and one on the road.  The first is on the  bit of bike path that runs from Cook/Aranda to LBG, running parallel with both Bindubi Street and William Hovell Drive.  That path is one of the best things about [...]

Police profiling in C-town?

By 16 February 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE
Police profiling in C-town?

This afternoon I was on my treadly heading towards the AIS on the bike path when I noticed the north bound traffic on Gunghalin Drive at a virtual standstill. Upon investigating, I discovered that the cops were conducting a sizeable RBT/other drug testing operation a bit further along the road.
As I’ve previously noted here, [...]

Anyone know what’s going on near the Chinese Embassy?

By 15 February 2011
Anyone know what's going on near the Chinese Embassy?

On my rides home over the last week or two I’ve been watching a bunch of Chinese workers (all wearing enormous straw hats) missioning about in the area bordered by Forster Cres and Flynn Drive in Yarralumla.  From memory the site is reserved for an even greater monstrosity than the present Chinese Embassy, located adjacent. [...]

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