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Car accident – what to do next?


This may sound silly, but we are relatively new to Australia and a bit confused about what to do after a car accident. I was driving the car, with my spouse in the passenger seat and my daughter in the back seat. We were stopped at a light for at least 30 seconds, [...]

Where to get copy of Holiday Happenings (school holiday program guide)?

By 28 December 2012

Hi everyone, do you know where I can get a copy of the little print booklet that gives a rundown on all the school holiday programs?
Someone told me it was called Holiday Happenings.
I find it maddening that it is so hard to find out about the various school holiday programs. [...]

LDA has no interest in helping people

By 14 November 2012

Did anyone read this article in the Canberra Times about the OwnPlace scheme?
Oddly enough, I can’t find it anywhere on the Canberra Times website now.
But I was absolutely appalled by the apathetic and unfriendly attitude of the Land Development Agency. I don’t care if it’s not LDA’s responsibility. At the very [...]

Best Eye Doctor in 20+ Years, Here in Canberra

By 1 November 2012

Hi everyone, I’m a newcomer to Canberra (having arrived in December 2010). Prior to that, I lived on the East Coast of the US and 3 years in Auckland. I’ve relied on the Riot Act heavily for suggestions for everything from doctors to restaurants for a special meal to hair dressers. So [...]

Can you buy land in the ACT?

By 17 October 2012

This is going to sounds like a dumb question. But I’ve been told that if you purchase a house in the ACT, you don’t actually own the land – you will get something like a 100-year lease from the ACT government. However, if this is true, I don’t understand the land rent program, [...]

Exorbitant specialist fees in Canberra … what’s going on here?

By 18 July 2012

I needed to see a specialist (ob/gyn) last month, and the cost was $250, with medicare reimbursing only $70. That’s $180 out of pocket for a 15 minute appointment. My partner had to see a specialist (gastro) this month, and it was $325 for a 10 minute appointment! (I’m guessing that medicare [...]

Flu Vaccine for 4 year old?

By 22 May 2012

Does anyone know where I can get a flu vaccination for a 4 year old? I am used to this being offered by the GP, but since Australia does not include the flu jab on the vaccination schedule for children, it is difficult to find someone who will actually do it. My GP [...]

Any pick-your-own orchards, or orchards open for visits in the Canberra region?

By 18 April 2012

I’m an expat from the US and we love Canberra!
With autumn upon us, I’m wondering if there are any pick-your-own orchards in the region.
I have such fond memories of plucking apples and pears from orchard trees and would love to have my daughter experience it as well. (You collect the [...]

Lunchtime anniversary meal with degustation menu?

By 26 January 2012

We are new to Canberra and are looking for a great place to have our 20th anniversary meal.
We would like a fixed course menu or degustation menu with wine. We would probably prefer modern Australian but are open – just not Italian.
Price really isn’t an issue.
The only catch is that lunch would [...]

Does Canberra really have no traffic jams?

By 10 October 2011

We are moving to Canberra in December and are just thrilled with the idea that there won’t be heavy traffic.  We’ve moved from Washington DC (nightmarish traffic) to Auckland (much better, but still terrible on an absolute level).  But I wonder how much of the “no traffic” story is a myth?
In particular, would anyone care [...]

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