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Restoration of old photos/negatives

By 4 February 2014

We have located what look like film strips of old photos of a long gone family member. Well, it looks like a strip of negatives but isn’t like a strip of negatives that you hold up to the light, but rather like a strip of small black and white photos. They’re not in [...]

Some things are best left unseen..

By 14 November 2013

Just wondering if it’s the uni students’ schoolies time of the year? Yesterday afternoon approximately 6 pm as I had the pleasure of strolling over the western side of Commonwealth Bridge there was a group of young lads sans clothes (apart from runners) that decided to do a nudie run across the bridge. [...]

Non-bogan car seat covers in Canberra

By 7 December 2011

 The Carnard family has upgraded the family car to a far newer model than that previously owned.  This car has front seat side airbags.  In the interests of keeping it clean and as kidfriendly as possible (eg safe from spills and crap) the boss wants seat covers.  Some folk have warned/advised(?) us re fitting “normal” [...]

Did anyone happen to see…?

By 7 November 2011

What happened at the corner of Beasley Street and Athllon Drive on Friday evening. 
It looked like a gentleman ran off the road for about 150 m and took out a number of signs and a couple of trees on the way.    
I hope he’s okay.

Out of date encyclopedias

By 27 November 2010

Hi all – hoping for any ideas if at all possible.   Does anybody know of any organisation that might benefit from old encyclopedias?   We have a set of Brittanicas that is possibly 15 or so years old, maybe even older (just need to check that).  Of course much of the information is likely to be [...]

Christmas lights – the good, the bad and the ugly.

By 18 November 2010

Hi all
I’ve always had a very modest display of lights around christmas time – the odd rope light and a few fairy lights and flashing stars and santas in the windows.  If I want to be totally tragic and kitch, but not as bad as the Griswald’s family christmas, does anyone have any advice as [...]

Children’s traffic centre Belconnen

By 15 September 2010

Hi all – do any of you Canberra folks know whether the traffic centre at Belco still runs? 
I know it used to be an opportunity for little tackers to get out on their bikes and learn about give way signs etc.   if anybody does know if it still operates, do you book through the [...]

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