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DIY Wotz on Guide for the weekend of 9-Jul-05

By 7 July 2005

Know about anything good happening this weekend?
Why not share it in the comments section below?

Ra, Ra, Ra We’re Going to Smash the Oinks

By 17 June 2005

Don’t forget Canberra gets to host its one and only international rugby game at Bruce on Sunday 26Jun05 as per this CT article telling us that Australia A versus the Junior All Blacks will be full of Wallabies and All Blacks players.
I guess we should be greatful that we even got this game, [...]

Still No Room For Smokers in the Museum of Tolerance

By 17 June 2005

The Anti-Smoking facists are back in this CT story which has everyone saying that smokers should make up for the time they get to spend out in the sunshine puffing away while the rest of us yearn for the daylight in our tiny little cubicles.
Good to see that the answer is more regulation.

Goin to Work in t’Pit

By 16 June 2005

Another ABC story on the re-opening of a sand mine at Yass after the closure of the Tharwa sand mine last year. In the murky world of the building industry I wonder what deals were made to close one, re-open another and maintain the supply of a vital building component.

Up in the Sky, is it a bird, is it a plane, no its Jupiter

By 16 June 2005

ABC Online has this piece on Jupiter being visible in the eastern sky as a point of light this afternoon. So get out of the office and go have a look at another world.

DIY Wotz On Guide

By 16 June 2005

Once again its Thursday, these things just seem to keep on coming around, and we’d like to give you the chance to let everyone know about what events and activities are happening this weekend that people should go along to.

New Top Copper

By 14 June 2005

According to this media release John Hargreaves and AFP Commissioner Mick Keelty, today announced the retirement of ACT Chief Police Officer John Davies and the appointment of Audrey Fagan to the top spot.
I liked this bit in the media release:
“The Canberra community is currently reaping the rewards of our highly effective and efficient police force [...]

Ho Hum

By 14 June 2005

A source just sent in this PH notice:
Another package of white powder has been detected in the Loading Dock.
The incident has been contained in the Loading Dock, and ACT emergency
services have been called.
The loading dock has been closed, and as a result there will be delays
in the delivery of mail within the building today. However, [...]

More Poetic Musings

By 9 June 2005

Edit: Thumper’s Poetry story below has inspired some of our other contributors to original output so I thought I’d put up another article for their pieces.
Below we have a lyric from RandomGit
an Ode by LurkerGal
and a kind of pseudolefty/nihlistic rubbish by Absent Diane

Fester by RandomGit
Sleight of hand upon my mind
Steps in kind with love in [...]

Rangers On Patrol

By 8 June 2005

City Rangers have brought about law and order in the illegal dumping game accoring to this media release from John Hargreaves.
They’ve handed out 14 on the spot fines and reduced dumping around charity bins by upto 90% in some cases. So either its the same 14 people who are doing all the dumping around [...]

Jamo Inn Still Standing

By 8 June 2005

RiotACT being the font of all knowledge that it is we’ve had an inquiry as to when the Jamo Inn is going to get knocked down, in order that people don’t miss out on sending the grand (yeah right) old place off in style.
While the Jamo Inn was scheduled for redevelopment into apartment blocks 2 [...]

Deb Foskey in Public Housing Debate Gets More Exposure

By 7 June 2005

Crikey has this piece about the continuing debate on ACT Greens MLA Deb Foskey remaining in Public Housing.
Green Grinch gets the tabloid TV treatment
Hugo Kelly writes:
Canberra Greens MP Deb Foskey’s determination to bludge on ACT taxpayers and keep her public subsidised house has reached national tabloid TV, with Today Tonight following up Crikey’s story last [...]

Keep Off The Grass

By 6 June 2005

Parliament House is worried about their precious grass and so has put a notice to keep off the grass.
Maybe they should just fence off the rest of the area.
See below for the circular on the frosty fields

New Made in Canberra Band

By 6 June 2005

Scotty Masters sent in news that the new FM104.7 Made in Canberra Band is Casual Projects with their song “What Could’ve Been”. Has anyone heard it yet? What do you think?
The MIC website is here, but the page hasn’t been updated with this info just yet.
To get a song on MIC send your [...]

White Powder Scare Parliament House

By 3 June 2005

JB says he’s heard on the TV news that Parliamant House is under a white powder scare, and this time its not the Democrats. But as JB is in PH and has not seen or heard anything locally we’ll have to wait and see what the go is.
More to follow I’m sure.
[ED [...]

Kangaroos (AFL) Love Canberra So Much

By 2 June 2005

So much so that they have their own pet name for Manuka Oval, according to this ABC story. They call it their own “little dunghill“. How sweet is that?

This is my Handgun, there are many like it

By 1 June 2005

ABC online have this story on a Canberra policeman being sent back to college for handgun retraining after not following AFP policies and practices during an incident in Wanniassa in January this year.
Just remember POA = centre of seen mass, and he shouldn’t miss again.

A Pinch and a Punch

By 1 June 2005

Winter is here, and while cold in the morning its still warm and very dry.

Alias Man Released on Bail?

By 31 May 2005

The ABC have this article on a 29 year old drug dealer who has upto 48 aliases, including 17 different licences and yet he’s been released on bail. Does anyone else see this as a problem?

ACT Public Service Pay Bungle

By 31 May 2005

ABC Online has this story on an ACT Public Service pay rise being implemented from 1 Apr 05 rather than the start of the next pay schedule, 4 days later. The early start to the pay raise is supposed to have cost $600,000

Goulburn to be a Dry Town

By 30 May 2005

The CT has this story on Goulburn having to go begging for water.

Diplomatic Immunity

By 26 May 2005

The ABC has this story on Canberra revenue chasers missing out on more than $160,000 from parking and speeding fines racked up by Canberra’s overseas diplomats (ie not the DFAT crew).
While the point is made that some countries feel they have a moral obligation to pay, but lets face it if you could tell the [...]

Real Time Buses a Joke

By 26 May 2005

The ACT Libs have jumped on the bandwagon and are voicing what everyone knows that the real-time bus timetables are a waste of money according to this ABC story.

Family Services told to stay away

By 25 May 2005

The ABC have this story on Family Services being asked by Justice Connolly to guarantee that they would not swoop in and take a boy into care unless there was an emergency, in order so the boy does not live in fear and can be rehabilitated in his fathers care.

How to Get on the Canberra Central Taskforce

By 25 May 2005

Simon Corbell has put out this media release on the newly appointed members of the Canberra Central taskforce.
“This Taskforce brings together the chief executives of key ACT Government departments with a panel of highly experienced and well-regarded private sector representatives,” Mr Corbell said.
The non-Government appointees are:
* Jim Service, Chairman of ACTEW and the [...]

Wonder Woman – Virginia Hausegger

By 25 May 2005

City News has this article on ABC Canberra newsreader Virginia Hausegger’s new book Wonder Woman – the myth of having it all.
Virginia Hausegger’s new book Wonder Woman: The myth of ‘having it all’ is an important contribution to feminist and social debate. Born from an angry Age article entitled ‘The sins of our feminist mothers’, [...]

Diss-Ability BlogSpot

By 25 May 2005

Weighing into the Comrades public service jobs for the differently abled is this Canberra blogspot on Diss-Ability.

For the High Minded Classical RiotACTer

By 24 May 2005

Limelight, the ABC’s arts and entertainment magazine is continuing its series of ‘limelight Lunches With the Stars’. Designed to bring “the stars” to you, their audience, in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, the lunches provide an exclusive opportunity to meet performers off the stage.
Where The National Museum of Australia, Peninsular [...]

The RiotACT Dynasty Begins

By 24 May 2005

Congratulations to Kramer and Gin on the birth of their baby boy Max last night. Both Mum and bub are doing fine and I’m told the baby is so many kilo’s heavy and so many centimetres long/tall.
As the first of the RiotACT crew to have kids I’m sure Kramer will ensure that Max [...]

Land Rights For Gay Whales

By 23 May 2005

The Comrade is speaking up to protect all the whales in the ACT in this media release. I agree whaling must be stopped and I’m all for Australia enforcing our laws in Australian waters, but I’m not sure what whales we have here in the ACT that the Comrade is protecting. While Jervis [...]

No Sexuality for UC Under VSU

By 23 May 2005

NowUC has this article that under VSU the UC Student Assoc will no longer be able to offer Sexuality Services.
Edit: Thanks to Kerces for pointing out the difference between the UCU and the Student Assoc.

Planes, Taxis, ACTION, Transport Competition

By 23 May 2005

The CT has this story on a proposal to introduce more taxis (owned by the same company but a different part of it so it looks like competition) in order to provide transport to and from the airport. ACTION of course is not happy with more taxis as it will mean people can actually [...]

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