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Rooftop solar – recent experiences in Canberra?

Rooftop solar - recent experiences in Canberra?

Thinking of installing solar power to our house. Orientation is ideal, and whilst not looking to make money, I would love to escape the clutches of ACTEW (or whatever they’re called this week).
Would appreciate any feedback re: supply and installation of (say) a 4Kw system, and how it has performed.
The majority of advertisers on Google require [...]

Who’s property?

By 23 February 2014

Property next door is going on the market. Since glory knows when their driveway has encroached onto our property by about 4 feet at the kerb.
Seems this encroachment is not identified by any searches during the transfer, but getting a bit peed off that I have had to narrow my driveway to allow for this [...]

Just who dreams up our OTT regulations?

By 1 December 2013

We have recently had the ACT Gov deciding to impose fees on the worthy burgers putting on humungous Christmas light shows for the public. Chief Minister Katie has decided that no fees will be applied. I think the words used were ‘common sense needs to be applied’.
Why is this ‘common sense’ not applied to the [...]

Web Page Basics in Canberra?

By 17 July 2013

Given the poor economic climate, by necessity I have been fortunate to come up with a product that could well save my business.
I would appreciate the opinion of the hive mind on who, how, and at what sort of cost I should expect to put up a one or two page web page to [...]

No Parking along the Monaro Highway

No Parking along the Monaro Highway

Govco are really sinking the boot into those nasty Liberal voting Tuggeranongites. They have now banned parking on this length of the Monaro. Initially the signs stated it was no standing, but changed to no parking after about three days.
So no more pulling over to answer the phone, and of course this means the [...]

Malaysian Travel Lottery Scam

By 23 May 2013
Malaysian Travel Lottery Scam

I have recently received unsolicited mail from a crowd calling themselves MASOddyssey. The contents include a brochure and 2 scratchie tickets. I suspect every envelope includes a winning 2nd prize of $170K USD.
On contacting the senders via email, including scans of the ticket, I was advised that my ticket was indeed a winner.
I suspect a [...]

Third Party Insurance coming down – But in NSW

By 9 May 2013

The ACT already has the highest TPI in Australia, and it is blindingly obvious that this system has the interests of the NRMA and the local legal fraternity as it’s primary beneficiaries.
The wretched Smyth has ensured that the local ambulance chasing legal creatures have free reign in screwing the absolute maximum premium from unfortunate third [...]

The ACT Building Industry. How do we seek redress?

By 7 December 2012

I had a bulldoze – rebuild exercise on our house about 8 years ago. Love the result – brilliant design, works magic.
However, it has become apparent that the quality of the cement render is appalling. Rust showing through, cracks everywhere, a couple of spots where we are waiting for it to arrive on the ground.
HIA [...]

Require Technical Learning Help

By 30 October 2012

Can the Hive point me in the direction of a local course/individual who might be amendable to providing instruction on the casting of metal in Canberra?
Bit off the wall, but I have a strong interest.

Speed Camera Vans MIA?

By 11 October 2012

I’m sure I’m not imagining that these things have virtually disappeared from our roads.
Havn’t seen one for at least a week or 2.
Any hot goss on why they may have been pulled?

Where is the money coming from?

By 29 September 2012

We are well into the electoral campaign, and, as expected, parties are rolling out their policies.
But I am becoming a bit unerved by the almost constant financial commitments for a wide variety of causes by Katie and crowd.
Is anyone tallying these promises up, and just what does the dollar amount sit at currently? [...]

‘Buildings’ on Jerrabomberra Avenue?

By 29 July 2012

For the hive mind.
Over a period of months, a series of shipping containers have been re-arranged and added to on a site at the southern end of Jerrabomberra Avenus, beside the Monaro Highway.
Turning into a fairly professional build, and, if I’m not mistaken, a full septic system in the grounds.
Interestingly, from Nearmap, a couple of [...]

Third Party Insurance – At what cost, for who?

By 27 June 2012

The CT has an article describing the problems that Govco are having establishing a fair price for TPI for the forthcoming year. Seems NRMA (sole provider) has demanded a price Govco find excessive.
Mention is made of the opposition our local legal thieves put up to derail the attempt to widen the insurer field by limiting [...]

Traffic light phasing… it that dificult?

By 19 April 2012

Spurred by a related thread, it is apparent that little thought (or even malevolent thought) has been applied to the phasing of these devices. There is no doubt these lights are linked, as the results are always the same.
I have a couple of favourites. Traffic turning right from Yamba Drive heading north into Hindmarsh heading [...]

How do you apologise when driving?

By 29 February 2012

My trusty steed has a wiring issue which causes the high beam to randomly activate when using the indicators with the headlights on.
I really annoyed a lady this morning when following her when the high beam flicking on and off was enough for her to change lanes and be obviously annoyed at the flashing lights [...]

Male health providers in Canberra

By 17 December 2011

An astonishingly large number of media items proclaim Government support for male health programmes.
However, Google searches indicate that unless you (as a male) are at high risk of AIDS, the pox, suicide or family disintegration, ordinary male specific medical services seem non existant.
Personally, I am less than impressed with my local GP. I would like [...]

A Canberra Real Estate Question

By 10 October 2011

Family member (first home buyer) has spotted a very des res at exhibition. Asking price is affordable.
It is obvious that there is considerable interest from a number of potential buyers.
An offer at full asking price is made.
Family member is advised that at that offer, they are fourth in line, a number of higher offers having [...]

Kambah Superschool Road Accident?

By 16 February 2011

I’m told by an employee that an accident occurred outside the school, within the 40K zone, yesterday afternoon.
A nine year old was hit by a car, resulting in very severe head injuries. So severe, I’m told, that the boy has been placed in an induced coma. His condition is apparently critical.
There have been no reports [...]

The ACT Road Toll – 2010

By 6 January 2011

Given that road safety related topics are so appreciated by RiotAct readers, I submit the following.
But first up, my condolences to anyone related to the following.
A (rough) breakdown of fatalities on ACT roads for 2010 shows:
Pushbikes – 2. Both were 60+ year old males.
Motorcycles – 4. The official stats have 5, but I am unable [...]

Canberra Physiotherapists?

By 22 September 2010

Getting older, and the knees are not painless. Fed up with the GP giving me a script for Panadol Something and telling me to get used to it.
Asking for recommendations for a physio, preferably Southside, who may specialise (?) in knee muscles. I know zilch about the trade, so be kind to me.
Pretty sure [...]

Horse Racing – Paying the Price

By 25 October 2009

Saturday’s CT front page main item has the local ‘racing’ industry, (apparently consisting of thoroughbred, harness and greyhound afficiendos) up in arms that they are not being paid millions more from the ACT Treasury to pursue their interests.
I would cross the road to see a horse race to save my life, but for no other [...]

Independent Living Centre Stifled.

By 7 September 2009

As a (very) occassional supplier of goods to the Independent Living Centre, I have received a letter from the management detailing a number of Government decisions impacting on the service.
The Independent Living Centre supplies a wide variety of impliments, appliances and advice to mobility reduced clients to allow them to lead as normal a life [...]

Optometrists – A Good One?

By 1 August 2009

Growing old has brought gradual decrepitude to the sight department, for Mrs Cranky more than moi. Both of us have specs, but mine have remained fairly well unused for the last 10 years.
Not so for the child bride. Hers appear to be a magnifying type, rather than a correcting type lens. I cannot remember being [...]

Under Floor Insulation in Canberra?

By 25 June 2009

Renovated Chateau Cranky a couple of years ago, incorporating insulation (batts) in all walls and roof areas. The certifier was fullsome in his praise of the installers work.
The place has always since seemed to require more heating and cooling than I would have expected from the insulation installed.
We do have some uncurtained glass, so in [...]

Aussie Junk or Revolve?

By 1 March 2009

Having some rilly, rilly good junk to get rid of, I need guidance as to the more worthy of the two contenders.
I would appreciate the opinions of the assembled multitude.
[ED (Kramer) - For those of you a bit behind on your Canberra recycling history, check these previous stories about Revolve and Aussie Junk...
Drama at Aussie [...]

Winding up Order – Netspeed

By 15 February 2009

Todays CT has a notice in the classifieds that a company listed as Digital Internet Wizards P.L. has applied in the NSW Supreme Court to have Bytecard Pty Ltd (T/a Netspeed Internet Communications), wound up.
The ACN for Netspeed given is the same as that listed on my Netspeed homepage.
Does anyone have any more info? Sounds [...]

Bushfire Memorial – Where the bloody hell is it?

By 18 January 2009
Bushfire Memorial - Where the bloody hell is it?

Todays CT had a couple of items re the fires of 6 years ago, including an item on the memorial.
It described the location as near the Cotter Rd. / Eucumbene Drive intersection, so jumped in the toy and went for a drive.
Whether by design or otherwise, it is not easy to find. There is no [...]

F1 in Schools

By 28 November 2008

The ACT is punching well above its weight in the F1 in Schools competition.
Students are tasked to design balsa wood ‘Formula 1′ cars, which are powered by the discharge of a CO2 cylinder (think soda siphon), and the cars race over a straight course, guided by a guy wire.
The ACT schools are able to call [...]

Third Party Insurance Revisited

By 10 August 2008

The SMH is reporting that the NRMA has slipped $225,000 into NSW Labor coffers over the past year or so, unfortunately without notifying the relevant interested parties.
“In 2006 Mr Evans told the annual general meeting that the group believed that “we have an obligation to be involved in the political process in order to advance [...]

Stamp Duty – Bureaucratic Ripoff?

By 8 August 2008

A letter to the editor in today’s CT has detailed the ACT Gov deciding that a block of land for sale was worth $204K, just above the value that stamp duty kicks in for first home buyers.
The buyers bank subsequently valued the land at $190K, well below the stamp duty threshold.
By valuing this land above [...]

A Theft – but Stupid?

By 1 August 2008

Discovered today that someone has overnight managed to empty one of my bank accounts to the tune of $1500+. Bank (ANZ) and Police advised.
In the absence of any other explanation, it would appear that access details were probably garnered by tapping into our home wireless network.
The transaction popped up as an Internet bank transfer, so [...]

Trimming down the bride…

By 20 July 2008

I need some advice.
A niece is counting down to her marriage ceremony (6 months).
Problem: Unfortunately, there is no other discription than that the lass is obese.
Probably inclined to help herself, but no real improvement from current efforts.
Parents, though concerned and applying pressure, have little effect.
Can any of the wonderous readership of this site point to [...]

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