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Police on John Cleeland

By 21 April 2008

While I was driving to work this morning, just after 8am, I noticed an Action bus stopped by the bus stop on John Cleeland Street in Florey.  It was surrounded by police cars and orange witches hats.  I couldn’t see anyone milling around or signs of an accident.
Anyone know what occurred?

Filming at the Botanic Gardens

By 17 December 2007

More than usual action occurring at the Botanic Gardens on Sunday – filming was occurring in the Rainforest Gully.  Not sure about the type of film but there were clues – I saw an actor in full traditional Japanese dress, and there were a lot of samuri swords about the place!
Apparently it was all for [...]

Red Hill Restaurant & Snippedy Do Dah

By 12 December 2007

In short – what the?  Is the restaurant on Red Hill still open?  And how about Snippedy?
I’ve tried their numbers (from the electronic White Pages) and no go!
Any advice gratefully received, as I have a child that resembles an undersized Yeti, and I want to eat out for my birthday.

What’s open tomorrow?

By 5 November 2007

So…I hear that Woolies supermarkets are open tomorrow.  But what else?  I wouldn’t mind a wander about the shops and the coffee, but are my chances Buckleys…or none?

Eating the Enemy

By 11 October 2007

All right, I’ve had it with the bogong moths at work.  And since they are dying in vast numbers on my carpet, I figured I shouldn’t let it be in vain.  I’m finally going to try and eat some of them and see what all the fuss is about.
So…how does one go about this?  I [...]

Electric Canvas at the National Gallery

By 10 October 2007

Has anyone seen the light display at the National Gallery?  Apparently it is called ‘Electric Canvas’ and is on from 6 – 10 until the 15th, and there will be projections of ‘famous works of art’ on two sides of the building.
I rang the NGA but they didn’t have a lot of details – has [...]

What’s doing on Coulter Drive?

By 27 September 2007

Went down Coulter Drive at 9am, just before the lights on William Hovell, and there was a big operation going on.  At least three police cars pulling drivers over.  At first I thought it was a breath test, but I think they were checking tyres with some sort of calliper arrangement.  Hard to be sure because [...]

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