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A 20+ year Canberran (from a time before self government, FM radio and home delivered pizza) who came to study at ANU and never got around to leaving again.

Suna Traffic Reporting Now Live In Canberra

By 22 August 2009

Suna traffic reporting is now live in Canberra. This is a system where info about traffic problems is broadcast directly to your SatNav device which then automatically diverts you around the problem.
Apparently the addition of Canberra brings Suna’s nationwide coverage to over 12,500km of Australian roads, and covers all main Australian cities.
However, if [...]

Pay differentials a bad thing?

By 15 August 2008

The Community and Public Sector Union has released a study that reveals what everyone working in the public service already knew: individual agency level wage bargaining is a dumb idea.
Agency level bargaining was implemented on the flawed basis that ‘unpopular’ agencies could attract the necessary quality staff by offering more money than the more popular [...]

Support the Raiders. Pleeeease…

By 13 August 2008

Raiders captain, Alan Tongue, has written a passionate plea to fans calling on them to show their support for the Raiders. Apparently only 6500 of them fronted up for the recent record breaking win against the Panthers last week and there has been talk that some people have even handed in their season tickets, [...]

Cave People on the Rise

By 18 April 2008

The Macarthur Cave People are on the march again. This time they’re up in arms about the ACTEW proposal to build a gas fired power station at Hume opposite the Mugga Lane dump.
I can’t see what their objection is about. It is situated on the opposite side of the ridge and can’t been [...]

Canberrans a Security Risk to World Youth Day

By 17 April 2008

Countrylink train services between Canberra and Sydney during the World Youth Day activities in Sydney are going to be suspended for ‘security reasons’. Apparently organisers are worried about an evil plot by Canberra based atheist terrorists whose beliefs only allow them to travel on public transport.

CT ‘Earth Hour’ Magazine

By 14 March 2008

Does anyone else think the Canberra Times’ idea of producing a 40 page ‘Earth Hour’ magazine sort of misses the point of the exercise?

ACT Political Donations

By 3 February 2008

The Australian Electoral Commission has released the political donations figures for the 2006-07 financial year. Compared to last year the Greens and Liberals are up and Labor is down. Changes to the law mean that donations less than $10,300 no longer need to be identified.
No donations registered
Other Receipts
Communications Design & Management Pty Ltd [...]

Damn Flies!!!

By 23 December 2007
Damn Flies!!!

The flies this summer seem worse than ever. Apparently the prolonged drought has resulted in a reduction in the number of dung beetles around. This coupled with the wetter conditions, which allow the dung pats to remain moist for longer, has resulted in a bumper season for flies.After only six weeks, my flytrap [...]

Christmas Lights

By 16 December 2007

So where are the best Christmas light displays this year?


By 14 November 2007

According to my records, rainfall so far this year has just passed the 400mm mark. Compared to previous years, we have had more rain so far this year than for all of 2006, and are on par for 2005, 100mm ahead of 2004, and 50mm ahead of 2003 for the same period.

(The little [...]

Alexander Downer Nude

By 27 August 2007
Alexander Downer Nude

ArtWranglers speculates that the model for a prominent Civic public artwork may be a young Alexander Downer.
ED: How soon they forget. Background on the sculpture in question is here and it looks like this:

Christmas is Coming

By 22 August 2007

In one of the first signs that the countdown to Christmas has already started, an event photography company is advertising for a Santa
Photography Area Supervisor. Essential criteria include a love of children and the Christmas spirit. Not sure which would be the greater challenge, dealing with thousands of spoilt brat kids or managing [...]

Homicide Map

By 12 August 2007

Next time someone complains about how dull and quite Canberra is, or how bad our crime rate is, send them the link to the LA Times Homicide Map. Truly bizarre.
I’ll settle for dull and quite any day.

Bookware End of Lease Sale

By 18 July 2007

Bookware, in the Mort St side of the Ausaid building, is having an end of lease sale with 25-70% off all of their stock of computer and management books. Sale ends 28th July while stock last.

Guess Who’s Profiting from the Poor Taxi Service

By 29 June 2007

In a letter sent to all Brindabella Business Park tenants this week, Stephen Byron of the Canberra Airport said;
… we have also commenced work on the construction of an additional 350 car parking spaces in our short and long stay terminal car parks to alleviate a level of congestion arising out of a 25% surge [...]

Marital Status Stats

By 28 June 2007

Looking into the 2006 Census stats on relationships reveals some interesting facts.
Three males aged 15-19 in Canberra are married and another 79 are in defacto relationships. On the other side of the ledger, 34 females aged 15-19 in Canberra are married and another 224 are in defactos.
This trend of more females in relationships than [...]

Belconnen vs Tuggeranong

By 28 June 2007

The ABS Census website allows you to slice and dice the population statistics in many possible ways. It finally gives us a tool to satisfy the age old question: Which is better – Tuggeranong or Belconnen?
Tuggeranong – 87,119 persons – 49.2% males, 50.8% females 1.6% Indigenous
Belconnen – 84,382 persons – 49.3% males 50.7% females [...]

2006 Census Results

By 28 June 2007

The ABS has started to release the results of the 2006 Census
Interesting facts about the ACT:
324,034 persons usually resident in Australian Capital Territory: 49.3% were males and 50.7% were females. Of the total population in Australian Capital Territory 1.2% were Indigenous persons, compared with 2.3% Indigenous persons in Australia.
19.1% of the population usually resident in [...]

ACT Has Lowest Imprisonment Rate

By 24 June 2007

Figures released by the ABS show that the ACT has the lowest rate of imprisonment in the nation in the March quarter.
The ACT (including ACT prisoners held in NSW prisons) and Victoria had the lowest imprisonment rates (70 and 103 prisoners per 100,000 adults respectively), well below the national average of 163 prisoners per 100,000 [...]

Labour Shortage is Serious

By 6 June 2007

We’ve been hearing for a while about the low unemployment rate and the shortage of labour, but things must be really desperate when McDonald’s in Queanbeyan has to resort to Seek to attract staff.

Stop, Revive, Survive

By 5 June 2007
Stop, Revive, Survive

Every year for the past 15 years the Apex Club of Tuggeranong has operated the ‘Stop, Revive, Survive’ driver reviver rest stop on the Monaro Highway at Hume over the ski season. The rest stop gives skiers driving to and from the snow fields an opportunity to have a break with a cup [...]

Locations of New Fixed Speed Cameras

By 17 May 2007

The locations of the new fixed speed cameras are rumoured to be:
— Federal highway, southbound, approaching Antill St roundabout.
– Federal Highway, northbound, approaching Antill St roundabout.
– Tuggeranong Parkway, both directions, near Cotter Road overpass.
– Tuggeranong Parkway, both directions, near Hindmarsh drive overpass.
– Barton Highway, both directions, between Curran Drive and Gold Creek Road.
– Barton [...]

TransACT to provide FTTP in Forde

By 11 May 2007

Whirlpool reports that TransACT has won a contract to supply the new suburb of Forde in Canberra with Fibre to the Premises (FTTP), enabling broadband, telephone and TV to travel over the technology.
“Located between Mulligans Flat and Horse Park Drive, the Forde community will be one of the first masterplanned communities in Canberra and is [...]

Research Survey on Juries and Evidence

By 8 May 2007

An online survey is being conducted as part of the ARC funded research project on juries and evidence. The target participants are people 18 and over who are Australian citizens (jury eligible).
The virtual jury is part of an Australian Research Council-funded study of how jurors weigh up information as they make decisions. The results [...]

Vasectomies Unavailable in Canberra

By 13 April 2007

It appears that due to a shortage of doctors, vasectomies are currently not available in Canberra. There is a waiting list and it is not known when the service will be available again.
If you’re interested in the job, the ad is here.

ACT Political Donations

By 1 February 2007

The Australian Electoral Commission’s annual list of political donations was released this morning. The prominent donations for the ACT’s politicians were:

M/- T Poulis – $6,500.00
The Village Building Co Limited – $4,920.00
J S O’Connor, Harris & Co – $2,980.00
Westpac – $2,750.00
Business Industry Confederation – $2,670.00
National Australia Bank – $2,500.00
Australian Private Hospitals – $2,420.00
Consolidated Builders -$2,420.00
DSICA – [...]

Alfresco Dining for Queanbeyan

By 27 January 2007

The Canberra Times today reports that the Queanbeyan Council’s new General Manager, Gary Chapman, is hoping to bring alfresco dining to the town.
“Council is wanting to embark on upon restaurant culture alfresco-style dining – and there has been a lot of interest with people wanting to redevelop the CBD” he said.
Queanbeyan is better known for [...]

Defence IT Woes

By 4 December 2006

Today’s Canberra Times reports that Labor Senator Mark Bishop told 2CC listeners last week that workers in Defence could take their annual leave while waiting for a help desk fix.
Working in Defence, I have first hand experience of this. Simple network access changes take anything up to 28 days. Heaven help you if [...]

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