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Bullying laws in ACT schools

By 24 February 2011

Is there any policy and or consistency of how the ACT deals with bullying in schools?
I witnessed a girl trying to hide a swollen face and bruised eye on the bus, she was naturally distressed and was not like being on the bus but was her only way to the Dr’s. She was with her [...]

Cycling in pedestrian areas

By 2 March 2009

Why do cyclist insist on riding on their bikes in the confined and heavy foot traffic area of Gus’s, Milk and Honey, Cafe Essen and also across the road in the narrow path that holds Cream, Sammy’s, Wagaman etc. I am sick and tired of nearly being bashed into by some stupid girl or boy on a [...]

Cotter River invaded by Toranas

By 19 January 2009
Cotter River invaded by Toranas

Went to the Cotter on Sunday, and all these Torana’s just started rocking up and they sounded and looked awesome.
When leaving the FJ Holden’s started arriving too, not sure if it is a weekend thing, but nice to
see all the same.
Is this a regular weekend thing?
(Slideshow below)

What do we think about frangipanis?

By 16 January 2009

The new plague on Canberra Streets – Frangipani Girls…
What is it with the girls that have Frangipani’s on their cars?
Why are they so psycho on the road teamed up with the bad driving?
Has anyone else came across these new ‘Canberra’ drivers???
Please share your pain with me to ease mine!
[ED - And are they that new? [...]

The Causeway behind the railway… Does it exist???

By 16 January 2009

I was reading over the nudist swimming hole debate and was very impressed with the some of the history that Canberrians know about.
So there is one question I really need to know – Does “the causeway” exist? 
I dated a bus drvier and he was telling me about it and that buses do not [...]

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