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Ask RiotACT: looking for rental advice

By 22 December 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
Ask RiotACT: looking for rental advice

Hello Riotact. Does anyone have some advice on renting out a property in Canberra? Hopefully, we will be out by end of January and looking to rent out the property — but looking at returns (the agents are after approx. 10% and the land tax adds onto expenses), I’m unsure what is the best way to go. Can [...]

Found a powerhead in West Belco?

By 20 August 2012

Lost Sat 18 Aug in Higgins/Holt/Macgregor/Latham a red Komatsu Power head for the use with attachments such as chainsaw/hedge trimmer etc. the unit is useless without attachments and these cannot be bought from retailers in the ACT.
A $200 no questions asked reward for its return.
Please call 0412 472 936 if you have any information.

Why should the gov’t bail em out

By 17 May 2012

CFMEU branch secretary Dean Hall saying the government should act as a ”model client” and step in to guarantee any money owed to employees and subcontractors for these projects.
Read more on the Canberra Times.
Is this now the responsibility of the Government to help out employees of shonky, poorly managed companies who cannot quote for jobs [...]

Late Night Gardeners (plant thieves)

By 3 April 2012

Warning all keen horticulturists the late night gardeners are busy at it as per usual this time of year.
Had 2 beauties removed last night so be aware, the flea bags are on the prowl!!

Belco Plagued With Crap to Dine On?

By 20 December 2011

We took some visitors from Sydney to dinner last night firstly to Jammo Wests where we we’re denied entry as we had rubber thongs on.
Needless to say the previous day we’d been to many places in Sydney in the same thongs but no, not allowed in the pokie palace at
Jammo. Next was an [...]

Internet Providers in Canberra?

By 17 June 2011

I have an Irish lass boarding and she requires internet with the capacity to use skype.
I’m in Latham and given I only pay windscreen washers 20c I’m after a pretty cheap say $30/month prepaid deal (if poss).
I have a wireless router as I was with Transact but apart from that not really any [...]

Squeegee Men at the Lights? How much to pay in Canberra?

By 14 June 2011

Ok so venturing out for lunch with a work colleague we approach the Northbourne lights and Squeegee man is onto us to clean the windscreen. His done his stuff and I hand out 20c before getting accussed for being a tightarse by work colleague.
So what is the acceptable amount to pay these fleabags?
Personally I was [...]

Perplexed by the CFMEU over the ASIO Trespasser?

By 23 March 2011

Can anyone explain why the CFMEU is going to ‘make sure justice is done for both him (trespasser) and his family’ regarding the crook who broke into ASIO site and fell on his arse.
Why wouldn’t the Police charge him for trespassing and the union focus on employees (who pay their wages) concerns???
[ED - There are [...]

Canberra’s Biggest Gypsie?

By 15 March 2011

Has anyone else spotted a somewhat gypsie in red van pulled up around Kingston?
I started seeing him around 10 years ago around Kingston/Telopea park and sometimes over at the BBQ areas near Yarralumla. He seems content to pull up anywhere and set up camp.

Mate caught DUI

By 7 March 2011

Any legals out there?
Mate caught DUI .220 Sat night. Previous history - 3 previous convictions more than 10 yrs ago.
I’m thinking fine up to $2,200 and /or 12 months slammer, and no chance of workers lic as high range?
Does the spent convictions ruling mean the 3 previous convictions will be ignored?
Guesses on punishment welcome!

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