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The Barton Putting Highway?

By 27 November 2013

On the 6th of November at 7:50am I was driving along the Barton Highway when my car was struck by a golf ball from the golf course that runs alongside there.
Given that I was driving in the left lane at the limit of 80kmph and (being Canberra) had someone tailgating me, I had little choice [...]

Easy Access Bus Timetable

By 17 May 2013

On the Action Bus website they have pdf timetables for their bus routes that includes times when Easy Access buses will be running. Easy Access is essentially a nice way of saying a new bus will be running on a route at a certain time rather than the dinosaur orange buses.
In theory this helps people [...]

Parking, Parents with Prams Style

By 12 November 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE
Parking, Parents with Prams Style

More often than not when I go to park in the Parents with Pram spots they are taken by people with no baby seat/capsule attachments on the back seat. I am used to seeing this disregard with legally designated parking like disabled spots so I don’t even blink when it comes to Parents with Prams. [...]

Feral cats in Canberra. What to do?

By 5 July 2012

I live in a complex not that far from a nature reserve. Earlier this year, kittens start to show up in the complex grounds that clearly don’t belong to anyone. They live under cars, in the common gardens and around the skips. Now those kittens have turned into cats and they like to fight/breed with [...]

Belco Bug Mania

By 25 January 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE
Belco Bug Mania

On a morning walk, I noticed what I thought was mould or markings on one of the Dept of Immigration buildings (College St side, the older ones). Turned out though it was a colony of bugs!
I went back this morning to take a couple of photos – does anyone know what these are? Google gave [...]

Global Warming – Grill’d Style

By 24 July 2011
Global Warming - Grill'd Style

Perhaps the staff at Grill’d Belconnen are mildly confused over the concept of global warming and took it literally….?
[ED - Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it to .]

Action Bus Seat Logic

Action Bus Seat Logic

I will caveat this post by noting that I am mildly grateful that the Number 7 from Dickson to Belconnen turns up every morning within 20 minutes of the stated timetable.
It is the same bus with the same equally ageing bus driver and suspension every morning. Given that it is full of Radford College kids [...]

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