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Bit of surly class warfare from Andrew Leigh on Radio National

By 2 July 2012

Andrew Leigh has been securing himself a disproportionate presence on the ABC Radio airwaves lately. He secured a spot on the Science Show recently, then Breakfast on Saturday. Interestingly, on Saturday he exhibited quite a nasty bit of class warfare for a chap who represents the middle-class burghers of Canberra.
Speaking about higher education degrees, [...]

Why are C100 funds “purloined” for irrelevant projects? [Actually Katy Gallagher's baby]

By 22 June 2012

The Centenary of Canberra website is telling Canberrans that there is no more funding available for C100 projects – half a year before 2013.
Today I picked up a brochure for what looks to be a great play: Ngapartji Ngapartji, produced by “BigHart”, a company whose website’s mentions of Canberra are pretty much restricted to [...]

666 unwittingly exposing callers to unscrupulous political lists?

By 7 June 2012

A few Fridays ago I texted ABC local radio 666 with a comment on a traffic issue – signing off with only my first name.
I was surprised to receive a call on my phone from an ACT Government ministerial adviser a few days later. It wasn’t an unpleasant call, but it wasn’t welcome or [...]

Review: cupcake joint featured on ABC 7.30 …

By 26 May 2012

We happened across the Jazz Apple shop in town today. Not sure whether to call it a cafe, although it has tables and chairs and an espresso machine. It is the outlet where a businesswoman featured the other week on 7.30 sells her cupcakes. The staff are very nice and friendly.
Coffee was moderately OK [...]

Carbon tax – extra ACT hit

By 5 May 2012

Are different arms & factions of the feds talking to each other? One lot who weighed up the carbon tax politics clearly felt that we’re a safe enough locality to add li’l ACTEW to the Clean Energy “dirty list”. Can it be a coincidence that this will hit supposed safe-Labor-seat voters in the guts? [...]

Revealing 666 talkback: yep, that “consultation” is cynical bull****

By 21 April 2012

Caller to 666 talkback this morning outlined what we’ve sort of known, but have never had quite such firm evidence.
Caller lives near a small park in Chisholm. He said that the local residents were invited to contribute their thoughts on a proposal to develop the park with residential accommodation to a website (ACT Govt [...]

Don’t listen to Robyn Archer until she fixes her “diaspora” nonsense

By 6 April 2012

Robyn Archer got national media on Wednesday telling Australians to stop Canberra-bashing (do we care what Sydneysiders say about us? and Melbourne likes us heaps, thanks to our shared political history).
I’m not sure that we should welcome Robyn Archer’s attention. After all, she is responsible for the insult and travesty that is the Canberra [...]

Call to action! If you think the Lake War Memorials are a shocker … this is worse!

By 25 February 2012

Does the Canberra public know about the ACT Government’s plans to build hundreds of flats abutting Anzac Parade, and that there’s an information session on 6 March?
Check the website and also google “section 5″ and “anzac parade” for a wealth of links, including a PDF that shows that the flats are going to [...]

Pokies trial in Canberra …

By 23 January 2012 FEATURED ARTICLE
Pokies trial in Canberra ...

With Quangers nearby ‘n all … interested to hear Rioters’ prescient thoughts on how it’s likely to go.
ED – Chief Minister Gallagher has welcomed the trial:
The ACT Government welcomes the Federal Government’s plan to tackle problem gambling which was announced on Saturday.
As part of the plan the Commonwealth has indicated its desire [...]

Zoo Advertising’s “tactful moment” on email …

By 1 December 2011

Filed under “Timing could have been better”: here is an email I’ve been forwarded, that Zoo decided to send out to its federal government clients, letting everyone know how they plan to spend a tiny bit of their profit margin pimped off the taxpayer, JUST as news of the budget cuts and efficiency squeeze [...]

Kingston Island – why is this private footbridge being passed off as “public infrastructure”?

By 27 November 2011

Article in the Canberra Times this morning proudly promotes a footbridge to a proposed “private island” of exclusive residences, with no public spaces as far as I can tell (there is little information online).
It has been funded by the Land Development Agency as “part of almost $18 million it is spending on the public [...]

Interesting Christmas spirit an APS team …

By 23 November 2011

I’m interested to hear from Rioters whether this is unusual in the APS:
– Our AS has organised for my broader branch team to have two lunches.
– There’s a “director’s lunch” at an expensive restaurant,
– and there’s a “peasant’s lunch” for the rest of the branch at a cheap restaurant which the [...]

Obsequious NPG and the Mary portrait

By 20 November 2011

The NPG has inexplicably and obsequiously placed the huge portrait of former Australian Crown Princess Mary of Denmark in the most prominent place in the whole gallery – front on as you walk in. Relegated to the princess’s bum level on a wall behind, there is a small photograph of Queen Elizabeth.
Is the [...]

Aust. of the Year finalists … one of whom lives in NSW …

By 4 November 2011

Here are the ACT finalists. I don’t want to nitpick, but what on Earth is Betty Churcher doing on the list, if she’s a New South Wales resident? And what has she done for the ACT in recent years? I know she’s going blind and it’s good to be kind, but … can anyone enlighten [...]

Katie Gallagher betrays Aranda on GDE 80kph

By 3 November 2011

Katie Gallagher made an extraordinary statement on 666 this morning, in the course of a discussion of discontent about the 80km speed limit on the GDE.
Katie made it clear that she thinks 80kph is too low. When it was pointed out by the 666 presenter that the ACT Government had made a commitment to [...]

ACTEW and Simon Corbell plan to take the (vital) social element out of water restrictions

By 11 October 2011

On the ABC radio news this morning, plans by Simon Corbell and ACTEW to allow Canberrans to pay to avoid water restrictions are foolish and shortsighted – and betray an unbelievable lack of understanding about how a community works.
Water restrictions are a sore topic for Canberrans, but we grudgingly comply – ONLY because we [...]

Lin Hatfield Dodds wants to get into politics AND keep the V8?

By 26 August 2011

Interesting following Lin Hatfield Dodds on her determined trek to get into parliament by any means.
She appears to be nailing her colours to the Labor mast now.
She was interviewed on radio this morning, praising Labor and the 2020 Summit to the skies.
Not one mention of the party she was supposedly [...]

Can we have Canberra’s airwaves back please?

By 20 August 2011

I am dismayed by the indulgent mawk-fest that the ABC has engaged in on the Canberra airwaves since 6 this morning regarding the sad deaths of three ABC staff.
About half an hour of Breakfast on RN this morning – OK, I share the sorrow and sympathy.
But then through the day more than half [...]

APS department paying its employees’ FBT?

By 16 August 2011

I was told by an APS colleague today that his (1000+) department in Parkes/Barton actually pays the parking-equivalent FBT for its employees, who have free parking both underground and in a boom-gated carpark.
There is $7 a day parking within 200m. Is this private-enterprisish subsidy part of the bargaining arrangements?
They don’t appear to [...]

Want to avoid phishing risk from ALP climate change freepost form? Here’s how

By 31 July 2011

In the light of the current debate about political parties having exempted themselves from any requirement to safeguard the privacy of any individuals they deal with, I cast a critical eye over a “Community News” from Kate Lundy last week. It includes a “no postage required” response form that looks at face value to be [...]

Anyone know about Landmark “cult”?

By 24 July 2011

A friend of mine (low-income) is spending a lot of money (for him) attending courses in Canberra run by an organisation called Landmark.
It is coming up via Google as suspected of being something of a cult (formerly EST). They sound dodgy to me, but I don’t want to rush to judgement.
Do any Rioters [...]

Kate Lundy is my new best friend …

By 17 July 2011

… or hopes she is, as she has written to me asking me for favours.
Suddenly I’ve received -personally addressed – a request to submit a bit of a skills audit on myself and what I’d like to do to support Kate’s own support role in the federal government’s carbon tax $12 million ad campaign. [...]

Where is the Greens’ statement on ACT CSIRO GM wheat?

By 26 June 2011

CSIRO announced days ago that they are growing GM wheat in the ACT, and that they will judge whether it’s fit for human trials in less than two years, e.g. nowhere near enough time to gauge health ill-effects.
Once upon a time this sort of issue was core Green.
At federal level you rarely hear [...]

Anyone know of a progressive Catholic priest?

By 14 February 2011

catholic church, progressive church, baptism choice

ACT Government can’t run a dump

By 29 December 2010

I’ve just been to the dump at Mitchell – absolute chaos. The green waste facility is closed, so there are people lining up to reluctantly dump green waste. People are piling their rubbish outside the dump itself, as there is none of the usual clearing machinery in action. I wish I had taken my camera! [...]

When A. “Hates History, Hates Gardens” Barr and Jon Stanhope next cosy up to the Snows

By 4 December 2010

Very interesting insight into Terry Snow’s mentality arrived with the Canberra Times this morning – and it’s something we should store for future reference.
Rather than being a device to protect pedestrians from being harmed by cars, pedestrian crossings merely “hold up drivers”, according to the Snows’ airport insert, and the nuisance need for pedestrian [...]

A plug for a good sound non-bank

By 11 November 2010

And no, not the Bendigo.
This isn’t a paid plug! With all the talk of housing affordability and financial advisers, I thought I’d tell fellow Rioters they can get a loan in Canberra from the Newcastle Permanent Building Society.
I’ve had a good experience with them. Very professional outfit, much bigger than you would expect, [...]

Local author Alan Gould missed out on PM’s Lit Award

By 9 November 2010

Lyneham resident Alan Gould’s The Lake Woman was shortlisted but missed out on the $100,000 Fiction prize (one of four prizes totaling a very generous $400,000) according to
SMH coverage quotes Simon Crean but no quote from the Prime Minister herself and no media release from the PM on the website. This year’s recipients [...]

Remembering Joe Cinque

By 26 October 2010

Let’s not forget that 13 years ago tomorrow, in a duplex in Antill St Downer/Dickson, student Joe Cinque died at the hands of criminal narcissist law student Anu Singh – who got away scot free and failed to take responsibility to any degree.
Joe Cinque’s parents in Newcastle would probably like to know that Canberra [...]

Did I hear right? Stanhope defending the pokies …

By 4 September 2010

I couldn’t believe my ears this morning – on 666, Stanhope – I’ve never heard him so animated! – on the topic of pokies.
He committed to defending the clubs and their pokies to the hilt.
Now, I have an issue with the argument that “community groups and clubs will suffer if we regulate the [...]

The amazing ex de medici – exhibition at AWM

By 30 July 2010

Superb local artist ex de medici (Midnight Oil portrait in the NPG) has an exhibition on show at the War Memorial from 3 September, about a stint with soldiers in the Solomon Islands.
An item in the Australian says that, even though a major celebrity in the art world, she refuses to be photographed, or reveal [...]

Mike Kelly needs to rethink his slogan … ?

By 21 July 2010

On the telly just then, Mike Kelly’s slogan:
“Keep Kelly Working”.
I think it’s a shocker – as though the objective of your local member is to stay in work his or herself! Sense of entitlement much?

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