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Come out! Come out! Wherever you are… Candidate Expose Thyself

By 28 September 2008

I have finally finished (updates, omissions and exclusions excepted) compiling my detailed list of candidates for the documentation website.
I started building this list with the announcement of the earliest preselections this year and have slowly but surely built up a fairly comprehensive database of how a candidate can be contacted and viewed via the [...]

Liberals have a moan and bitch because they can’t get their own act together after 4 years of sittings

By 27 August 2008

ABC News Online is reporting that the Liberals are unhappy that Standing Orders in the Assembly were suspended and thus unable to introduce five private members bills.
Whilst the use of majority government to shut down debate or any assembly proceedings is in itself a travesty of democracy, but in this case the Liberals really do [...]

The effects of the Alcopops tax (Family Planning in Gungahlin)

By 24 August 2008
The effects of the Alcopops tax (Family Planning in Gungahlin)

Individuals may prefer to consume “Alcopops” because it offers them convenience, the ability to accurately control their alcohol intake, and provides a level of safety from the dangers of drink spiking.
Yet the Federal government chooses to penalize these drinkers and possibly drive them to consume bottle based spirits and mixers where they do not potentially [...]

Welcome to Ngunnawal, Ngamberri or Wiradjuri Country/Nation? (Now with added Ngambri Kamberri)

By 17 August 2008

Back in December 2005 I posted this story: Canberra: Welcome to Ngunnawal, Ngamberri or Wiradjuri Country/Nation?
Over on “The Word” (a similar sort of local user contributed news site to the RiotACT – but in a somewhat different class altogether, being far more refined when it comes to individuals slagging off at each other [ED - [...]

Central Cafe (Gungahlin) – first impressions

By 11 August 2008
Central Cafe (Gungahlin) - first impressions

My first introduction to the original Central Cafe in Queanbeyan was many years ago where I was left awestruck by their “Coca-Cola” inspired logo, the red velour wallpaper, team photos of the then Woodgers Raiders adorning the walls and of course the legendary “Mixed Grill“.
Since those early days the Central Cafe in Queanbeyan has [...]

The Minister “Never Responsible” once again sheds responsibility – this time the Powerstation HIA

By 9 August 2008

The ABC News Online is reporting that the Health Minister, Katy Gallagher has disbanded the Health Impact Assessment that was being undertaken into the Tuggeranong Data Centre and Gas Fired Power Station.
The former chair of the steering group has expressed concerns as to what will happen with the research that has already been done. An [...]

NT & WA elections, a portent of the ACT election outcome?

By 8 August 2008
NT & WA elections, a portent of the ACT election outcome?

Both local major parties will be keenly watching and ultimately picking over the bones of both the Northern Territory election tomorrow and Western Australian election on 6 September.
Whilst it is a (very) long bow to draw that elections at opposite ends of the country from the ACT could be predictors of the local outcomes, there [...]

Who wins the trophy for being our laziest MLA?

By 7 August 2008
Who wins the trophy for being our laziest MLA?

WIN News had this little gem buried in one of its news stories on Tuesday, 5th August 2008.
These two charts indicate the total number of representations made by each MLA on behalf of the community / constituents during the current Assembly term (i.e. since the 2004 election). According to WIN news the figures for cabinet [...]

Nepotism – Thriving in the ACT Legislative Assembly

By 5 August 2008
Nepotism - Thriving in the ACT Legislative Assembly

Retiring ACT Legislative Assembly Speaker, Wayne Berry was on the ABC 666 news this afternoon lamenting and indicating that it is embarrassing that nepotism is very much alive, well and thriving within the ACT Legislative Assembly. (nothing on the ABC website yet)
Wayne is the Presiding member of the Standing Committee on Administration and Procedures. Apparently [...]

Meet your Minister – Community Cabinet Session (Gungahlin) – 4 August 2008

By 29 July 2008
Meet your Minister - Community Cabinet Session (Gungahlin) - 4 August 2008

[ 4 August 2008 at 3:30 pm; ] Just in time to coincide with the recent announcement and sudden Renaissance in “nouvelle vogue” community consultation, the ACT Ministers are holding a Community Cabinet session in Gungahlin this coming Monday 4th August 2008 (Gungahlin Community Resource Centre, 47 Ernst Cavanagh Street).

Naturally it is occurring at a time that is deliberately awkward for individuals [...]

Idiots driving dangerously past accidents (Southern Cross Drive and Chave Street)

By 24 July 2008
Idiots driving dangerously past accidents (Southern Cross Drive and Chave Street)

I was heading Eastbound on Southern Cross Drive just before 6pm this evening (23rd July) and saw the aftermath of what appeared to be a single car accident on the other side of the road (Westbound) – this was the intersection of Southern Cross Drive and Chave Street (Holt)
What had caught my eye was a [...]

The things you find out from Facebook… (Former party) the ACT Democrats running candidates

By 22 July 2008

I’ve been trying to keep tabs on who will be who in the political zoo and it appears that the (Former party) ACT Democrats have preselected some candidates for the upcoming ACT Election:

Darren Churchill – Ginninderra
Marilyn Key Dennis – Ginninderra
Grag Tannahill – Molonglo 

I can’t see any reference to any other Democrat candidates at this stage. I [...]

ACT Labor cull two election candidates

By 15 July 2008

The ABC News Online is reporting the two Labor candidates have pulled out:

Pascal Leahy in Ginninderra
Rececca Cody in Brindabella

This brings the number of candidates on the ticket in each of those two electorates back to the numbers of seats up for grabs (i.e. 5 each).
I had heard from sources close to Ms. Cody that it [...]

Gungahlin Community Council – July meeting – Guest: Canberra Times’ Peter Martin

By 8 July 2008

[ 9 July 2008 at 7:30 pm; ] The July GCC meeting will be held on Wednesday 9 July.In attendance will be Peter Martin, the economics editor from the Canberra Times.

Peter has agreed to act as facilitator for our Meet the Candidates night on 8 October. This meeting we will be planning how we run the meeting to ensure fair treatment for all candidates and opportunity [...]

New DFO Fyshwick will make airport seem “Brand Depleted”

By 5 July 2008
New DFO Fyshwick will make airport seem

I was made aware of the floorplan (download link) for the new DFO at Fyshwick. It appears that the new DFO complex will have MANY recognised brand name shops and outlets.
I feel somewhat sorry for any (struggling) operators that are locked in to long leases out at the airport as the new DFO complex with its diversity will certainly appear a [...]

Music Video: “This Town Is Your Town”

By 25 June 2008

Music Video: “This Town Is Your Town” from Jonathon Reynolds on Vimeo.
I was fortunate enough to be invited to the studio recording session of “This Town Is Your Town”, a new rendition of a classic Woody Guthrie tune with new lyrics specially written by Ian MacDougall for the launch of the Community Alliance Party. This [...]

Community Alliance Party Launch Event – 7:30pm Thursday 12 June 2008

By 12 June 2008

[ 12 June 2008 at 5:30 pm; ] The Community Alliance Party are having their official launch tonight at the Albert Hall.

They have put an open invitation up on their website with the event starting at 19:30 this evening (Thursday)

 Their guest speakers are:

Tony Powell AO – former Commissioner for the NCDC
Dr. Jenny Stewart – associate Professor of Public Policy at University of Canberra

Their MC is [...]

Gungahlin Town Centre Planning Study – Drop-in Session 27 May 2008

By 26 May 2008

[ 27 May 2008 at 6:00 pm; ] I was forwarded a copy of the attached email which may be of interest to Gungahlin residents:



Dear sir/madam,

The ACT Planning and Land Authority is conducting a study to identify and address key planning, transport and urban design issues in the Gungahlin Town Centre. The study intends to review commercial and community [...]

Possible solutions to vehicle based fuel theft

By 23 May 2008

Back on the 13th May 2008, the Canberra Times ran an article about the fuel theft that has started to occur as a result of number-plates being stolen from cars. Obviously a number plate can be removed from a car even if you use tamper proof screws (if you are determined enough you would just jemmy the plate [...]

Kangaroo Protesters – Their opinions in their own words

By 22 May 2008

I went out to the Lawson Naval Base this afternoon to have a chat with and video the protesters that have set up a vigil outside the main gate.I allowed the people I spoke with to express their opinions in their own words without the usual editing that occurs when a media grab is taken [...]


By 1 May 2008

 The “Canberra Votes” website (  is a personal project in which I will attempting to document (on the public record) issues that appear to be of concern to the community in the lead up to the ACT Election in 2008.
Rather than competing with RiotACT and main-stream media, I believe that the “Canberra Votes” site can be [...]

$850,000 set aside to investigate an alternative for the Mugga Lane tip site

By 28 April 2008

The ABC News Online has a story that the ACT Government are about to investigate a new land fill site to replace the Mugga Lane tip. John Hargreaves was interviewed this morning on ABC 666 and he let slip that there would be $850,000 allocated in the upcoming budget for the consultancy to investigate an alternative [...]

Canberra Airport’s “law unto themselves” approach to cease?

By 10 April 2008

Today (10 April 2008), Infrastructure Australia announced the commencement of the process to develop a National Aviation Policy Statement. Apparently the National Aviation Policy Statement will provide greater planning and investment certainty for the industry and provide clear commitments for users of aviation services and communities affected by aviation activity. So it appears the days where Canberra [...]

SGS blog pronounced dead – 11:31pm, Wednesday 9th April, 2008

By 10 April 2008

It is official, Samuel Gordon Stewart’s blog has officially ceased.
[Ed. Johnboy has written up a wonderful eulogy over on the Concat.]

Public Meeting – Gungahlin Community Council – Wednesday 9th April, 2008

By 7 April 2008

[ 9 April 2008 at 7:30 pm; ] The April GCC meeting will be held on Wednesday 9 April 2008. The venue is the Palmerston Community Centre, next to the Palmerston shops, Tiptree Crescent. Meetings are held the on second Wednesday of every month (except January) starting at 19:30. Here’s a map of the meeting location.  At this months meeting:        David Dawes, Deputy Chief Executive – Business and [...]

Proposal for Belconnen naval station to become a Roo-seum?

By 2 April 2008

At first I wasn’t sure whether or not this was actually a April Fools article printed a day late… but the Canberra Times Online has an article proposing that the naval station at Belconnen should become a tourist attraction serving several purposes:
(a) preserving the historic naval station as a museum,
(b) providing a tourist attraction targeting Asian [...]

ACT Light Rail Public Meeting – April 3rd, 2008

By 31 March 2008
ACT Light Rail Public Meeting - April 3rd, 2008

[ 3 April 2008 at 6:30 pm; ] The next public meeting of ACT Light Rail will be held Thursday 3rd April 2008 (18:30-19:30).This meeting will be held at the Belconnen Community Centre, Swanson Court, Belconnen (view map).  For more information about the campaign for Light Rail in the ACT please see our comprehensive website at

New cryptic road safety signs

By 7 February 2008

Yesterday, John Hargreaves, ACT Minister for Territorial and Municipal Services (an individual who is no stranger himself to road safety issues and the possible consequences of drink driving), proudly announced that a series of 30 new road safety signs are being installed around Canberra. 
Whilst I agree with raising general awareness on road safety, two of the new [...]

Another attempt at re-development for the Canberra Brickworks

By 7 February 2008

It looks like the ACT Government are going to have yet another crack at proposals for redeveloping the Yarralumla Brickworks for a mixture of residential and tourist uses. (At time of writing no articles online with the ABC or Canberra Times to cross-reference).
The brickworks have had a long and distinguished past as an integral part [...]

Video of Andrew Barr MLA @ GCC December 12th meeting

By 14 December 2007

On Wednesday December 12, 2007 – Mr. Andrew Barr MLA (Minister for Education and Training, Industrial Relations, Planning, Tourism, Sport and Recreation) was our guest speaker and presented to the Gungahlin Community Council December meeting.
The presentation ran for approximately 70 minutes (including questions from the floor). We have broken down the entire video in to [...]

The Airport upgrading to do what an Airport is actually supposed to do

By 7 December 2007

For once there is some positive news of upgrades at Canberra (International) Airport, that I actually don’t have any philosophical objection to, that is an upgrade more akin to the core business that airports really should be really be engaging in – i.e. moving passengers.
ABC Online is reporting here that the CIA is proposing major [...]

Snow Town (Canberra Airport) prepping for even more growth.

By 28 November 2007

It appears that Canberra Airport is preparing to go 24/7 as a regional freight hub based on an article in the Canberra Times and copies of the CIA Masterplan.
According to the CT article: “Australia’s largest airport and primary freight destination, Sydney Airport, is constrained by an overnight curfew and is reaching capacity, prompting Canberra Airport [...]

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