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Ask RiotACT: How much are parking fines in Canberra?

Ask RiotACT: How much are parking fines in Canberra?

I would’ve thought there’d be a list published somewhere listing the penalties for various infringements but I can’t seem to find this.
How do they determine how much you are charged?

Will Canberra rent prices fall in the next year or so?

By 23 January 2012

I’ve noticed that there are a lot of new apartments springing up all around Canberra. Seen heaps in Bruce but in the city, in tuggeranong, in Dickson, there just seems to be new apartment blocks being built.
There’s also like 5 new suburbs in Gungalin and also the new Molongo suburbs.
Surely, Canberra’s population can’t be growing [...]

Has the rental market gotten better?

By 11 September 2011

So in a few months, I think I will need to be looking for another rental property to live in. I’ve lived in the same place for the past few years and unfortunately the owners want to move back in.
It was really cut throat trying to secure a rental property last time. I was wondering, [...]

Less shuttle buses to the airport?

By 20 July 2011

I generally take the shuttle to the airport from the city if I have to fly out for the weekend.
Just checked today on the website and I swear there used to be like a bus every half hour or hour.
Now there’s only 5 buses each way per day.
So what’s the deal? Less people using the [...]

Is there any point in getting a real estate agent to sell your house in Canberra?

By 27 May 2011

AllHomes has a [virtual] monopoly so all real estate agents list through them anyway.
There is heavy demand for houses. I’ve been to a number of house inspections and essentially, the agent is just there to open up the door and let people through.
It doesn’t sound awfully hard, and some of the agents I’ve [...]

How do retail businesses survive when the rent is so high?

By 16 May 2011
How do retail businesses survive when the rent is so high?

Has anyone got any experience with owning any retail businesses in Canberra?
I’ve just been curious because I’ve been seeing a lot of vacancies all over Civic and Tuggeranong. So I looked up one of the ones up for lease, and I can’t believe how expensive they are!
For example, the old Dick Smith place is going [...]

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