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How hard is it to get help for addictions in Canberra?

By 6 March 2011

So I now alot are gonna jump the gun because I cannot post all details, so go ahead.
Anyway I have a son (1 of 4 sons and 1 of 5 kids) who has a drinking/pot problem.
Said son 21yo has had a few charges since he turned 18yo (on his 18th he was charged for damage to [...]

What’s the Quangers bit??

By 2 January 2011

I know it goes both ways…
Geesh most of people in Quangers in court on Mondays are from Oaks Estate (ACT) Majority of them came from ACT (still in ACT) just offended in Quangers.
Civic wanted them out,,,,give them Govvy housing in Oaks Estate and send them in Qbn for thier Methadone and free meals…Still ACT’s issue [...]

Double Disadvantage

By 14 March 2009

I see lots of Gubby agencies advertise jobs,,and state they employ a diversity of people….(including race, age and disabled) BUT when did you last come upfront with a disabled person????????
The Gubby offers extra money ect apparently for businesses to hire disabled people,,but where is that??
If you ring the Tax office you get some  person (asian) [...]

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