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Organic food delivery in Canberra

By 21 November 2010

Hi, im looking for organic home food delivery in Canberra.
I’m aware of griffith shops and globalonlineorganics, anyone know of any more?

Fragrance Free Workplace in Canberra?

By 24 September 2010

I know its a long shot and will probably just attract derision from some of you lot but worth a shot.. does anyone know of any fragrance free workplaces in canberra?
As in, workplaces where there is a policy of no fragrance. I get migranes from the chemicals in perfumes etc which makes it hard [...]

Good Saunas in Canberra?

By 24 August 2010

Has anyone found a good Sauna in Canberra?
Northside would be ideal but anywhere is fine.
I can’t find much by way of google! thank you

APS contract dilema?

By 18 July 2010

Hi all, I have an urgent need to move jobs and I wont go into why that is. I’m looking into entering the public service and have an interview next week. However I’m concered that if successful it could possibly take months to find out and for the position to commence. Is that accurate? Due [...]

Doctor who treats multiple chemical sensitivity/ envrionmental illness

By 24 May 2010

Hi, as the heading would suggest, I’m looking for a doctor in Canberra who treats multiple chemical senstivites.
Can anyone help?
I’m aware of Jonathan Turtle but hes usually booked out for 6 months or more!

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