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Gas bill problem

By 16 August 2014 HEADLINE ARTICLE
Gas bill problem

Hey all, long time reader but first time poster looking for advice!
Today, I received a gas bill for the amount of $4000.00! It was quite a shock because since I moved into the property, I haven’t received a single gas bill. I moved into the property around 3 years ago and when I moved in, [...]

Buying a car from interstatw

By 22 February 2013

Hello everyone, I want to buy a car from NSW (Sydney to be exact). I was just wondering how different it is than just buying one from the ACT. Do I just transfer the rego?

Golf shirt, glove and hat in Canberra?

By 16 December 2011

Hey everyone, so some of my mates are doing a pub crawl in Sydney dressed in golf outfits.
Does anyone know where I can get a cheap shirt, glove and hat?
I don’t play golf so I don’t wan to pay hundreds for some clothing that I will wear once.
Any help is appreciated.

Online Registration Renewal in Canberra?

By 8 October 2011

Hey guys, I went down to the coast this week and forgot to renew my registration before I left.
I did it as soon as I got home (online) and I was wondering if I was fine to drive or do I have to wait for that sticker to arrive?

Best personal trainer?

By 15 August 2011

Hey guys, I want to gain some muscle and tone up a little and was wondering which personal trainer you guys recommend?
Best one for price/value. Thanks.

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