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Soulfood Kitchen – a review


Friday nights can sometimes leave one wondering what to cook for dinner. It’s the end of the week, you’re tired, don’t want to make a big fuss in the kitchen, but need to feed a hungry family who might not be happy with my choice of an lowly omelette. That was just the case in [...]

Costs for tiler

By 18 February 2014

We are in the process of looking for a tiler and have thus far had one quote from a guy recommended by Blackrock tiles (who were great) where we are purchasing our tiles from.
The tiles will be laid over under-tile heating which may complicate the job slightly, although I gather not that much. The chap [...]

Dentist recommendations – Tuggeranong area

By 12 February 2014

Master Cholet and I need to go to the dentist. Been a while for me for many reasons which don’t stand up to much scrutiny, and for Master Cholet, well it’s time that he got into the swing of having his gnashers checked out on a regular basis – we tried a few times when [...]

Bean and Grain been and gone

By 22 September 2013

Does anyone know what exactly happened to Bean & Grain at Fyshwick? It’s been closed for a few weeks now with a note on the door that says something to the effect that they ‘won’t be open this week…’.
They seemed to do a roaring trade, and I know from looking at Twitter that they [...]

Bad Cafe

By 22 July 2013

Unfortunately we happened to find ourselves in Woden today, right about the time that Mr Nearly Five was getting hungry. We decided that we would have a hot chocolate at a cafe in the Westfield. We ordered two hot chocolates, a kids milkshake ($5) and a plain ham and cheese untoasted sandwich ($13). The kids [...]

Blockbuster exhibition at blockbuster prices

By 15 July 2013

Being footloose and fancy free at the weekend a friend and I agreed to have an afternoon out at the latest blockbuster exhibition at the National Gallery. I’m a regular at these things – getting my fill of travelling culture that I may never get the chance to see again.
Anyhow, my thirst for culture [...]

40 Zones on London Circuit?

By 5 July 2013

My office is in the AMP building, just off London Circuit. Recently as we know the 40 zones have been implemented on London Circuit, but I notice that on trying to cross University Avenue on the mornings that I take the bus to work, that just about all cars going past the police station are [...]

Action packed

By 9 February 2013

I follow Action buses on Twitter, not so I can be riveted by exciting bus news, but so i can find out if my bus has been cancelled or is late for some reason. I get the bus two days a week.
Over the past few days my family has been affected by some cancellations, and [...]

Canberra from the ISS

By 23 January 2013 FEATURED ARTICLE
Canberra from the ISS

Saw this tweet from Commander Hadfield up in the International Space Station.
Cmdr_Hadfield Chris Hadfield
Canberra, capital of Australia. If you zoom in you can see the circle around Parliament House.
I can’t see the road he’s talking about, but I located LBG.

My contribution to the pictures of fires

By 13 January 2013

I took this little snap while I was floating around on the space station.
Well, not me obviously, but Commander Hadfield in the space station.
He tweets his pics back down to us earthlings – and they are sometimes of little old Australia.

Speeding a surprise to the ACT police

By 3 January 2013

Just saw a tweet from ABC News in Canberra that indicated that whilst the ACT remained fatality free, the local constabulary are alarmed at the number of drivers caught speeding over the festive period. 155 drivers were caught for speeding offences on our roads this Christmas. 155 speeding idiots will be the victim of the [...]

Eftpos ridiculousness

By 28 December 2012

Monsieur Cholet decided that we should take Master Cholet to do a spot of swimming on Boxing Day. We decided to give Woden pool a try for the first time, seeing as Erindale was closed and Tuggeranong centre never looks like it gets the once over with a wet cloth.
Had no cash on us, so [...]

Pre-school enrolment shenanigans

By 29 October 2012

I enrolled young Master Cholet at Isabella Pre-School earlier this year. Thankfully the little tyke has been accepted and is very much looking forward to being a big boy at big school. At this stage he attends a fabulous long daycare facility that does also provide pre-school education for his age group – but at [...]

Change to speed limit on Monaro Hwy

By 6 September 2012

Going southbound on the Monaro today I noted that the speed limit as you come off of the bridge over the Molonglo that the speed limit now goes from 60 to 90, and not 80.
I also noticed that going through the newly opened southbound section of the highway across Fyshwick, that the speed limit [...]

Best hot chocolate in Canberra?

By 15 July 2012

We’ve had numerous posts on coffee… as it is winter, wondered where the best place to get hot chocolate is?
Had a good one today at Urban Pantry in Manuka – made using real chocolate instead of the powdered form.
I do not have a sweet tooth at all, but found this one to be [...]

Glorious Tuggeranong. Images of Canberra

By 17 May 2012
Glorious Tuggeranong. Images of Canberra

Out and about with the little bloke yesterday and stopped by Tuggers Town Park.
Took this picture.
A gloriously sunny afternoon, peace and quiet, autumn colours, and a friendly swan – couldn’t ask for more.
[Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it in to ]

Craig Ferguson apologises

Craig Ferguson apologises

It appears that Canberra’s ire is still causing waves in the US, where Craig Ferguson has now apologised for his remarks made in conversation with Guy Pearce.
In a new conversation with Toni Collette, he baulked at the idea of visiting Australia due to our current hatred of him.
He feels that Australians have a [...]

New opening for weather presenter

By 27 April 2012

Just reminded by the radio presenter that Mark Carmody leaves ABC weather today. Some may cheer and some may actually miss him, but who will replace him?
And what will his final button-hole be?
I reminded Monsieur Cholet just yesterday that back in the day, Morrissey (from The Smiths, not the fashion designer), used to [...]

Psyched out on the bus

By 24 April 2012

I had to share the experience I had on the bus this morning….it’s a first world type of problem and I seek your forgiveness in advance for even bringing it up.
There I was, on the number 111 on my way to work. Just approaching Woden town centre, about two or three stops away when we [...]

Anyone know where I can find cotechino in Canberra?

By 21 April 2012

Planning the weeks meals and came across what looked like a really yummy recipe that uses cotechino.
Thought I’d just mosey up to Fyshwick markets and pick some up at one of the deli’s. The closest I got was a wait of two weeks.
I could use italian sausages instead, however I’d like to give [...]

Ronald McDonald House for Canberra

By 9 February 2012

Getting my annual fix of McDonalds today in the new outlet and noticed that they are building a new Ronald McDonald House as part of the new Women and Childrens Hospital.
They are advertising a gala ball in order to raise a million dollars. The raffle prize is an Audi A5 woth $100k – and you [...]

666 Radio – is it all just inanities?

By 16 January 2012

I’ll get this out of the way early…I’m a listener to ABC Radio – namely our local 666. I listen to it in the car and in my office at work – it’s background noise and I tune in and out depending on what I’m doing at the time. I really appreciate the local angle. [...]

Lamenting the lack of decent places to take kids in Canberra, and wanting to maybe change that…

By 22 November 2011

It has long occurred to me that Canberra has a distinct lack of places where you can take your young’uns at the weekend – and by that I mean a place where kids can have:

a bit of freedom to run around safely,
decent, challenging, safe and non-vandalised play equipment 
decent healthy affordable food
insode activities for rainy/wintery days

and where [...]

Teaching in the ACT. Do we have a rotation policy?

By 17 August 2011

Having a conversation with my younger brother today about whether he and his wife should come and live in the ACT or surrounds, (from Sydney), to enable them to more easily afford a house/apartment.
Having discussed this with him many times before, I am familiar with some of the reasons as to why they can’t. The [...]

Building an extension in Canberra?

By 2 August 2011

I know this has been asked many times on RA before, but we are thinking of adding an extension to our house – one room that will be about 32 square metres.
Having some differences with Mr Cholet on how much we each think we will need to spend.
I note that in a previous post [...]

Action buses filling up?

By 9 June 2011

A couple of times a week I catch the number 111 bus from Calwell to the city. In times past, this bus was not what you would call packed.
Yes, all the seats would be occupied by the time you were close to the city and maybe even by Woden, but it was not full [...]

Gardener wanted?

By 20 September 2010

Over the last two years my Mr Cholet and I have become woeful at keeping our garden tidy, partlydue to throwing a small child into the mix, but mainly because we are probably just too pooped to fit in a good days gardening at the weekend. In the last few weeks because of the rain [...]

Oven cleaning in Canberra?

By 2 September 2010

Does anyone know of anyone offering an oven cleaning service in Canberra? There are many organisations in Sydney, but nothing that I could find in Canberra. I would prefer it to be chemical free, although would consider any organisation offering the service really.
I wont say I don’t have time to do it because that would [...]

What to do with barking dogs in Canberra?

By 16 July 2010

We live next door to a rented property that is tenanted by two blokes with a large dog. The problem we are having is that when said blokes decide to go to the pub after work and not come home for hours the dog barks. And barks, and barks, and barks.
Basically, until someone gets home [...]

Canberra Spanish Club

By 6 June 2010

Recently I have noticed some signs out near the Spanish Club in Narrabundah advertising Les Tapas restaurant/cafe, primarily it seems selling $15 Schnitzels, (I know, not very spanish). I have often wondered what the Spanish Club is like but have never been able to find any info on it – no website or written info [...]

California dreaming

By 23 April 2010

I have been searching for sometime now to find Californian wines being retailed in Canberra. To date I have had absolutely no luck, apart from a few bottles of fairly expensive stuff at Vintage Cellars. We have been glugging away at French, Italian, German, Chilean, and even a French wine that was apparently the mother [...]

Burnt out car dumped Calwell playing fields

By 20 April 2010

Whilst walking my dog on Sunday afternoon around Calwell playing fields, I noticed, (couldn’t miss it really), a burnt out car dumped on the Tharwa Drive side of the fields. It was so badly damaged that it took me a while to work out what kind of car it was. I think it was a [...]

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