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Keep Calm and OMG SKYWHALE

By 4 June, 2013

Bring on the Skywhale merchandise…
I hope this meme isn’t too dead to benefit from a little Skywhale love…

Seagull shake in Commonwealth Place

By 7 February, 2013

This is how I spent my lunchtime yesterday – with a central Canberra view of seagulls shakin’ their ass…
and some blurry public servants getting fit while I sat behind the camera on the lake’s edge in the sun…

ClickAID, playing games to save the world

By 23 October, 2012

I am working on a new concept – a game platform that will channel funds to charities.
ClickAid is a Micro-transaction Game System that is designed to provide real world aid, as well as achievements and pretty things to share on Social networks.
Users create a cute personalised avatar to engage in various Aid related activities around [...]

Canberra Photowalk for the Google+ 1st Anniversary

By 2 July, 2012

…As if we needed a reason to be next to the lake at 7am, on an unseasonably pleasant (if you were wearing Damart gloves or your Granddad’s cardigan) Saturday morning.
We assembled to take part in a global Google+ 1st anniversary photowalk. The global nature of the event seems to have fizzled out before the sun [...]

More new public art – Theodore style

By 18 April, 2012

I came across the newest addition to the plethora of taxpayer funded public art installations bestowed upon the unwary populace of Canberra yesterday.
For once I think the Gov has got it right – it really captures the spirit of Theodore – and represents the spirit of the southern suburbs beautifully.


The long and rambling tale of the thieves whom ‘adopted’ my bike…

By 8 February, 2011

a story about my bike and how someone pinched it and some more stuff…


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