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Zeffirelli – vale the lost, or soon to return?

By 14 February 2014

Hi all,
Now, I know there will be many views on the merits of the food or the hiring policies, or the link to the Copa, but that aside….
Does anyone know what is happening with the last of the Zeffirelli restaurants, Belconnen?
The windows are covered over, the phone is disconnected, and the seating is all outside [...]

Southside kids playground?

By 14 November 2013

Hi guys,
Northsider heading South, looking for a Kids Indoor playground in the Tuggeranong area. Does such a beast exist?

Camping Gungahlin Style?

By 9 September 2013

Anyone know what the deal is with the guy in Gungahlin who’s parked his van up on Kate Crace Street and set up a tent?
Has been there since Friday?

Sweet Tooth Mapping in Canberra?

By 5 August 2013

Righto hive mind, I’m hunting three items and am hoping some of you will be able to point me in the right direction.
Item 1 – Cannoli. So far, I’ve been able to find them at Tusmo, in Forde, but only occasionally and sometimes only in the soft-shell variety, which don’t count as [...]

Gungahlin Drive holdups?

By 21 May 2013

Anyone know what the deal is with Gungahlin Drive between Well Station Drive and Sandford Street citybound? There’s been a few mornings this week where its gotten to be like there is a bottleneck like there was when the GDE was one lane – only once you crawl to the lights at Sandford Street, [...]

Corin Forest?

By 30 January 2013

Is Corin Forest Closed?
Both their own website and the ACT Govt’s “Visit Canberra” page state it should be open from 10-4 public holidays, but we drove out there for the first time yesterday and it was closed.
I feel I missed something…

Ngunnawal Shops Open Space?

By 5 December 2012

Looking for a tweet about what the work on the playground at the Platypus shops was, I came across this odd tweet from the ACT Economic Development Directorate.
Economic Development ?
Block 18 Section 44 Ngunnawal consultation open #Canberra #haveyoursay
The link shows that it is a consultation for the parkland next to the carpark at the [...]

Christmas Lights 2012

By 28 November 2012

With even the most staunch “it’s too early” objector having to can it come the weekend because its December, it’s time to start the thread for 2012.
I have a nearly two year old now, that’s a good enough excuse for me to get out and go look at other people’s lights without needing [...]

Anyone know where this intersection is?

By 5 June 2012

From Twitter
off ramp from Ginninderra Drive onto Belconnen Way, vehicle collision. Road not blocked but is causing a hazard. Drive carefully
— ACTPol_Traffic (@ACTPol_Traffic) June 5, 2012

Joey’s Kitchen, Watson: Review

By 30 April 2012

Disclosure: Reviewer is a paid RiotAct subscriber, and as luck would have it was therefore eligible for a draw to win a $100 voucher to dine at Joey’s Kitchen. Many thanks to current and former RiotAct staff, Tim and Rachel, for helping me out with re-emailing that voucher, after I failed to print it [...]

RiotAct AFL Dream Team League

By 27 March 2012

I’m surprised with the number of people prepared to offer up an opinion on the prospects of GWS on here that someone hasn’t done this already, but I’ve started an AFL Dream Team League for RiotAct followers to compete in.
League Code is 728447, League Name “The RiotAct Rabble”.
Post a reply here if it fills up [...]

Canberra’s flagpole? Or a national symbol?

By 25 January 2012

Back where I originate from, some community minded types have decided to redesign the local clock tower.
Putting aside the rest of the aesthetics of LED screens and what have you, they have proposed to drop a flagpole on the top that looks like a miniature version of the one we have atop Parliament House.
Does this [...]

Kids Play Centre @ Gold Creek Country Club

By 2 October 2011

Anyone in the know as to what the building going in at the Gold Creek Country Club is?
Big white thing next to the Tennis courts backing on to Curran Drive.
At first my wife and I had assumed it was either club lime moving to somewhere less cramped, or an indoor tennis [...]

Recommendations – Gungahlin Childcare – Part Time

By 1 July 2011

Ask Riotact – Childcare, Northside.

More Driver Bastardry on the GDE

By 25 March 2011

I’ve had a grumble in the past about drivers on the GDE who see the queue in the right hand lane between Mitchell and the Barton Highway overpass and so switch to the left hand lane, so as to pass a few cars and shove their way in further up the line at the merge [...]

Gungahlin – Pizza Capital

By 24 February 2011

Just how many Pizza stores can one area support?

OurTel – Aggressive Telemarketing

By 22 February 2011

Anyone else had these guys push you around?

Yet another Roadworks [and GDE] Post

By 15 November 2010

View Larger Map
Has anyone else wondered (or can anyone explain) why it is that on our great and glorious single lane GDE, in the section between Belconnen Way and Gininderra Drive, time was taken (and money spent) to put in some small “garden beds” of bushes and little trees in the middle section between the [...]

Computer Upgrade Time – Locals? Market?

By 12 August 2010

Having seen warnings of scams on All Classifieds on RA before, I thought I’d ask if any of the readers had ever dealt with a seller I have found on there. They list their company name as A.I.Trilogy. I am looking at a Computer upgrade and a couple of theirs look appealing. [...]

ASIO Asbestos bound for West Belconen Tip

By 2 October 2009

Looks like the suggestion that this waste was heading for Murrumbateman or Tarago was wide of the mark, with the ABC now reporting that it’s heading for landfill in West Belconnen.

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