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Suggestions for a new concrete driveway?

By 2 November 2012

My old concrete driveway isn’t doing too well and its time to look at replacing it.
Its on a sloping land and probably needs ripping out before a new on is laid, I was originally going to break it up myself but perhaps I might include this in the quote.
Any suggestions or recommendations on people for [...]

How do I securely dispose of personal papers in Canberra?

By 9 October 2012

If I have a few boxes of old bank statements , tax and other financial documents is there a recommended way to dispose of these papers , I have a shredder but it is painfully slow and needs to cool down after a few dozen pages so a couple of boxes is going to take [...]

OEM inkjet cartridges in Canberra?

By 16 November 2011

I normally get my Epson Inkjet cartridges from the Computer fair but I forgot so I’m looking for somewhere in town which I can buy a compatible Epson inkjet cartridges.
Plenty of places sell the genuine version but do anyone sell OEM carts for Epson TX550W ?

Roof repointing in Canberra?

By 27 September 2011

I need some repairs to the roof as some of the grout and pointing is flaking away, so any suggestions on who to call or is it worth doing-it-yourself?
I did repair some of the the ridge titles but looks like some more work required and it might be quicker if a tradesman does it?

Solar panels maintenance or inspection?

By 17 June 2011

I’ve had my Solar panels for just over a year in  and wanted to check if there are any maintenance and/or reporting requirements?
Does the PV panels or inverter need some sort of regular inspection from ACTEW?
Also what sort of cleaning is needed on the actual panels, will some dust affect performance , how [...]


By 19 May 2011

I see in whirlpool there is some limited roll-out of VDSL2 which a 30Mb/10mb package posted on the TransACT site.
I can’t see any other official notice of when this will be available to all and more to the point where it will be available.
ie will all phase1 customers get the bump in speed? or just [...]

New driveway required

By 19 May 2011

Looking to replace my old driveway , as its being washed away by rain , and hard to stay on the existing driveway. I currently have an run of two concrete tracks with crushed brick in-between, and have found the rocks keep on getting washed down as its on a sloped path.
So any recommendations on [...]

How to deal with mice in the roof in Canberra?

By 11 May 2011

I’m hearing alot of mice noises in my roof, so just looking for some advice on how to deal with them.
Is mouse/rat baits the best method and which type and where do I put them?

Police incident on Streeton drive, Weston Creek?

By 6 June 2010

Just opposite the netball courts looks like some intense police activity, including CSI and police taped-off area.
So I’m assuming some recent activity?

loud explosion in Weston Creek

By 9 May 2010

Did anyone hear a loud explosion around 2am on Sunday morning around Rivett and Chapman?
Wondering what it was as it definitely didn’t sound like your typical firework.

still waiting for 7TWO digital channel

By 21 December 2009

it looks like we will have to wait for next year till we see the new 7TWO digital channel via Prime, so those of you who are fans of Heroes  and quiet a few other shows might have missed the boat, or maybe.
Looks like some good shows being broadcast on the new stations eg GO! [...]

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