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The tragic hearing for one of Mr Zhao’s murderers continues

By 1 November 2013

Sourced from The Canberra Times, it is interesting to see that the lovely Taylor Schmidt suffers from “substance abuse disorder, depression and adolescent conduct disorder.”
Isn’t that just psychiatrist talk for “loves taking drugs, is sad about being caught for killing a dude, and behaves like a shit during his adolescence?”
Perhaps many Riotacters could be diagnosed [...]

An orgy of gold fish

An orgy of gold fish

There is an interesting new addition to the Canberran public art scene erected at the Drakeford Drive / Marconi Crescent intersection in Kambah. I think it went up this morning.
Anyone got the foggiest what it is meant to be? My money is on gamboling gold fish.
[ED - if someone can send a picture in [...]

Good string instrument valuations, service?

By 9 January 2012

Good evening, rabble,
I have a 4/4 ‘cello that needs to be valued and given a quick “service” to ensure it is in good working order: sound post, bridge position, check for any cracks, check tone is still up to scratch etc.
Having done a search on RiotACT for “cello” I was unable to find a post [...]

Caterpillars monster my lemon tree.

Caterpillars monster my lemon tree.

This morning I performed my usual pee on the lemon tree in the backyard. As the bladder happily disgorged, I noticed a number of ferocious looking caterpillars munching away on the new leaves on the lemon tree.
There would have been at least 20, in different stages from 1cm long black tiddlers right up to the [...]

Massive Police presence last night, Civic.

By 30 November 2008

I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but Civic was swarming with Police last night.
It looked like there was a big breath testing thing going on: heaps of traffic pursuit cars, and a lot of breath testing stations too. People were getting pulled over everywhere! Did anyone here get breath tested? Anyone get caught drink [...]

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