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I am a southsider with 3 kids & 1 cat. I work in the IT industry and am here because it is fun...

Hidden Treasures

Hidden Treasures

Social media has the ability to inform us of technology, of places that we may never see and extend our reach from the local to the exciting foreign destination…
But social media also tips you off of places that you can explore in your own city or suburb. Taking a walk uncovers all sorts of surprises [...]


By 3 July 2014

Tonight, I got an invitation to an event in the city, a photographer’s exhibition being held at the Kaori Gallery, in Hobart Place. All very mysterious, as I usually don’t get asked to these events. Last one was several years ago.
The Artist is Geoffrey Dunn, and I have admired his contributions on social media for some [...]

Interesting Local Supermarket

By 11 February 2010

I was in Mawson the other day, and stopped in at the Swinger Hill shops. The Friendly Grocer is only new there, and I was surprised to find items on the shelf that I thought were only found in my home state of South Australia – yo-yo biscuits for one. When i mentioned this to [...]

Local Company grabs world attention with new innovation – The Datapod

By 2 September 2009

There is a small company in Canberra called Datapod. They have been making inroads into the ICT market here in Canberra by selling only one brand, APC, which specialises in Power and Cooling solutions for datacentres and all manner of power options for everyone else.
The guys at Datapod had an idea to make a datacentre portable [...]

Tourist confusion – How to get to Gungahlin from Belconnen when you are coming up to the Glenloch Interchange?

By 6 April 2009

Can anyone tell me how a tourist can head down the GDE after making a mistake and Driving toward the Glenloch interchange on William Hovell Drive?
Some friends were stumped, as there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to do it, and they balked at the black mountain carpark sign. Is that the best way to [...]

Philip John Goodrick: A Life Well-Lived: 1950-2008

By 7 January 2009

I have been asked by my family to bring this to the RiotAct readership’s attention.
In Late december, 2008, Phil Goodrick was taken from us. He was a great man, and I am sure that there would be several people that read RA who would have known him.
The family have asked that if you did know [...]

Has anyone noticed the new kids play centres popping up across town?

By 5 January 2009

Whilst on Holiday, we were looking for ways to entertain the kids. We went out to DFO, mainly so that I could see what the fuss was about.
There is a new Kids play area called “Monkey Mania” and it looks pretty good. We found that it was a bit steep in cost, around $35 for [...]

Carols in the Town park

By 22 December 2008

Yesterday was the Salvation Army’s Carols in the Town park, held at Lake Tuggeranong. It started at 5.00pm, but even with careful planning, i did not get there until 5.30pm.
There was a petting zoo, jumping castle, inflatable slide, face painting, music and ….. Santa!
Santa gave out bags of lollies – my kids were on a [...]

Newborn Intensive Care Unit Cruise for Charity

By 24 October 2008

[ 16 November 2008 at 11:00 am; ] I found this at my local servo, at the counter, didn’t know if anyone else had seen it…

When: Sunday 16th November

Where: Start at Phillip Ice Skating Rink car park, Irvine Street Phillip.

Finish at Cotter for a Snag Sizzle

Time: 11.00 am at Phillip, leaving there to cruise to Cotter at 12.00pm

1.00pm sizzle starts

Charity Cruise Stickers are [...]

Coles Online: Now delivering to canberra

By 3 October 2008

It has been a dream of mine to have an actual large competitor for Woolies homeshop in canberra, partly to create a bit of competition, but mostly to make woolies lift their game re quality of service.
Last night I received an email from Coles, letting me know that they are delivering to Kambah.
Awesome. Now we [...]

Canberra pets – Lizards, anyone?

By 26 September 2008

Recently, whilst looking for some info for my wife regarding a discussion about bird eating spiders (they do exist!), I found this website:
The owner has broken it up into 2 sites, live animal shows and the shop.  I couldn’t help it, I was curious, and wanted to see what live animals you can own [...]

The “New” Breed of door to door salesmen – where did they come from??

By 19 September 2008

Ok, I was very ill this week and had to stay home. Not telling you what it was, just not very well and very slow at typing. I am certain that I made a few mistakes when typing….
My wife took the kids out to the shops so as to avoid my continual moaning and complaining [...]

Canberra and Region Multiple Birth Association – Kid’s Christmas Party

By 9 September 2008

[ 23 November 2008; ] The Canberra and Region Multiple Birth Association Committee is seeking Sponsorship or donation of items or vouchers suitable for use as raffle prizes, for our annual Christmas party on Sunday the 23rd of November, 2008, at Corroboree Park, Ainslie.

We had a great party last year with more than 250 people and attractions including pony rides, [...]

“Exploring” in Canberra – any good tunnels / caves or other fun exploring areas?

By 4 September 2008

We have touched on Urbexing, Spelunking and other forms of Exploring in prior posts, what are some areas that are considered fun to check out and won’t result in us being shot / arrested / drowned?

Lunch function locations

By 2 September 2008

I have an event that I have been roped into am organising for an executive luncheon soon, where is a good place to hold a function these days? I would like the place to be good for parking, and decent food, as the managers from sydney are attending.
Anyone  been to a couple of places that [...]

Neighborhood Watch – where are they?

By 26 August 2008

Does anyone know where I can find info re the neighborhood watch contacts in certain areas? I have never seen a newsletter from them in my mailbox, and i have been living in my house for over 6 years now…
Or doesn’t Kambah have anyone?
[ED - I know of at least one Neighbourhood Watch group which [...]

The Gershon Report

By 18 August 2008

Has anyone been affected by the fine tooth comb of Peter Gershon yet?
I understand that he is looking at the inner workings of the Federal Government very closely, and is due to release a report on his findings very soon. Are there any departments starting to sweat yet?
From my industry perspective, we have seen a [...]

Where is the Accident report plane when you need them?

By 14 August 2008

As I left home this morning, tuning into 2CA, there weren’t any reports re any problems on the roads. when I got onto the parkway, surprise, surprise, there was a massive one. Funny thing is, there wasn’t even a mention by the “sky ranger” (or whatever they call him). Now, I can’t get the FM [...]

The Cotter Dam Enlargement – where will the Dam Wall stop, and what about the picnic area?

By 11 August 2008

I was watching the telly last night, and the ad for ACTEWAGL came on, talking about the need to increase the dam size. It takes a while to sink in with me, and I have watched this ad several times, but it only just made it through the “switch off – its an ad…”
Where will [...]

Traffic Behavior in Phillip

By 1 August 2008

How many people have to have an accident in Phillip before they work out which way the roads go?
Yesterday, someone tried to go up the one-way down road, and met a car coming the other way. There is a sign that says “no entry” but they tried to anyway. I have seen several accidents where [...]

Down Memory Lane

By 23 July 2008

We keep mentioning old pubs, clubs & restaurants in other threads.
Some examples of old pubs now gone, that i remember, are:
Platform 3 in tuggers hyperdome, before they got modern, they were a bikie bar.
Blind Beggars in Belco – 2nd last place after the friday night singles party night closed at the labor club.
Hungry Horse in [...]

House of Heroes in Phillip has closed!

By 21 July 2008

This may be of interest, House of Heroes has closed after 3-years. On the website, there is a rego form for interested parties regarding the new venture from the house of heroes team.
Here is their site:
This may not be of interest to all, but it was a place that I frequented for the latest [...]

Fossils, Gemstones and other interesting sites in canberra

By 17 July 2008

After putting in a few comments about lapidary (does not involve dancing) or as we like to be known, Rock Hounds, I was wondering if there were any sites that people know about in the Canberra region? Fossils have been mentioned in the Mugga Lane Zoo post, but what else is there around here? I [...]

Pedestrian Crossings – Pedestrian beware

By 9 July 2008

From my office window, I get to see one of the 2 pedestrian crossings on Townshend street in Phillip. I have seen all manner of accidents, near misses and closer encounters (that the pedestrians would wish for). My questions are:
How many people slow down for pedestrian crossings, or take the time to check that the [...]

Shop A Dockets & Politics

By 7 July 2008

has anyone seen the political party ads on the shop a dockets? don’t get me wrong, great idea, but most of the “readers” are looking for cheap holidays / free coffee etc.
where are we headed?
will ads for the upcoming election be printed on toilet paper next?
I for one would love to see that, but the [...]

The Hotel Realm

By 27 June 2008

I was at a business meeting last week at the Hotel Realm’s restaurant, the Konoba. I have never had such a great culinary experience, from the moment we walked in, we were treated as valued clients. The food was excellent, the staff were superb.
I recommend it to all – it is pricey, but nothing next [...]

Anyone know more about David Matthews – the (apparently) new ALP Candidate?

By 27 June 2008

just wondering, saw his ad last night on the TV, but don’t know him from a bar of soap – does anyone have any info about him?
He looks to be the same David Matthews that runs Crystal Approach. Can anyone enlighten me?

End of Financial Year – what is going on??

By 19 June 2008

Usually at this time of year, I am a neurovore – that is, I am living on my nerves. (Thank-you Terry Pratchett for putting a name to my condition, finally)
The end of Financial year is usually filled with many requests for quotation, orders must go out by the 30th etc, etc. (BTW, I am a [...]

Budget highlights 2008 – 2009 pamphlet

By 18 June 2008

I just received the pamphlet telling me what the ACT govt money is being spent on for the next financial year.
the best example is the literacy on the $2m duplication for athllon drive – ANKATELL Street, not Anketell Street.
read it, i urge you…

Surprising new charges at restaurants – and some oldies as well

By 16 June 2008

Talking to a mate today, he told me that he got slugged at a restaurant at a birthday party for the following charges:
Corkage – an oldie but still around
Cakeage – What the?? it is a cake, you get a knife, you cut it. Not really haute cuisine…
Service Charge – apparently similar to an american “tip”
Cancellation [...]

Canberra mulls IT strike force

By 13 June 2008

THE federal Government is considering using a strike force to drive greater efficiencies in its technology operations.The group could operate as part of the Australian Government Information Management Office.
Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner has asked that Peter Gershon look at beefing up AGIMO’s responsibilities as part of his review of the government’s $6 billion annual IT [...]

Where is the best Italian Restaurant in Canberra?

By 11 June 2008

I am biased, I love the LaScala restaurant experience, and it is well situated in civic.
which is the best Italian restaurant, in your opinion?
Sorry Maelinar, I just couldn’t resist…..

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