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Thanks for help during Woden bike crash.

By 10 June 2011

My profound and heartfelt thanks to all who came to my aid last night, when my motorbike collided with a taxi in Woden.
I was cut up by a right turning taxi, who claimed not to have seen me, despite my wearing a dayglo jacket and having my lights on.
The large number of people who [...]

The Canberra Pause

By 15 May 2011

Am I alone in noticing this? ( Her indoors  says; “Yes”)
 Ok, you are stopped at a red light somewhere in sunny ‘Berra. There is one car in front of you. You wait patiently for the lights to change, after several centuries the light goes green. The car in front moves forward an inch, stops, ……p-a-u-s-e-s……. [...]

Teff? Where to get it in Canberra?

By 27 February 2011

Anyone know where in Canberra I can buy Teff flour, in order to make Ethiopian “injera” bread?
Many thanks in advance.
Injera is a traditional Ethiopian flat bread which can be made from several types of flour depending on the location of the bread baker. Injera is also called enjera, laxoox, lahoh or canjeero. [...]

Profundity at the Pinnacle

By 1 February 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE
Profundity at the Pinnacle

While walking the dogs at the Pinnacle, as is my wont, this morning, I came across Canberra’s latest and most exciting venture into the public arts. Situated just off the track above the public lease which over looks William Hovell Drive, it is bold, confrontative and rather excellent. It consists of five stainless steel posts [...]

What be this dragon?

By 7 January 2011
What be this dragon?

I’ve seen some weird and wonderful creatures since I’ve been living here in Aus, (human and animal). But in the garden today I came across this monster, which really takes the cake, biscuit the whole sweet trolley in fact! It’s some sort of caterpillar on steroids and acid.
It was about 5 inches long and thicker [...]

Mully Icon cast down from on high

By 2 November 2010
Mully Icon cast down from on high

[First filed: Nov 1, 2010 @ 8:44]

[ED - newcomers will need to familiarise themsselves with the Mully Williams back story to get this one.]
I walked the dogs  at Shepard’s lookout today, and came across the most sacrilegious act of vandalism I have ever seen.
For ages now the sign there, ostensibly an information board, with pictures [...]

Om Shanti College?

By 14 September 2010
Om Shanti College?

While down at the Cook shops this morning, getting milk for my early morning cuppa, I noticed a posted advertising courses  for “Professional Organisation” and offering to train one up to a certificate in such things. As some one who is as organised as a one legged man on a pogo stick in a ball [...]

The mind boggles

By 1 September 2010

Michael Jackson Tribute Show to launch Groovin’ in the City program
You’re invited to attend the launch of the 2010-11 Groovin’ in the City program
What: Michael Jackson Tribute Show to launch Groovin’ in the City
When: Wednesday 1 September, 12.00pm – 1.30pm
Where: Garema Place, Civic
Cost: FREE
Groovin’ in the City’s free live entertainment program will run during lunchtime, [...]

Wedding success, Canberra does us proud.

By 19 August 2010

You may remember this thread, about a mad mate of mine from the UK, who was coming over to ‘Berra, to get wed in August. Well the wedding was on Monday, (yes Monday,) and the whole thing went off so well, I thought I’d give due thanks publicly.
First up, and biggest, thanks to Hope Bolte [...]

Bouldering in Canberra?

By 1 August 2010

Does anyone know of any decent bouldering areas in or around Canberra? I’ve just been scanning some old snaps of me bouldering on Dartmoor, and in Cornwall (UK), and thought it may be nice to get out with a pair of boots to drag my aging carcase up some easy routes.
I’ve been to the indoor walls, [...]

VHS disposal in Canberra?

By 28 June 2010

Hi wise and wonderful people.
We have two cupboards full of pre-recorded and errr not pre-recorded, VHS video tapes. Any which that have items of sentimental value on them have been long burned onto DVD.
How and where can we dispose of these in a morally sound, environmental aware and socially conscious way?

Where the bloody hell are we?

By 8 June 2010

[First filed: Jun 1, 2010 @ 8:23
Second filing: Jun 2, 2010 @ 8:23]

Apart from the sheer toe-curlingly awfulness of the singing, the total cliche of the imagery, and the jaw droppingly stupendous banality of the sentiments, has anyone noticed anything else about the  70′s style “Bogans on amphetamines” themed;  “There’s Nothing Like Australia” advert?
Lots of [...]

August wedding, indoors and out

By 12 May 2010

Ok, a mate from the UK is coming over to Canberra to get married.
I’ll say that again, as it bears repeating.
A mate from the UK is coming over to Canberra, with his English wife to be, to get married.
Just don’t ask, ok?
He would like a suitable outdoor venue suggested for the ceremony, <b>but with a [...]

Woodland wonderland

By 9 May 2010
Woodland wonderland

Walking our dogs at the Cork Forrest (Glenloch Cork Oak Plantation) this morning we were amazed to find the place choc full of Amanita Muscaria mushrooms. It looked like an illustration for a child’s book. One which  should be labeled;
“Do NOT Eat These!”
Anyone interested in the study of fungi, or anyone who just enjoyed beautiful [...]

Call me Mr 10%

By 21 July 2009

Ok, yesterday I was spending the residue of our holiday money. We badly needed a DVD / Hard drive recorder for TV programs etc, so I had the remit to go out and get a deal.
Having chosen the model I fancied, I went to play all the outlets down at Fyshwick off against each other.
All [...]

Cooked out of his skull…

By 20 July 2009

Ironically, I was walking my dogs down to Cook shops to buy a couple of beers. (5.30 pm Sunday 19/7)
On the grass by the old Cook Primary School, I came across a geezer face down on the grass. Got into rescue mode and started doing the business. (I trained in mountain rescue, and still keep [...]

Fly tipping Mt Painter

By 29 May 2009
Fly tipping Mt Painter

Whilst walking the dogs this morning I came across this pleasant sight. Think about this. Someone had to lad this into a vehicle capable of carrying it, drive it to this spot, (probably in the dark) dump it, and either smash it up there, or leave it for other mouth breathers to smash up. [...]

New Cook speed limit farce!!

By 25 May 2009
New Cook speed limit farce!!

I’m all for road safety being improved, and am a cautious driver. But I think the new speed limits which have been imposed in Cook are a bit much.
It’s not even a school zone for goodness sake! I was driving in second virtually all the way home, to comply with this, and it didn’t half [...]

Strange ways at the Pinnacle

By 19 May 2009
Strange ways at the Pinnacle

On one of my all too frequent jaunts around that place of beauty which is the Pinnacle Nature Reserve the other day, I noticed that the kind people of Environment ACT (I presume it to be them in any case) have signposted the tracks there. I wonder if the names were made up to enable [...]

Nice folk of Captains Flat

By 9 May 2009

Yesterday being my day off, I decided to take a run out on my motorbike (Cochyn as I call her), and as is my wont, to take some photographs. I particularly wanted a good photo of my bike, one with a vista of  long sweeping empty road behind her  in it. I wanted this shot [...]

Foggy drivers

By 6 May 2009
Foggy drivers

This morning I had to come into work, which is unusual for me as I normally work the afternoon shifts. Coincidentally, the wife needed the car this morning, for a trip to the dentist, so that left me with the bike as my transport. Nothing I like better than a spin into work on the [...]

Vanishing Cat Sign.

By 2 May 2009

On a trip to Cook shops yesterday, I checked as  always do, the “local notice board”. It’s a source of bargains, and not a few lunatic services/ courses /get rich quick schemes. (“Knit your own feng-shui garlic dream-catchers, make $$$$!”).
However one notice was rather astonishing. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera with me, so I [...]

The lights shine clear through the sodium haze

By 27 April 2009
The lights shine clear through the sodium haze

While out on my early evening perambulation with my dogs on the Northside the other evening, I noticed that a number of the street lights had been changed from the usual dull orange, to a sharp and bright white light. Ok, no problem with that. A few evenings later I noticed that whole streets had [...]

Radar love (lost)

By 13 April 2009
Radar love (lost)

At the BOM radar site, all is not well
Any keen weather watcher, like me, will be bemoaning the loss of the Captains Flat* radar. It would have to go down now, just when we are actually GETTING some weather for a change.
All I’m getting at the website is;

Latest Image
Radar Equipment Failure 11-04-2009
Start time: Unknown
Duration: Unknown [...]

Brew up at the pinnacle

By 1 April 2009
Brew up at the pinnacle

I was walking my dogs at the pinnacle this evening, when I took slightly different route back to where I normally park my car., This brought me out near a CAT earthmover which has been parked there for a number of days.
It wasn’t until I approached it from this direction that I realised it was [...]

RIP Damian

By 31 March 2009

At Cook shops today I came upon a bunch of flowers, and a sad note informing customers that Damian Caesar has passed on suddenly.
For those of you who didn’t know him, Damian was a quite profoundly disabled  chap, who used to sell lollies and other items outside Cook shops, to raise funds for the ACT [...]

Steve Coogan at Canberra Theatre review.

By 28 March 2009

Steve Coogan at Canberra Theatre; I have to say straight up that I am a big fan of Coogan, and have all the Alan Partridge DVD’s and CD’s of the radio shows, including his “On the Hour” and “The day today” stuff, and rate “24 Hour Party People” as one of the best music films ever [...]

No thanks fatty!*

By 21 March 2009

I thought Pink was asking a bit much, but have a look at what French and Saunders  are asking!
At long last French & Saunders, Britain’s most celebrated female comedians, embark on their first – and final – Australian tour.
Featuring the best of characters and sketches from the three decades they have been making people laugh, [...]

Too much Pink

By 17 March 2009

I see the renowned singing and dancing  person, Pink, will be playing Canberra in August. I was thinking of getting my kids tickets, but at $180 for the cheap seats, I think Mz Pink can go without the pleasure of their company.

Treat your loved ones to some near pain.

By 11 March 2009

For Xmas, my good lady wife bought me, as one of my treats, a couple of vouchers for  “Foot and Thai”. Due to circumstance, today was the first free day I have had to have one. The place is up near the Pot Belly pub. Unprepossessing to look at, but once you get inside it’s [...]

The most disgusting person in Canberra

By 2 March 2009

There is someone, someone who I presume is literate, has good choice in books, and who is sufficiently able as to visit the library. This person, believe it or not has the most disgusting perversion I have ever come across(and that’s saying something.) This person takes books out of the library, mainly [...]

Motorbike help

By 26 February 2009

More advice please?
Can anyone tell me a good place in Canberra to get a motorcycle seat re-covered?
Also I need a spare set of keys for the bike and the lock cut.

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