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Recovering fencing costs from neighbours

By 6 April 2014

I have a situation whereby a fence needs to be replaced urgently, its too old and in such a state that repair is not an option.
Having done my research the situation I find myself in is one in which I am entitled to replace the fence immediately without consultation with the neighbours and still recover [...]

Canberra Hospital, waiting over a month for triage

By 26 January 2013

I submitted a referral to canberra hospital outpatient clinics well before xmas. I have confirmed that they recieved it, but apparently it is still waiting to be triaged. I asked about the xmas shutdown for this clinic and it was only very minimal, so no real explanation as to why it is taking [...]

ACT specialists requiring private hospital cover just to see you?

By 28 July 2011

My GP recently gave me a referral to an ACT specialist. The specialist’s receptionist refused to give me an appointment. She stated that I must have private hospital cover in order to see any of the specialists at this clinic. Confused, I questioned why I would need private hospital cover just for a [...]

Any decent opthamologists in Canberra?

By 21 January 2011

I’m desperately looking for a good opthamologist in Canberra.
Now I’m sure there are many of you who can recommend a lovely, friendly opthamologist who did your cataract or laser eye surgery. Unfortunately, these kind of recommendations won’t help me.
Opthamologists are usually very nice to people who need quick, simple surgeries which make [...]

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