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40kmh speed limits coming to Athllon Drive near mawson?

By 5 March 2014

Travelling along Athllon Drive over the past few days, I’ve noticed new road signs have been installed before and after the intersection near Mawson shops. The signs remain covered over but due to the shoddy covering material it looks like a 40km/h speed limit is going to be introduced in that area before and after [...]

My Family is all that matters (apparently). Images of Canberra

By 28 November 2011
My Family is all that matters (apparently). Images of Canberra

I took this on Saturday afternoon in Fyshwick as it struck me as a true “images of Canberra” photo.
[Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it to .]

Plumbing the depths…

By 22 May 2009

I need someone to look at my leaky hot water system (1985 vintage, off-peak electric, living on borrowed time) and I couldn’t see a previous thread on the topic. 
So, recommendations for a plumber please – quick, tidy, not interested only in selling me up to a new system with the biggest margin, and not [...]

Canberra radio ratings for survey 2 2008 released

By 18 September 2008

Survey 2 for 2008 of the Nielsen radio ratings for the Canberra market have been released at . This is just an overall market view (ie no shift or age/demographic breakdown etc) but interesting nonetheless.
In summary, 104.7 and ABC 666 both achieved the highest overall rating of 17.4, narrowly edging out MIX 106 at [...]

New public artwork in Woden…

By 18 September 2008
New public artwork in Woden...

[First filed: September 05, 2008 @ 13:00]

Being privileged to work among the windswept canyons of north Woden, I have the opportunity to pass one of the Government’s sites for new public artwork nearly every day. What you see here is exactly how the site has been for the past three months – a half arsed, [...]

Compulsory rego inspections – worth bringing back to the ACT?


Some recent posts about the driving skills (or lack therof) in Canberrans mentioned the increasing number of cars about town with blown headlights or brake/tail lights. I also notice that about 1 in every 10 cars in your average carpark have tyres that are marginal for tread at best or downright bald – especially on [...]

70% of Canberrans drive to work

By 19 June 2008

ABC online reports the findings of a AAMI survey in wich 70% of Canberrans drive to work.  I expect the following extract will be used by various idealists in the ACT Government (hi John Hargreaves) to push for more punitive revenue raising measures to get more bums (literally and figuritively) onto ACTION buses:

 The survey [...]

Radio in Canberra is sh!t. Discuss.

By 3 May 2008

Canberra (music) radio. Is it the pits or what? I know our market is comparatively small and that just about every station in Oz these days is formatted up the wazoo, but really…
Let’s look at the choices: Mix 106 – I have listened to it since it rose from the ashes of Kix 106 in [...]

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