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Telstra Tower Revolving Restaurant for sale, 1.2 million

By 12 November 2010

I noticed on page 80 of the current “Business For Sale” magazine “Revolving Restaurant in Telstra Tower” is listed.
Asking price $1.2 million for the restaurant and the Panorama Cafe.

Do mushrooms poison dogs in Canberra ?

By 3 September 2009

Our 5 year old dog had his first epileptic like fit a month ago. Yesterday he had 3 seizures.
The Vet is doing blood tests but so far hasn’t found any cause, if they continue it might be off to Sydney for a cat-scan. She says it’s unusual for a dog to manifest epilepsy this late, [...]

Charity, Club or Community Organisation Quiz/Trivia Nights – Help a brother out!

By 3 March 2009

Do you know of any up coming Quiz/Trivia Nights ?  
My nascent Scullin based Software company has developed a program to help people run Quiz/Trivia nights. 
I am looking for people who are interested in using my program (for free) and giving me some feedback.
Any contact information or leads appreciated.

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