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Who is the Canberran agent for iRobot? (Roomba)

By 3 September 2015 HEADLINE ARTICLE
Who is the Canberran agent for iRobot? (Roomba)

I need some bits to spruce up my humble house cleaning friend, the battery is getting weak and there are a few upgrade kits you can throw at the old ones to make them better.
In 2012, iRobot moved to a model much like Thermomix where you can only get parts for Roombas through your local [...]

Thanks ACTEW energy saving person!

By 18 March 2014

Really, thankyou.
I love saving energy. These new bulbs are saving lots of energy!
Does anybody know where I can obtain some lightbulbs that actually work? It seems all the shops only have these new fangled [...]

All hail the centenary floppy boob baloon!

By 9 May 2013

I just noticed this on the Canberra Times.
Well, I love fish, I love balloons and I love boobs but… i’m not so sure about combining all 3.

How to report a defective vehicle?

By 8 January 2013

After years of having several “random inspections of the ACT Road fleet” Dickson inspections in my letterbox, and years of having cars randomly defected while on my street (Including one for bald rear tyres which was the reason why the car wasn’t driven that day as I was waiting for a mate to drop some [...]

What closed Tralee Speedway?

By 9 November 2012

I remember reading a comment on here, ages ago, about the reasoning behind the closure of Tralee Speedway. Searched, but can’t find it…. So what was the reason?
Something to do with the Liberal government I think I read.

Get rid of the stupid political signs

By 27 September 2012

I thought polititians these days were all about green and saving the environment and stuff? Why do we need 230495734957893457 signs saying vote for some d***head?
Wasn’t there some talk of banning polititians (well, thier lackys actually… what a sad bunch of people…) chucking this crap up?

The tale of Limestone Lizzie

By 27 August 2012

Hey guys,
Someone just told me a quick story about some prostitute named Limestone Lizzie… Sounds like a bit of a story, anyone got any stories to tell? Did she actually exist?

How did Canberra form?

By 6 July 2012

Hey guys,
Is there a list of how Canberra formed? Which suburbs came first, when they started to be lived in, all that kind of stuff?
When did Gunghalin come into being? I thought it was early 1990′s, but I just saw a picture of a bus that said Gunghalin on it, apparently from 1985…
So what were [...]

Watch where you’re going. The real enemy revealed. Recumbents!

Watch where you're going. The real enemy revealed. Recumbents!

What’s better than a motorist vs. cyclist rant?
Cyclists vs. Recumbant cyclists!

Driving an unregistered car

By 21 June 2012

Hi RiotACT,
I need to take my new car for an inspection so I can get registration, it’s a Toyota Landcruiser.
Unfortunantly I need to drive it to a workshop to get it checked out to make sure it’s roadworthy, as it’s over 6 years old.
Do you require an unregistered vehicle permit to drive a car to [...]

Hey cheap light rail?

By 23 March 2012

Ok so I don’t agree with that whole light rail idea, I think it’d be a waste of money but….
They’re talking of pulling down the Sydney monorail because they want to refirbish some building or something, would taking the Sydney monorail and moving it to Canberra be a way to save money on building this [...]

Macdonalds Kidsware ad’s from the 90′s?

By 23 January 2012

Hey all,
I’ve just learnt that a good mate of mine was in pretty much every Macdonalds Kidsware ad aired between ’90 and ’00.
Does anyone have any recorded on tape or something and would be willing to put it on YouTube so I can watch it and make fun of him for eternity?

Shipping a case to the States from Canberra?

By 23 September 2011

Simple question,
Can I ship a case of beer to my mate in the States?

Making new kittens legal in Canberra?

By 3 August 2011

I’ve just recieved a pair of kittens from my cousins farm in the States. Was wondering what the procedure is now to make them conform to the law? I want them spayed anyway while they’re young (11 weeks at the moment) so want to get the microchipped and the like at the same time anyway.
I [...]

Red Light Cameras and failing to turn right

By 27 October 2010

Hi all,
I tried a search, but no luck.
I got flashed by a red light camera yesterday.
Lights are green to go forward, but red to turn right.
I was in the right hand turning lane, changed my mind, turned on my indicator, and went straight ahead.
Several flashes.
So is going straight from a right hand turn lane an [...]

Private Bin

By 7 July 2010

I was wondering if anybody had any media/pictures/good stories about the Private Bin, which existed in Civic where ICBM is these days?
Entirely for research use only, will not be published/publicly features etc.

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