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Reasonable time to fix heater in winter?

By 19 July 2013

My heater has been broken for 2 weeks and while the ‘man’ came and looked at it within a few days the ‘waiting for the part’ buisness is now stretching into weeks instead of days. 
The real estate will not return calls and now has been exceptionally rude when told it is now also becoming [...]

Bowes Street Woden, Juliana House Revamp

Bowes Street Woden, Juliana House Revamp

This is a whinge really and yes I know you ‘perfect’ people will shoot me down in flames but I don’t care.
How is it that developers are able to obtain permission to supposedly  close off only  half a road, when in fact it is most of the road and then encroach on the rest of it [...]

Looking for a Rheumatologist for Fibromyalgia in Canberra?

By 15 November 2012

Hello Mind Hive.
Does anyone know of a rheumatologist in Canberra that deals with Fibromyalgia patients?
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Specialist Waiting Times in Canberra

By 22 July 2012

Anyone else in Canberra fed up with waiting months and months to get in to see a specialist, but once you do you sit in the office for hours and hours and hours waiting for your scheduled appointment.  We pay premium dollars and I believe that as a service provider the service could be improved, to me [...]

Red Notice distributors strike again!

By 27 April 2012

Just been for a jaunt to the Curtin shops and noticed that the Bakery has a lovely new addition – a red notice from our friendly food authorities.

Quality of food at TCH – has to be seen to be believed

By 15 April 2012
Quality of food at TCH - has to be seen to be believed

I recently spent over a week in TCH. The care was great I cannot fault any of the Drs or nursing staff who did an outstanding job. (apart from one young,  female anaesthetic registrar who was so incredibly rude, banging the side of my bed and demanding I listen to her, much to the horror [...]

Bogans alive and well…….

By 2 January 2012

Thanks to the bogan losers, Darwin award nominees who completely destroyed my bins this morning at 4am leaving a trail or garbage and glass strewn accross the footpaths, road and gardens.
I am still cleaning it up hours later. Your parents must be so proud to have raised such fine citizens with such outstanding mega [...]

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