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Centenary Snobs?

By 7 January 2013
Centenary Snobs?

Is Chic right?  Is the Canberra Centenary an event for the elite?  
I think the program is full of basket weaving spectaculars – and most of the cash was given to Robyn Archer for a darn good holiday to promote the basket weavers!
What do the rioters think?
[ED - Oddly enough the very first event in [...]

Scullin Spy tower?

By 26 November 2012

I forgot to take a picture of it – but I was just wondering what the massive pole on the corner of Chewings St and Southern Cross Drive is all about.
It is very intrusive as it overlooks most of Scullin and Florey.

High Speed Rail

By 6 August 2010

Looks like if you want high speed rail connect  Canberra to Sydney and beyond, vote Liberal!
(According to this media release)
Labor’s press release doesn’t mention Canberra.
ABC news tonight said Labor’s proposal goes through Parkes and Albury – BUT NOT CANBERRA.

Finding photographers!

By 17 June 2010

I am trying to find a good photgrapher that does reasonably priced family photos here in Canberra.
I don’t want it to be arty farty.  Just a set of decent family photo’s that wont cost an arm and a leg.
Some photgraphers are precious about their artwork and keep the rights to the photos and won’t let [...]

Family and Community day – success or failure

By 5 November 2008

I am sure this topic has popped up on RiotACT before.  Today was the second (?) family and community day public holiday.
Mr Stanhope has called for this public holiday to be reviewed.  Chris Peters from the Chamber of Commerce says we don’t need another public holiday at all.  If we  have to have one it [...]

Baby boomers go to Bateman’s bay – let the younguns run this town!

By 4 November 2008

I heard somewhere that 50% of the ACT’s population is over 50.  
Can that be right?  
Is this town going to turn into a waiting room for the graveyard?
I think half the problem with this place is that the older generation that moved here in the 70′s do not want to see the place change. [...]

Honkers on Commonwealth Ave bridge

By 3 November 2008

Why is it that every time I walk over the Commonwealth Ave bridge – I always get some idiots honking me.  
I am not hot, nor am I particularly ugly? 
It scares the life out of me, interrupts my line of thinking, and makes my little dog go mad. 
Funny thing is – it never happens in [...]

NCA shifting dirt around the lake to make them look busy

By 29 October 2008

For a few months now there appears to be work around the steps of the National Library, with the purpose of beautifying the area. Personally, I have seen nothing wrong with the stairs at the Library.
However, what would be helpful is if you could walk around the whole lake without crossing a road.
At the [...]

What was that noise in Belco????

By 28 October 2008

For about 3 hours last night a siren was going off in the Scullin/Florey area.  The cops said it was a school and that they couldn’t do anything because it was a security problem??!?!?!
It is likely a couple of hundred people were kept awake because of this noise.
Does anyone know what happenend????

NRL, AFL or Soccer – Canberra’s leading sport in the future.

By 26 August 2008

With the ACT government announcing funding for an A league soccer team, I am just wondering which of these three codes will be popular in years to come. 
Some of the old timers have said that AFL used to be Canberra’s leading sport.  Until the NRL boys from Sydney came and encouraged youngster to play rugby [...]

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