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Tetun Language Speaking Group in Canberra?

By 6 May 2013

Having just returned from East Timor and planning to return before too long, I’d like to be able to practise my Tetun in between visits. The ANU has a six-year-old webpage about starting one, but the contact email address has shuffled off this mortal coil and joined the bleeding choir invisible.
So I’m wondering if any [...]

Parliament Sitting Dates for 2013?

By 24 October 2012

Working in the private sector, I only occasionally need to check the sitting dates for parliament (every few months or so), and usually when I go to it’s right there to help me plan my calendar. Perhaps it’s nothing unusual, but I’ve been trying to find the dates for 2013 for several months now, [...]

The bear suicides

The bear suicides

It seems the tragedy of the Pooh Corner landslide is having an impact throughout the teddy bear community.
Having already read about the Narrabundah Bear, I almost drove right past this unfortunate bear, who, obviously in a drunken stupor, had attempted to throw himself into the traffic on Sternberg Crescent in Wanniassa.
He is currently [...]

Telstrayama reflected. Images of Canberra

Telstrayama reflected. Images of Canberra

The end of daylight savings presents a unique opportunity for the lazy photographer!
Got up at what felt like a reasonable hour and snapped the attached shortly after sunrise.
[Got an image of Canberra you want to share with the world? Email it to ]

Desperately Seeking Galangal in Canberra

By 24 June 2011

A recent trip to Cairns and a visit to their magnificent Rusty’s markets saw me return with a chunk of galangal, with which I indulged my love of south east Asian cooking. After some great dishes, the last bit of this spice went into a satay that attracted a very positive response from She Who [...]

Parents and Job Changers at the Careers Market

By 4 August 2010

[ 4 August 2010 to 5 August 2010. ] Perhaps it’s late, but the Canberra Careers Market is on today and tomorrow (4 and 5 August), and there are three special information sessions happening for parents and career changers tonight.

Session 1: 6.00pm – 6.30pm in the Visitors centre theatrette
Supporting Young Peoples Career Transition Choices: the role of parents!
Parents are one of young people’s primary [...]

Tuggeranong Hill television out of service?

By 6 May 2010

Since yesterday’s storms, my set top boxes have had little to no reception from ABC, WIN, Prime or Ten from the Tuggeranong Hill frequencies. I can intermittently get these stations from the lower frequencies (which I think may be broadcast from Black Mountain?), but the Tuggeranong Hill frequencies have been offline since the storms.
I haven’t [...]

Take Their Life opens!

By 5 November 2009

Canberra Dramatics’ newest play, Take Their Life, opens tonight at Tuggeranong Arts Centre!
The play has been developed by a team of creative Canberrans, and is based on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.
With her new husband Romeo banished from the city for murdering her cousin, and her parents baying for his blood, Juliet is desperate to escape [...]

Value of Solar Credits

By 18 August 2009

Having decided to install solar panels, I am now struggling to determine whether the offer I’ve been made for my Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) is a reasonable one.My understanding of the system is that the value of RECs is determined by your zone and market forces, and of course the market forces are the tough [...]

Flags at half mast

By 16 July 2009

Just drove past the Lodge and noticed that the flag there and the one on Parliament House are flying at half mast at the moment. I had a quick look on Parliament’s site and my news feed but can’t see any mention of anyone significant dying.
So does the RA community know why it is so?

Which chocolate chooks lay the best chocolate eggs?

By 10 April 2009

Usually by this time I have ventured out and bought a very large chocolate egg for the kids to have on Easter Sunday, but this year, I kept thinking I should wait.
And now here it is, Good Friday, and I need to find a big egg by Sunday… 
So, I am wondering if anyone out [...]

Southside Soap Opera

By 31 January 2009
Southside Soap Opera

Driving south on Yamba Drive, it is impossible to miss the banner that’s been put up for an admired Alex.
It’s more than just a happy birthday or a marry me: there seems to be a bit of a story behind this one, it says “Alex, I love you I’ll wait”.
So does anyone know who [...]

Are we getting our fair share of local government largesse?

By 18 November 2008

So, according to the Canberra Times, local governments are getting some money to spend on themselves. Great; so where’s ours? Yet again, those of us who live in the territories are being ignored (actually I don’t know whether the NT has local councils or not) by these state-based ministers. Not only are we not worthy [...]

The Incident at Fugue Bay

By 17 November 2008

[ 30 November 2008 at 3:00 pm; ] Everyone’s invited to come along to the Tuggeranong Arts Centre, enjoy a glass of wine, and hear a reading of a new locally-written play! This will be the first public reading of Trevar Alan Chilver’s latest play, The Incident at Fugue Bay.

After the reading Canberra Dramatics will celebrate 2008 with a few drinks and canapés. [...]

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