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Parking Infringement …. Help!!

By 1 June 2011

At the end of a 1/2P bays on Hibberson St in Gungahlin, the bay nearest to Ernest Cavanagh St has at some point been switched to a no-stopping zone.  The markings on the road are still visible from where it was a timed bay. Admittedly, there is a no stopping sign (which I didn’t see) and was therefore [...]

Roller Soccer has kicked off…

By 19 February 2011

Yup just as it says … playing soccer on skates (and before you ask yes you kick the ball with your skates)
Either inlines or quads – that doesn’t matter. But trust me, it is truely a great, addictive, fun game.
How would I know?? Well, I played in English team for a few years before permanently [...]

Roller Soccer…?

By 15 August 2010

Yeap just as it says … playing  soccer on skates (you kick the ball with your skates on!)  Either inline or quads - that doesn’t matter.  But trust me, it is truely a great, addictive, fun game.
Don’t believe me?  Have a look at - It’s not the greatest website but hey!
How would I know?? Well, I played in English team for a [...]

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