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Mini arthropod bugs that arrive with rain? What bug is this?

By 30 March 2012
Mini arthropod bugs that arrive with rain? What bug is this?

Could these bugs be falling with the rain – they are always there after rain fills containers like fine grey ash on the surface.
Or could they be some insect life stage quickly appearing in rainwater ?
They are very alive – legs working well.
I have tried Google – but got no leads.

ACTEWAGL Sponsorships for 2010–11

By 20 January 2012

I just wondered what Rioters thought of this list of ACTEWAGL sponsorships from their 2010/11 Annual Report.

Cheap and quick enhancing your wifi internet speeds in Canberra, with a wok.

By 26 October 2011 FEATURED ARTICLE
Cheap and quick enhancing your wifi internet speeds in Canberra, with a wok.

I am a newcomer to using wireless internet on a daily basis – I first tried wifi at motels, quickly learning that the signal varied greatly depending how close your room was to the source and there was also a variation within the room. Placing the modem up high usually helped get a good signal.
I [...]

Optus broadband signal loss Casey-Nicholls

By 23 October 2011

I wondered if Rioters had noticed any diminution of their Optus mobile broadband signal (applies  also to Virgin, Amaysim, Dodo, Exetel, various other resellers of the Optus network).
I have been with Virgin mobile BB for several weeks and after experimenting with a wok aerial and the direction it points have been getting speeds of around [...]

Is that an eagle’s nest?

By 22 September 2011
Is that an eagle's nest?

Just noticed this bundle of twigs ‘n small branches (about 2ft high) in the aerials – top of the phone tower on the roundabout just east of Kelleway on Clarrie Hermes. Between Nicholls & Casey.
I am wondering – is this an eagles nest ?
If not – what else could it be ?
Can you [...]

Replacing the ALP?

By 4 April 2011

I am curious about this organization which featured a front page advert on the Canberra Times 2 April.
What can Rioters tell us about this group and Mr Justin Ryan?
My short view – it is ludicrous to think that the ALP is dying.

Canberra water bills

By 3 January 2011

Yesterdays Canberra Times carried articles critical of ACTEW – and questioned the buying of water from Tantangara Dam.
This article highlights how cheap water is in the Riverina and central NSW downstream from the ACT.

Senator Gary Humphries changes his mind on ETS

By 4 February 2010

I thought Rioters might have a range of views on this ABC online story
I was wrong to support ETS: Humphries
Is this more evidence of a swing to the coalition  position ?

Dr Maxine Cooper helps out the BoM

By 17 January 2010

The ACT State of the Environment 2007 mentions – “The expansion of the airport has affected the accuracy of measurements at the weather station.”.  At a later date an “Update: Clarification….” was added by the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) and ANU Fenner School staffers which included a pdf report “Has Development around Canberra Airport affected [...]

Nicholls mosque scuttled

By 24 December 2009

Always was a poor decision. What a sign of embarrassment by our Green Left bosses to release this on Christmas Eve !!  A rare example of a bad Govt decision being reversed.
Gungahlin or Belconnen Town Centres are more logical sites.
ED – The Canberra times artical relating here.
Previous Riot posts on the topic can be found here.

Dust over Gungahlin today (and other days)

By 31 October 2008

I wondered what Rioters think of todays dust blowing from the impressive new mountain so quickly built just SE of Magnet Mart.
It is my observation, here and interstate that the real estate developers and construction industries are cut much slack when it comes to dust emissions from their sites.
In past weeks works for the [...]

ACT Treasury has loaned Rhodium $19.8 Million

By 4 October 2008

Have readers seen the new 2007/2008 Rhodium Annual Report, just posted on their web site.
I find amazing the revelation on page 71 of 80 (pdf file page numbers) that Rhodium is now in hock to the ACT Treasury for $19.8 Million. The ACT Treasury increased its loan to Rhodium in 2007/2008 by $12.5Million compared to [...]

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