Back at work this week? How to waste time in the office?

By 3 January 2013 11

Hi All,

With the Christmas break now over for us un-lucky ones, just wondering who’s back at work this week?

Since Canberra has basically ground to a stand still and the workplace is a little dead (2 people in the office anyone!) just wondering what are some of the best time wasters to make the day go a little quicker?!!!

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11 Responses to Back at work this week? How to waste time in the office?
Felix the Cat4:28 pm, 03 Jan 13

Umm…post on RA!

Genie4:32 pm, 03 Jan 13

Read and post on the-riotact ?

notdingers4:46 pm, 03 Jan 13

Try an innocent little flash game that will drive you crazy

trevar4:48 pm, 03 Jan 13

Morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea…

mezza765:47 pm, 03 Jan 13

Never underestimate the postive effects of a solid game of office cricket. Tape up some paper, grab something like a bat and away you go…

melon12346:34 pm, 03 Jan 13

Post-it note desks. It takes more time and effort than you realise.

Spykler7:39 pm, 03 Jan 13

Bob-sled races in the corridor on office chairs, just don’t use the high backed ones, they topple too easily.

Duffbowl8:16 pm, 03 Jan 13

As sad as it sounds, I’m using the quiet days to get ahead of the wave… Gawd I need a life!

Alderney8:44 am, 04 Jan 13

Doing summer semester uni readings to fill the gaps between actual work…and reading RA.

19678:53 am, 04 Jan 13

Don’t look out the window in the morning.
You’ll have nothing to do in the afternoon…

geetee9:33 am, 04 Jan 13

do you not have a tv? cricket, tennis..

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