Baffling questions around Bungendore

By 25 May 2009 34

On a day trip out to Bateman’s Bay on Saturday, my fiance and I noticed 2 question-raising sights around Bungadore. I’m hoping the RiotACTers can give us a hand.

    1. What’s up with teddy bears nailed to trees? At first we thought they were similar to the flowers and wreaths that are used to mark accident sites, but there were a lot of them, and always just a teddy bear.

    2. Two wombats had obviously (and sadly) been victims of traffic, but they were lying on the side of the road with what looked like hot pink crosses spray-painted on their sides. (My fiance assures me they weren’t gang insignia, but I’m thinking they might have been victims in something more sinister than road-accidents. No shoes hanging over powerlines nearby, but can we ever be sure?)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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34 Responses to
Baffling questions around Bungendore
Gus929 10:43 am
25 May 09

I believe that the crosses mean that they’ve been checked in case they are females with young in their pouches.

gun street girl 10:44 am
25 May 09

There’s been a teddy bear thread before – I don’t think there was ever a consensus as to what they mean.

neanderthalsis 10:56 am
25 May 09

The teddy bears are one of lifes great mysteries. There was a lot more, but recently a lot of the trees were trimmed back beside the highway and in doing so, a great many of the bears were removed.

They are slowly beginning to to repopulate the trees again.

Primal 10:57 am
25 May 09

The teddy bears are actually camoflauged speed cameras.

(No, really. Scout’s honour. I swear.)

Granny 11:13 am
25 May 09

I thought they were alien-controlled mind probes.

Thumper 11:20 am
25 May 09

Some say, at night, their eyes glow and evil red and many travellers have disappeared on that lonely stretch of road, never to be heard of again.

Often their cars are found, abandoned, sometimes with the engine still running. Strangely these vehicles often show no signs of a struggle but are reported to have small traces of fake fur on the seats and dashboards.

rottweiler 11:38 am
25 May 09

Oh yes seen the bears and wondered this same question ,I did hear something along the lines of new craze for youngsters going away for end of year parties down coast but could be wrong.

On another note was pooh in his cave my girls were so upset last trip that he had been knocked off,were heading down this week hopefully and don’t want any tears so we have a pooh replacement.(just in case)

Furry Jesus 11:59 am
25 May 09

According to my contacts in the AFP and ICAC, the Wombats controlled most of the serious crime in the Bungendore area until the late 90′s, when the Teddies moved in, and a long, drawn out turf war began.

In recent years, the Wombats have been trying to re-establish themselves, but as an endangered species, they just don’t have the numbers in the local population. The Teddies, on the other hand, have an ever-growing pool of stuffed toys to recruit from. Bitter and disillusioned at their abandonment by their child owners, nascent Teddy street gangs can be found lurking around charity bins all over Canberra, which is where the Bungendore Teddies pick them up with promises of ‘honey’ (the Teddies’ drug of choice), Barbie dolls and custom Tonka trucks. Teddy gangs are a growing national and international problem, a fact which lies behind recent moves to legislate to control placement and monitoring of charity bins.

It’s my belief that Simon Corbell, our local AG, is spearheading this initiative, having recently held highly secret talks with a number of AGs from other countries anxious to stop the growth of international Teddy gangs by introducing similar controls and developing a raft of retraining initiatives aimed at diverting recently abandoned stuffed toys into specially designed vocational streams, and artificial fur rehabilitation and stuffing-replacement programs based on best practice models in other jurisdictions. It’s great to see the ACT showing such a high level of international leadership. I’m certainly sleeping more soundly at night…but I still avoid driving to Bungendore at night…

Furry Jesus 12:04 pm
25 May 09

The hot pink crosses are spray-painted onto the bodies of murdered Wombat gang members by young teddy bears as a rite of initiation into the Bungendore Teddies. The practice serves as a warning to other wombats and ensures the gang’s code of silence is preserved by making initiates complicit in wombat assassinations.

Vonbare 12:34 pm
25 May 09

Further to Furry Jesus’ comments, the Teddy Bears being nailed to the trees is carried out by bounty hunters, funded by *censored* to control the TB outbreak.

Much like gophers being killed and tied to fences in the UK, the bounty hunters collect payment per head and these serve as proof of their work.

Thumper 12:37 pm
25 May 09

No No No!

They are satanic sacrifices!

SheepGroper 12:54 pm
25 May 09

Thumper said :

No No No!

They are satanic sacrifices!

Gay satanic sacrifices.

kathysav 1:33 pm
25 May 09

They keep the yowies away.

Granny 1:49 pm
25 May 09

Oh, c’mon! They are animal impersonator zombie wannabes. And they are watching. Watching. Watching … you!

*maniacal laughter*

MissChief 1:54 pm
25 May 09

“Some say, at night, their eyes glow an evil red and many travellers have disappeared on that lonely stretch of road, never to be heard of again.

Often their cars are found, abandoned, sometimes with the engine still running. Strangely these vehicles often show no signs of a struggle but are reported to have small traces of fake fur on the seats and dashboards.”

Thumper… that had me LOL.

Asked some Bungendore residents about the tree teddies a few years back. They said it was started by locals as a game for Bungendore children, to make their trips between Bungendore and Canberra more interesting. It may give some indication as to who decorates Poo Corner on the Clyde – another great unsolved mystery.

astrojax 2:08 pm
25 May 09

i thought the bears were in trees as targets for booners in utes to practice their drive-by shooting before being unleashed by defece in a mobile roo-culling exercise.

mebbe they are retoid control devices. that’d be it.

astrojax 2:09 pm
25 May 09

oops, dang double vision eyes – reptoid, of course. sir. sorry, won’t happen aga-aaaaggghhhhh…

Bam Bam 2:33 pm
25 May 09

The Teddies are also a fair way out along the Federal Hwy too aren’t they?

bugmenot 3:07 pm
25 May 09

You can find these Teddies in trees all the way to the South Coast and we have seen them in many trees in Mimosa Rocks NP as well.
No idea why they’re there, but they’re always a pleasant sight.

niftydog 3:08 pm
25 May 09

Re; Pooh Corner – back in my day we used our imagination! No tinsel, soft toys, reflectors… nothing. Far more stimulating for young minds IMHO, and totally impossible to sabotage!

Re; teddies – I’ve seen them as far afield as Congo, south east of Moruya.

Ceej1973 3:13 pm
25 May 09

A mate of mine who is a long time resident of Bungendore, told me a year or so ago, that there was one bear stuck to a tree that was found lost on the side of the HWY. Apparently (although I dont know the finite details), the council came and ripped it down, saying it was a driving hazard, because it distracted drivers from the road (like looking at your speedo does…..go figure). Well from there, the locals got ear of this pathetic reasoning, and decided to rebel against the council, and ever since locals have continued sticking them up on a regular basis. I believe they can be seen from Weetalabah, all the way to the escarpment.

mossrocket 3:26 pm
25 May 09

My wife “tags” wombats – after sticking her hand up their clacker…
sick freaks those WIRES people…

(She’s checking for baby wombats in the dead mum’s pouch, then they spray them to let other WIRES people know they’ve checked that wombat)

I have noticed they use different colours in different areas – so I like to joke with my wife regarding her gang’s tag being pink…

Steady Eddie 3:26 pm
25 May 09

I’ve heard that the teddies were part of a scavenger hunt conducted by the University of Canberra as part of Stone Week several years ago. Others saw the bears and liked what they saw so they added their own. It has snowballed since then.

mossrocket 3:27 pm
25 May 09

last time I checked Pooh Corner there was a blow up doll in there!
Pooh gets lonely!

Pesty 5:24 pm
25 May 09

Could be drop bears?

Ivan76 5:38 pm
25 May 09

Teddy bears nailed to trees:
Its been named “Pooh bears corner” so it sounds friendly to kids but it is in fact a detonation point left over from WWII should the “Japs” decide to attack we can retreat up the Clide & blow the road.

But they were lying on the side of the road with what looked like hot pink crosses spray-painted on their sides:

Roadkill gets marked with a pink “X” when not being immediately collected so the roadkill truck can see it more easily when doing the rounds.

Holierthanthou 8:37 pm
25 May 09

People paint wombat corpses because you can’t tie two together and toss the pair into powerlines. Well, you could try.

Tedddy nailing is part of an Illuminati plot to overthrow the Cthulhu Cult.

MrPC 10:27 pm
25 May 09

Once the wombats have been checked for joeys, shouldn’t they, oh, I dunno, be buried? Or incinerated? Leaving them to rot on the side of the road only serves as a breeding ground for insects.

As if we need more flies in this country.

I-filed 10:30 pm
25 May 09

The teddy bears are almost certainly the ones that were for sale in St Vinnies a few weeks ago – an entire laundry basketful for $1 each. They were all bought by one person.

Thumper 8:09 am
26 May 09

Pooh Bears hole is actually part of a WW2 ammunition dump I believe.

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