Bats with lights

By 28 January 2014 2

Hello all.

Mrs Ryoma and I went to the fireworks in Commonwealth Park last night. Just on dusk, the bats came out of the trees and started their usual swooping about.

But to our surprise,some of the bats were colourful – or, more to the point, had some type of lights attached to them (lime green, from memory). Now, despite the fact that plenty of humans had various colours of light sabers on the ground, I didn’t think the bats wanted to possess the latest toys.

So I was thinking it must have been research-related, maybe to find out which bats go where, how far away,etc. Does anyone know anything about it? :)

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2 Responses to
Bats with lights
amaroovian 9:29 am
28 Jan 14

I think you will find someone in the crowd had a laser they were pointing at the bats, as a green light was seen moving randomly on the side Captain Cook jet base before the fireworks started.

emigre 1:08 am
02 Feb 14

Hi Mr.Ryoma!

Remember me? This is émigré, the guy you advised on CBR’s jobs and culture. Just wanted to say I missed our conversation!

I’m getting close to my arrival time which is about a month or so!

Warm Regards,

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