Best Canberra Food and Drink Matches

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Tonight I had dinner out at Kingsleys Steak and Crab house on Bunda Street in the city. While Kingsleys have a good reputation, I was particulary taken with the food and wine/beer combos on offer. We started with the Alaskan King Crab, matched with a very nice Reisling recommended by the manager, then we had our steaks (I had the Wagu F1 Striploin) matched also with a great Shiraz, and the best was saved for last where I had the Death by Chocolate dessert (chocolate mousse on a biscuit base topped with Chcolate syrup and chocolate cie cream) paired up with James Squire Porter, which is possibly the best food and beer match I have ever had. I am interested to know if any other Riot-acters have come across such good food and drink pairings that they might like to share with our Canberra community, particulary food and beer matches which are increasely common in the wider world but stsill seem to be lacking in the Canberra market.

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Best Canberra Food and Drink Matches
hingo 9:51 am
08 Feb 08

Take away pizza and a stubby of Extras Dry does it for me ;)

Ingeegoodbee 10:03 am
08 Feb 08

I’m with hingo on the beer and pizza combo. I’ve tried wine and the like and the next closest match in my mind for pizza would be bone dry chilled Spanish rose – but not in public because people will think you’re a poof.

I’ve also found that Hoegaarden, with it’s delicate coriander and citrus flavors is excellent with spicy Asian foods.

Something that I’ve discovered though is how much a beer improves when you actually use a glass – I’ve even been using some large syrah glasses for beers like Little Creatures, Tim Knappstien and the like and they’re seriously better.

S4anta 10:10 am
08 Feb 08

When matching beer and food, Swear by this. Its a bit of a wa*k, but the fundamentals are spot on.

hingo 10:13 am
08 Feb 08

Beer in a glass is good, I agree. I have some of those nice frosted Extra Dry glasses that I nabbed from the pub.

howdy 10:24 am
08 Feb 08

Beer and Indian food…

Mælinar 10:44 am
08 Feb 08

Indian beer and Indian food are quite well matched.

Thumper 10:47 am
08 Feb 08

Ah.. kingfisher…

Holden Caulfield 11:24 am
08 Feb 08

As a rule Caffe Della Piazza have very nice meal/wine by the glass combinations.

Danman 11:28 am
08 Feb 08

Kingfisher is great with curry.
When I was in India I could get longnecks of kingfisher for A$0.75 and smokes at around A$1.25 – needless to say I quit quitting.

Ari 11:30 am
08 Feb 08

The trouble with a lot of Indian beer is that it is fortified with glycerine due to the heat and lack of refrigeration.

Glycerine is a sure way to go straight from your first sip to a hangover, with no intermediate inebriation required.

Thumper 11:52 am
08 Feb 08


the way to get rid of glycerine was shown to me by a old 3RAR Sgt many years ago in my previous incarnation as a soldier.

You get a schooner glass of soda water and fill it 3/4 way up. you then open the Kingfisher, and dump it, bottle and all, straight in the soda water.

You will see the glycerine coming out of the bottle while the beer stays in the bottle.

Quickly take the bottle out and flip it up the right way. You may lose a bit as it tends to foam up.

However, no glycerine ;)

VicePope 11:55 am
08 Feb 08

Curry and old beer or Newcastle Brown Ale. Kingfisher has sharpish charms, but there’s nothing like a beer with a minimal bloat factor.

Cheese and heavy red. Fair attempt at Tilley’s (though service was …. uninterested) and reasonable chance to assemble cheese at Hyatt smorgasboard. Easier to manage at home. If a club would do this at club prices, I would fall in love.

More fragrant whites with most Asian, but know that fragrance does not equal sweet.

The ploughmans lunch or the fish or one of the burgers and whatever the Wig and Pen has on its cold taps. (I do not own or work for the W&P, but simply find it a tremendous place for the times when coffee will not do).

neanderthalsis 12:01 pm
08 Feb 08

Maccas and VB is a surefire combo in charnwood.

Ari 12:02 pm
08 Feb 08

Hey Thumps, that’s the best tip I’ve heard in ages. I’ll be filing that one away for my next trip to India.

Thumper 12:05 pm
08 Feb 08

It takes a few goes to get it right, but saves you the head splitting kingfisher hangover…

bonfire 12:27 pm
08 Feb 08

awesome chips

Crikey 1:05 pm
08 Feb 08

Tomorrow’s Multi Cultural Festival in the city.

Mælinar 1:47 pm
08 Feb 08

mmm nukie brown…

VicePope – where do you source it in Canberra ?

VYBerlinaV8 2:06 pm
08 Feb 08

Big T-Bone on the barbie (rare), with salad on the side and an icy cold home brew, enjoyed at 7pm in my backyard, with kids and family around.

v_man_returns 2:42 pm
08 Feb 08

Is Kingleys Steak and Crab pretty pricey? What does a good sized crab cost you?

Mess 3:06 pm
08 Feb 08

The Alaskan King crab we had was $60 odd dollars, but we split it between 4 people and had a leg each, and that was heaps for an entree.

Beer does taste much better out of a glass. Every beer at the Belgian Beer Cafe has its own specially made glass to maximise the aroma and flavour.

VicePope 3:29 pm
08 Feb 08

Maelinar – the little grog shop in the trade/restaurant area of Erindale usually has it (worth a ring first if you have to travel).

Sometimes one can get lucky at Jim Murphy’s and it’s occasionally been spotted in the grog barns associated with major retailers. Frankly, I prefer Toohey’s Old because it seems to cope better with being served pretty cold.

bunnycoat 3:49 pm
08 Feb 08

Kingfisher can be had from the beer stall at the Kingston Bus Depot market.

Absent Diane 4:05 pm
08 Feb 08

all this talk of beer and curry is making me thirsty and hungerier.

Thumper 4:15 pm
08 Feb 08

That’s it. I’m off to the pub…

Stung 5:09 pm
08 Feb 08

Alaskan king crab? Shiraz? Riesling? Chocolate Mousse?

Well la di frickin da…

realityskin 5:09 pm
08 Feb 08

theres a few places around that do Degustation … *perfect* way to have a awesome long dinner

Degustation is a term meaning “a careful, appreciative tasting of various foods.”

scumdorg 5:40 pm
08 Feb 08

How were they able to get away with calling their establishment Kingsleys when there always has been the local chicken establishment of the same name? If I were Kingsleys Chicken I’d sue the buggery out of them.

shauno 5:45 pm
08 Feb 08


It takes a few goes to get it right, but saves you the head splitting kingfisher hangover…

Comment by Thumper — 8 February, 2008 @ 12:05 pm

Same with beer in West Africa ive had some wicked hangovers there. You know apparently the biggest Guinness drinkers outside Ireland is suppose to be Cameroon. Ive seen trucks on the dirt roads there packed full of Guinness heading inland from the Douala

Genie 9:30 pm
09 Feb 08

Mess – Learn to spell…
tee hee ;(

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