Best Fish n Chips in Canberra

By 20 June 2008 52

Where can you find the best fish n chips in Canberra?

I have been to the fish n chip shop in O’Connor which was pretty darn pricey.

Anyone know of a good, relatively inexpensive fish n chip shop that has good fish that aren’t from Lake Burley Griffin but are from the ocean and have somehow managed to stay relatively fresh on the traverse inland to get here.

I also love a good steamed dim sim, which are usually available at fish n chip shops in Melbourne, yet all the places I’ve gone to here in the good ole Capital  seem to just fry the living daylights out of dim sims (heart attack inducing) if they are available at all.

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52 Responses to
Best Fish n Chips in Canberra
caf 10:00 am
20 Jun 08

“Fish O’ King” in Mawson has the best fish (but the chips can be kind of variable).

Kramer 10:02 am
20 Jun 08

I assume you are referring to Flathead Cafe at O’Connor, which is my favourite fish and chips in Canberra – although their chips could be a bit better. Nothing beats a summer evening there with a six pack of Coopers from the shops, and sitting outside with a good feed of fish & chips.

I leave the dim sims to the experts (Chinese takeaway & yum cha) where you can usually specify fried or steamed.

Morgan 10:12 am
20 Jun 08

I always feel Ill after eating at O’Connor fush and chups, I think the oil may not be hot enough so the fish becomes marinated in vegetable oil.

Holden Caulfield 10:18 am
20 Jun 08

There is no such thing as “best” and “Fish’n’Chips” and “Canberra”.

Sadly. :(

la mente torbida 10:18 am
20 Jun 08

Cape Cod….Deakin shops

lisagrace 10:20 am
20 Jun 08

I’m not big on fish and chips so can’t comment there, but I LOVE dim sims so can offer som advice.

You are correct, most takeaways in Canberra fry them which is no good compared to steamed. Kramer is correct, sometimes your best to get them from an asian takeaway or restaraunt, my vote is for Asian Cafe on WestRow.

However, you can’t go past buying them frozen from the supermarket and steaming them yourself, much cheaper and you can have them whenever you want.

perfect hangover food! ;)

Clown Killer 10:24 am
20 Jun 08

The O’Conner fisho is pretty good – the trick to avoiding high prices is to not specify your species. We found that the generic “fish of the day and chips” deal was a lot cheaper than specifying say, flayhead or Dory or whatever and you just end up with whatever fish they have more of – often a more expensive one too.

Not sure about good fisho’s on the south side. I would however warn against the little van at Wanniassa shops. It used to be OK but in my opinion that’s no longer the case.

gun street girl 10:29 am
20 Jun 08

Thumbs up to all suggestions thus far: Flathead Cafe, Cape Cod and Fish O King are all good (although I think the latter has recently changed its name – doesn’t seem to have affected quality, however). Unfortunately, I don’t think anything here can hold a candle to what you can get 2.5 hours down the road – quick drive to the coast, anyone…?

captainwhorebags 10:34 am
20 Jun 08

Somewhat related, can anyone recommend a very good fishmonger that’s close to the southside?

OzChick 10:43 am
20 Jun 08

I agree with Holden Caulfield, there is no such thing…

la mente torbida 10:53 am
20 Jun 08


Blue Seas in Leeton St, Fyshwick (near the Fyshwick Fruit Markets)

sezzle 11:11 am
20 Jun 08

If you’re in the Woden area of town you can’t go past Hughes Take-Away. Grilled Fish dinner $10 – very nice.

Woody Mann-Caruso 11:17 am
20 Jun 08

I don’t rate Mawson at all. There’s something…I dunno, less the honest about their fish and chips. The fish should be en enormous, weighty wodge of flaky white goodness, enclosed in not-too-thick, not-too-thin but uniform and golden greasy batter, not some dainty fill-ay of some yuppie fish in tempura. The chips shoud be misshapen, different lengths, some crisp and golden, some soggy and squished. There needs to be tomato sauce, and Pasito, and a bit too much salt. There should be butchers paper that slowly becomes transparent, not cardboard boxes, and no logos in sight.

Woody Mann-Caruso 11:19 am
20 Jun 08

I do rate sezzle for sticking around after that beating she got after her first post, though – the world loves a stayer. ;)

Clown Killer 11:36 am
20 Jun 08

I buy fresh fish from the place on the corner near the rug shop at the Fyshwick Markets. The reality is that unless most places both here in Canberra and on the coast get their seafood from the same place – the Sydney Fish Markets.

I was in Eden about a month ago and thought I’d treat the family to some fresh fish for dinner – not possible after doing the rounds of the fish coops, wholesalers and the like there wasn’t a bright eyed, shiny sea creature to be had … I ended up stopping at Fyshwick markets on the way home.

Spectra 11:45 am
20 Jun 08

Northside, there’s excellent fish and okay chips to be had from Higgins (can’t recall the name I’m afraid). In Charnwood there’s Bernie’s from the Bay which has fantastic chips and pretty good fish too.

FredJ 11:54 am
20 Jun 08

Clown Killer – I think you’re confused. The stuff from the coast goes TO the Sydney fish market ;-)

Well, the Bermagui stuff does anyway…

Morgan 12:13 pm
20 Jun 08

The fish monger at Belconnen Mall is pretty good, doesn’t smell. Someone told me once that fish shops shouldn’t smell, that sea smell is off fish.

astrojax 12:16 pm
20 Jun 08

also agree with holden caufield. that said, the fish market place in civic, ground floor next to butcher adjacent escalators nth end civic markets, is passable.

tak kee in dickson do a good steamed dim sim (along with some of the best roast duck in town), but the asian grocers in wooley and cape st’s dickson sell them and are easy to steam yourself. poultry place (walk in shop, not corner counter) in belco markets also sell a good range of frozen steamable goodies.

Holden Caulfield 12:31 pm
20 Jun 08

Go to pretty much any takeway within 40 minutes drive of South Australia’s coastline, where Flake is generally the staple, and you’ll see what good fish’n’chips should taste like.

Aubergine 12:38 pm
20 Jun 08

You’ll probably all scoff, but I’m just heading over to the Lachlan Cafe on Brisbane Ave in Barton for their fish. They always have nice fresh stuff, crispy batter, and cheap too. Don’t like their chips much so I usually get my vegies via a couple of nice potato scallops (potato cakes to those further south). That meets or exceeds my oil and salt RDI for the week. Mmmm…

notdingers 12:59 pm
20 Jun 08

Livingston Cafe @ The Wanniassa Shops

Not sure what they do to their crumbed fish but it is awsome.

Note this is the “big” wanniassa shops not the small shops that is now a biker clubhouse ;-)

peterh 1:49 pm
20 Jun 08

Holden Caulfield said :

Go to pretty much any takeway within 40 minutes drive of South Australia’s coastline, where Flake is generally the staple, and you’ll see what good fish’n’chips should taste like.

or if they have managed to get the bones out effectively, a nice grilled whiting….

ihatepublicservants 2:42 pm
20 Jun 08

For fishmonger – definitely Blue Seas. They’re ridiculously good.

Best fish and chips – I like Flatheads in O’Connor but they are expensive. Perhaps you could buy fish at Blue Seas, batter it and deep fry it at home! Deliciously controlled flavour with all the convenience of take away…

Tiger 2:58 pm
20 Jun 08

I live in outer Belconnen but still buy my “Victorian Style” Fish/n/chips from Dickson Seafood within the Dickson shopping centre. They seem really pricey but give you multiple servings for the advertised prices – which seems a good thing but actually makes it tricky to order a value-for-money feed.

But they’re great fish/n/chips a they nearly always have flake which helps that “Missing Melbourne fish/n/chips” craving better.

Reprobate 3:11 pm
20 Jun 08

Why do we refer to fish sellers as fishmongers? We don’t have chicken mongers or meatmongers. But we also have ironmongers. Ah the joys of the English language…

FWIW, my vote also goes to the Livingstone Cafe at Wanniassa shops.

farout 3:40 pm
20 Jun 08

what does a rumourmonger sell?

Reprobate 3:52 pm
20 Jun 08

err… rooms? Sorry…

miz 4:52 pm
20 Jun 08

Chisholm chippie was tops b4 the reno – just re-opened and I intend to try ‘em tonite!

Woody Mann-Caruso 4:52 pm
20 Jun 08

The OED says:

1. a. A merchant, trader, dealer, or trafficker (freq. of a specified commodity); (from the 16th cent.) a person engaged in a petty or disreputable trade or traffic.

Apparently it comes from the Old Saxon mongari, Old High German mangari, mengari, Old Icelandic mangari, probably directly from the classical Latin mang (dealer, trader). In those languages it’s not just fish (for example, Middle High German vleischmanger, and even Old Saxon flesmongere).

But let’s not forget my favourite, ‘whoremonger’. ‘One who has dealings with whores; one who practises whoredom; a fornicator, lecher.’

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