Best Vietnamese restaurants in Canberra

By 15 June 2008 57

Hey my wife and I are new to Canberra and we’re just wondering if you guys can suggest to us a good Vietnamese Restaurant. We were in Vietnam for our honeymoon and really miss the food.

Thanks for your help,

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Best Vietnamese restaurants in Canberra
Spectra 10:44 am
15 Jun 08

I’m a big fan of both the Vietnam Village Inn in Page, as well as the Kin Do Vietnamese Restaurant, just nearby in Macquarie. Both have decor that hasn’t been changed since the late 70s, so don’t expect five-star surroundings, but the food is great.

ogrex 11:12 am
15 Jun 08

I’m not a veggo, but I’m really fond of Au Lac (veggie Vietnamese) in Dickson. I used to live by the motto “it’s not a meal without meat” but these folks have changed my mind. No special decor or setting, but the takeaway is just as good as eating in.

AussieGal83 11:24 am
15 Jun 08

The one at cooleman court rocks.

sepi 11:52 am
15 Jun 08

PHo PHu Quok at Dickson is great. Gets busy though.

Morgan 12:12 pm
15 Jun 08

There is one in O’Connor shops but should not be included in your listing.

needlenose 12:22 pm
15 Jun 08

The one at Griffith is great. Excellent food, dirt cheap, and the walls are covered with bits of A4 paper from has-been politicians of all persuasions confirming these views – worth it alone to see them all not only agreeing, but telling the truth.

Louis 1:08 pm
15 Jun 08

Griffith Vietnamese is excellent and cheap.
My’s at Coolo is also excellent – make sure you try the salt & pepper squid.

Flashduck 1:33 pm
15 Jun 08

As one writing from Hanoi, I’d have to second some of the previous suggestions, such as Pho Phu Quok at Dickson, but can’t go past recommending Can Tho at Weedon Close in Belconnen (6251-3682).

The Can Tho specialises in Southern Vietnamese / Delta food, and can highly recommend their Bun Bo Hue.

CleptaK 1:47 pm
15 Jun 08

The place at the Griffith shops is great, as is the one at Cooleman Court.

The hands down favourite, though, is TuDo in O’Connor (What do you mean, Morgan??!). I’ve been eating there for twenty years (granted I’m 22) and never had a bad meal. Cheap, fresh, in close proximity to ANU and oh so tasty! Just be careful about drinking from their glasses – they often taste of dishwashing liquid, egh…

Clown Killer 3:30 pm
15 Jun 08

I’ll have to register another vote for the Griffith Vietnamese. Tan who owns/runs the place is a marvelous host and seems to get great people in the kitchen as well. I first enjoyed his hospitality when he had the Viet at O’Connor shops where All Bar Nun is now.

The Tudo at O’Connor used to be pretty good, but I haven’t eater there for a few years.

Deadmandrinking 4:02 pm
15 Jun 08

I second Kin Do.

blub 5:34 pm
15 Jun 08

Au Lac is fantastic vegetarian – even dedicated meat-eaters will love it.

Huong Viet, On London Cct opp the Theatre carpark, is also a great small family-run place. Delicious noodles!

RuffnReady 5:46 pm
15 Jun 08

What are your favourite Au Lac dishes, people? I’m a fan of the ‘chicken’ and vegetable curry, but haven’t tried to many others.

I second the Pho Quok in Dickson – great food, and the coconut milk drinks are delicious!

Mælinar 6:15 pm
15 Jun 08

Page Vietnamese, and a hear hear from Mrs Mælinar in the kitchen over my shoulder.

VicePope 6:20 pm
15 Jun 08

I’m with the Griffith place. And the owner/manager is a delight. As are the A4 comments from random political figures all over the walls. And it’s BYO.

Bo Kho is one of the best winter foods. Check that it’s on when you book.

sirocco 7:17 pm
15 Jun 08

Tudo is tops – the fresh spring rolls are wonderful

astrojax 7:21 pm
15 Jun 08

ogrex, i found au lac to be entirely too salty…

as for actually good vietnamese, tudo at o’connor & pho phu cocq at dickson (sorry about the spelling) are each excellent. and great value. yum.

shiny flu 7:29 pm
15 Jun 08

Tudo at O’connor Shops. Friendly staff (family run), nice cosy atmosphere and although the price to amount of food isn’t the best, the quality certainly is the best. My born and bred Vietnamese friend has always said that Tudo is the most authentic in Canberra.

Pho Quok in Dickson is also good, better value for money… chicken and rice hotpot can’t be beat.

cabbage 7:53 pm
15 Jun 08

The Griffith place is excellent – I told the owner I had to be somewhere in 50 minutes and we were fed, watered and sent on our way in 40.
The Cooleman Court place, Mys is also great.

mouthface 7:59 pm
15 Jun 08

WTF is it with Griffith Vietnamese?
This place really sucks and people keep raving about it. The only thing it has going for it is price. The management are nice enough but it looks like a dive and the food is ordinary. Every scab in Canberra (mainly pollies) goes there to be impressed by the fact that they can eat out cheaply, and they bring along a dodgy el cheapo BYO from the supermarket to slurp down without digging too far into their pockets. And if you don’t believe me go see for yourself. The walls are covered with A4 greetings from almost every federal member over the last five years- all talking it up, and proving once and for all that politicians are liars and have no taste. I am a local and am always perplexed by the fact that this joint is packed nearly every night of the week while the genuinely good Thai restaurant next door is quiet. Go figure.

As far as good places go, I haven’t tried too many in Canberra but don’t mind Tu’do in O’Connor and Hoang Hau in Kingston.

deezagood 9:31 pm
15 Jun 08

Hoang Hau in Kingston has fantastic food – seriously good Vietnamese. They also cater to large groups, so ideal for work functions etc… Decor not great, but the food is so good, you don’t care. I love the Griffith place too; kid friendly, really fast and delicious.

ulyssesSB 9:35 pm
15 Jun 08

Hoang Hau is really fantastic, great quality and flavorsome food.

I swear every dish at Griffith Vietnamese tastes the same.

deezagood 9:46 pm
15 Jun 08

That is interesting UlysseSB – once upon a time I rated their food quite highly, but maybe they have become complacent? To be honest, I haven’t been back to Griffith for a while … not since we discovered Hoang Hau!

marimo 10:06 pm
15 Jun 08

i really like the “roast pork” in au lac, but that’s probably because i don’t eat pork..

had an egg noodle combination soup at phu pho quoc the other day, that was quite nice too

the fried duck at can tho and the fried squid are also good

Woody Mann-Caruso 11:00 pm
15 Jun 08

I enjoyed Griffith when I was there earlier in the year. The best pho I’ve had in Canberra is still Streets of Asia in Tuggeranong – simple, crystal clear stock, no mucking about. Not a big fan of Hoang Hau, though their pho was quite nice last time I was there.

mouthface 11:13 pm
15 Jun 08

WMC, that is one of the biggest gripes I had at Griffith. I couldn’t actually find Pho on the menu when I was there and I do expect those lovely fresh mint and basil flavours from Vietnamese. In fact, it just reminded me of a lame, suburban Chinese of yesteryear, or a very ordinary version of a noodle hawker.

Jamie Wheeler 11:23 pm
15 Jun 08

The vietnamese restaurant at Pearce is probably my favourite.

diprotodon 7:38 am
16 Jun 08

I have a Vietnamese-Australian friend who is in Canberra on a contract from Melbourne – he refuses to eat at any of the Vietnamese restaurants in Canberra after having tried a fair few.
He reckons its geared towards white trash tastes – and I must admit, having grown up in Brisbane and being surrounded with Vietnamese restaurants, I’d have to agree.

tylersmayhem 8:52 am
16 Jun 08

I’ve got to agree about My’s Vietnamese Restaurant @ Cooleman Court. The owners are such characters and the food great!

justbands 9:53 am
16 Jun 08

The one @ Cooleman Court is good….& the one at Fisher shops is fantastic for home delivered yummy Vietnamese food.

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