Booking Canberra Taxis online

By 15 February 2014 3

Have you noticed that you when you book a taxi with CanberraElite online, there is a mandatory field entitled ‘TAG name’? There is no explanation of what it means. I assume that everyone simply puts down anything to ensure the booking proceeds. The woman on the switch could not provide me with an explanation I could understand. Can anyone enlighten me?

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Booking Canberra Taxis online
thatsnotme 10:40 pm
15 Feb 14

It’s related to the tick box above, ‘add to favourite list’. If you want to create a new favourite, the Tag Name is kinda like a nickname you can give to that entry.

If it’s a mandatory field even if you don’t tick the ‘add to favourites’ box, then that just shitty programming.

Primal 10:44 pm
15 Feb 14

It should only be mandatory if you’ve ticked ‘Add to Favourite List’ – it’s just the name that they give that address when it goes into your Favourite List. Nothing weird about it.

Jack_Malarkey 10:45 pm
16 Feb 14

Many thanks to both of you for your enlightening comments. What you say makes good sense.

The person making the booking was in fact my good wife, Mrs Jill Malarkey, and she can’t remember whether she selected it as a favourite. I strongly suspect she did.

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