Booze and Balls succumbs

By 22 December 2011 8

Back in October we raised an eyebrow in the direction of manuka’s pool hall renaming itself “Booze and Balls”.

Today they’ve announced on Facebook that the venture has come to an end.

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

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8 Responses to
Booze and Balls succumbs
BimboGeek 12:57 am
23 Dec 11

Everyone was embarrassed to go into a place with such a stupid name, plus it was so badly signposted that even people who walked past looking for it couldn’t find it. A pity, they had some really fun looking crowds!

Muttsybignuts 9:33 am
23 Dec 11

Is anyone surprised after the owners ran the Maram into the ground. Couldn’t run a business if they tried…

fnaah 10:03 am
23 Dec 11

No surprises here. Hopefully someone with a clue opens these businesses up again, the pool-playing community of Canberra desperately needs them.

devils_advocate 10:38 am
23 Dec 11

Never heard of it. In any case wouldn’t have gone there, sounds like a gay nightclub. And I stay away from gay nightclubs due to a phobia of being stabbed in the head.

fnaah 11:05 am
23 Dec 11

@devils_advocate: it was called Felt for the majority of this year. You may still never have heard of it, and perhaps that’s why the business went under…

NickD 12:15 pm
23 Dec 11

It seems that they’ve lost control of their Facebook page as well

Fliponout 11:30 pm
25 Dec 11

I heard the guy who opened Cube 10 years ago…when it first opened was opening a new club there soon… so the rumour mill has it
Hope so the early cube was hot fun and a hoot…

farnarkler 10:27 am
26 Dec 11

I can’t imagine the old money of Forrest, Deakin, etc who frequent Manuka would’ve let a place with that name survive there.

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